Saturday, December 13, 2014

DJ Fred: An Urban Erotica

From the Publisher: Minnie seems to be the typical lonely wife. Her husband’s a successful business man who’s always traveling and working late. Minnie is anything but ordinary; however, she’s a nymphomaniac completely sexually frustrated without a willing and daring partner at her beck and call.

Everything changes one day when Minnie meets a sexy DJ she just can’t say no to. When she’s caught in her indiscretion by her husband, Minnie finds herself out on the street.

While away from home, Minnie experiences exciting, daring, and sexy adventures she could only dream of! But will Minnie’s lustful ways get her in to even darker and sexier situations?

Erotica author EJ Benard’s novella, "DJ Fred," is a smoldering tale of a lonely wife looking for a thrill that will make all erotica fans hot!

My Review: Minnie is a classified nympho. Literally. She was told my a doctor, who, in turn, helped her out in that department as well. One day while at a party, she sees the sexy DJ. Afterwards, he comes up to her and gives her his number. She desperately tries to hold off calling, since she's a married woman, but ultimately gives in. Justifying that since Jerry, her hubby, has been away for a couple of weeks, and will be away for a couple more, that she has to be "taken care of."

She calls DJ Fred and invites him over, and as she prepares herself for Fred, her husband walks in and asks what she's doing! Of course she lies, and after they have sex, she finds Fred in a closet. Needless to say, Jerry finds them together and this starts a whirl-wind of events that ultimately lead Minnie to discover that she needs to be happy taking care of herself, and if that means sleeping with other men, then so be it. Also, she discovers that her friend Tiffany (also a nympho) has been hiding a secret from her.

This novella is packed full of sex and drama, and if those are up your alley then you will love this book!!

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**Please note that this book contains mature situations and is intended for those 18 years old and above.**

                                                                       ****4 Stars

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Masked Obsession Part I (The Masquerade Series)

From the Publisher: Though the devastating breakup with Donte Carrera still haunts her after five years, Erika Anderson, an African-American senior advertising account executive, opens herself up to the possibility of a relationship with Fernando Vega, her sexy best male friend.

Fernando and Donte share more than being notorious Latino playboys, wealthy business owners and sons of cartel bosses. Both men are obsessed with Erika and will stop at nothing to have her. Neither of them could have predicted sharing that obsession with Donte’s best friend, Kevin Jackson.

Ever patient and observant, Kevin has wanted Erika from the moment he saw her at one of Fernando’s college house parties and has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to get her.

The past threatens the future as lies are revealed, secrets are uncovered and passions are ignited.

My Review: Whoa! This is a non-stop, very fast moving novella. We're introduced to a few characters, that all play a big part in Ericka's life, both past and present.

While Ericka is faced with her past, very hot and steamy flame, Donte, she is torn on what to do. Should she listen to her body and give into what it's screaming at her to do, or move on. Her best bet would be to keep walking, but after learning that Donte is the head of the company that is wanting to hire her to do their advertising campaign, she has to figure out if she's going to keep the relationship strictly business or open it up to pleasure.

Meanwhile, there are two other guys that have their eye on her. Fernando (Fern) has been friends with Ericka for years, and Kevin, Donte's right hand man has admired her since she became Donte's woman.

Fern has been waiting, biding his time for the right moment to make Ericka his. Well, the time finally comes one night! Ericka is taken a back by his feelings but reciprocates with her own. However, there is no happily ever after just yet since Kevin has his eyes set on Ericka, and it seems that he will not let anyone get in his way.

I really liked this book. It has romance, possible boy looses girl/gets girl back scenario, and sex....a good combination ;)

What will happen with this love quadrilateral? Well, you have to get the book to find out! But keep in mind, this is part one!!

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                                                   ****4 Stars I really liked this book! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Chasing Rain, Episode 3

From the Publisher: In episode one, Rayne realizes her affection for the man that has been her bodyguard since birth is more than just a young girl's crush. Can Blaze follow his heart, or will his moral code prevent him from pursuing what he knows is meant to be?

My Review: In this first installment of the Chasing Rain series of short stories, we meet Rayne, a young half vampire, half human. She's becoming more aware of herself, and the shifter (can change into a wolf) named Blaze that has been her bodyguard since birth. As she's dealing with her new-found feelings for Blaze, she's also starting to act a bit different. She doesn't have the patience she used to, and she's lashing out. She can't figure out why but one day, she gets her answer.

The first book touches on all the characters and a bit on their background. Also, we see the start of a coming of age story for Rayne. She has feelings that are starting to come to surface and she's needing to learn how to deal with them.

Overall, I liked it. I am looking forward to the next two books and to see where the story goes, and if Rayne and Blake end up together...I'm a sucker for a happy ending :)

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                                                                     ****4 Stars

Chasing Rain, Episode 2

From the Publisher: Rayne, a vampire-human hybrid, decides her eighteenth birthday is the perfect time to demand more independence from her coven and the wolf shifters hired to protect her. But no one can protect her heart from the pack's alpha, Blaze.

When a moment of passion has near lethal consequences, it only proves that water and fire don't mix.

In episode two, the relationship between Blaze and Rayne begins to mature. As things heat up, Blaze debates whether or not to reveal the secret of his people that will change everything between them.

My Review: In the second book, things start really heating up between Rayne and Blaze! It's been a month after Rayne's 18th birthday and Blaze has returned from a trip. She's really missed him and they want to spend some time together. Of course, now that she's a young woman, her parents are starting to set ground rules when it comes to boys.

But that doesn't stop what's meant to be. While Blaze and Rayne are alone, he confesses something to her that changes everything! But not long after getting this news, it might be the end of Blaze since he's been caught in a river current and Rayne might not be able to save him.

Book two is better than the first in that we get deeper into the story and get to see more of the relationship between these two characters. I liked this one better than the first, and can't wait to read the conclusion in book three.

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                                                             ****4 Stars I liked this book! 

Chasing Rain, Episode 1

From the Publisher: In episode one, Rayne realizes her affection for the man that has been her bodyguard since birth is more than just a young girl's crush. Can Blaze follow his heart, or will his moral code prevent him from pursuing what he knows is meant to be?

My Review: In this first installment of the Chasing Rain series of short stories, we meet Rayne, a young half vampire, half human. She's becoming more aware of herself, and the shifter (can change into a wolf) named Blaze that has been her bodyguard since birth. As she's dealing with her new-found feelings for Blaze, she's also starting to act a bit different. She doesn't have the patience she used to, and she's lashing out. She can't figure out why but one day, she gets her answer.

This first book touches on all the characters and a bit on their background, but we also see the start of a coming of age story for Rayne. She has feelings that are starting to come to surface and she's needing to learn how to deal with them. However, Blaze seems like he really cares for her, but has an inner battle going on with-in as weather or not to get too close.

Overall, I liked it. It has a very strong Twilight feel to me since it has to do with shifting into wolves and a pack that protect the vampires and the compound they live in. It has a feel of it's own as well, but those things really took me back to reading the Twilight series. But, I am looking forward to the next books in this series and want to see where the story goes...and if Rayne and Blake end up together. I'm a sucker for a happy ending :)

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                                                            ****4 Stars I liked this book

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tweet Revenge

My Review: To curb any confusion as to why I didn't start the review out like I normally do with the "From the Publisher," it is because this book is still in the editing stages and the synopsis is not out yet! So, I was super thrilled to be able to get a sneak peak at Tweet Revenge :)

I am not familiar with this author, Rick DeMille, but he is an Amazon International Best-Selling author of HELLFIRE, so that really piqued my interest in this novel as well.

In the beginning, we are introduced to Justice. Well, that's obviously not his real name, since this person has taken it upon themselves to take "justice" into their own hands by murdering criminals that got off easy. We meet up with Justice on the brink of his third murder of a guy who never spent any hard time for killing an innocent young girl. Well, Justice won't have any of that, so off he goes to give the guy what he deserves. And, let me tell you, it was very well thought out. I won't go into detail, but let's just say Justice does his homework.

But there's another element to his killings. He tweets what he is doing as he is doing it. He wants the local police and FBI agents to know exactly what he is up to, and he wants them to know it was him. Justice truly believes what he is doing is right. But will he get away with it much longer or get caught?

We also meet Dawn Johnson. She is a young woman who has had a pretty rough life, partly due to the fact that she lost her father, who was an FBI agent, in the line of fire. But she had to get on with her life and went to school at Quantico, and on the night of her graduation was severely wounded by two men who were attempting to rob a convenient store. It was one of those "wrong place at the wrong time" kind of situations. She was shot with an assault rifle and still has the scars to prove it. But she has an agenda. She wants to find out who killed her father, so she calls in some favors and gets assigned to the branch where he was in order to have access to files and information. The only thing is, the Agent in Charge, Officer Pratt, knows she's up to something. But he can't quite figure out what. He'll be keeping an eye on her for sure. But will she slip up and get kicked off the force, or will she finally find what she is looking for as to who was behind her father's murder. To make things even more complicated for her, she'll be doing this while working on the case of the Justice killer.

The story itself was very well written, as well as the characters. Plus, it will keep you guessing as to who the killer actually is, and once it's revealed, you will be shocked. At least I was. I had NO idea! So, if you are into mysteries, then this is a great one.

Even though this book hasn't been released yet, I wanted to get the word out about it! I will update this post when I find out the release date and also post a link to purchase on Amazon once it's been released.

Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed with this book.

                                                   ****4 Stars I really liked this book!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'm stepping out from my norm and sharing with you a site that offers free, yes FREE (my favorite word ever! ;)) PDF books. While looking over the site, I have found that there is very little, if any, non-fiction but there are books on travel, business, website design, learning foreign languages, and more. There are biographies available as well. For example, while doing a search I ran across "How to...respond to someone's good news." So, in case you were wondering...there you go! :D Below is a picture of what the site looks like, just to give you an idea:

NewFreeBooks has a lot to choose from and the good thing too is, you can also submit your own if you have one to share! But keep in mind, they filter through the submissions to take out spam or advertisement products, so if your document has any of that, they won't take it. But check them out! Search whatever your heart desires and they just might have it. Click here to never know what you might find, and learn about, next!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Morium, Book 1

From the Publisher: High school seniors, Nathan and Alexandria, are looking forward to graduation for one reason. They dream of a life without torment. Because neither one can call home a sanctuary, they face bullies and humiliation without help from their families. Nathan’s parents are absent and his empty house stokes the anger he carries within. Alexandria has always hidden her pain, especially so after losing her mother and watching her father struggle. She continues to seek familiar relief with the help of a razor blade and her arms bear witness to the quiet agony she suffers. 

The best friends have each other to lean on, but not much else. An extraordinary discovery changes everything. After holding mysterious objects that fell from the sky, the pair begins to exhibit supernatural abilities. In the beginning, Nathan uses his newfound powers for protection, but quickly becomes obsessed. In an attempt to hide his activities from an unsupportive Alexandria, he promises to stop. But he turns down a sinister path and indiscriminately absorbs souls of the undesirable, growing stronger each time. It’s a high he can’t give up. 

Alexandria desperately attempts to bury her powers and struggles with the results of her and Nathan’s actions. They are beginning to drift apart when a mutual friend, oblivious of their supernatural exploits, becomes an unwitting pawn in Nathan’s rising fixation. A series of deadly events and vivid nightmares convinces Alexandria that Nathan is keeping secrets from her. Now, an agonizing decision must be made. Will two people, who once only had each other to turn to, be forced to turn on each other? 

My Review: The first book in this trilogy is one that you will not be able to put down! It grabbed me from the beginning and I found myself making time to read this. 

Alexandria, also known as Lexi, and her best friend Nathan are high school seniors that are the center of attention when it comes to being bullied. There's just no getting around it for these two and they encounter it everyday and dream of the day when it will stop. 

Their wish seems to come true one night when they see a strange green streak in the sky and go to investigate, only to find glowing rocks. They both pick one up and it instantly dissolves in their hand. 

Not thinking anything of it, they brush off the debris and head home. That night, and over the course of the next week, their bodies undergo a dramatic change.

When they return to school the following week, they have a heightened sense of, well, everything. But that's not all. Experimenting with his new found powers, Nathan learns he can levitate, use "energy" to grab things that are across the room and bring them to him, among other things. 

The only problem is that Nathan wants to get in touch with his powers, while Lexi doesn't want anything to do with them. This causes a bit of a problem between the two, and ultimately will come to a head at some point. But, one night when one of the bullies threatens Lexi, Nathan looses it and does something that will decide his destiny. And once on that path, there is no turning back. 

The story goes on and we encounter the lives of two people who used to be so close, but drift further apart. One good, one bad. But how far will it go before one of them gets hurt? You have to get the book to find out! 

I have to say I really enjoyed this book! I usually don't comment on characters, but I liked how Hermann presented them, and how easy it was from the beginning to relate to them. It was written in such a way too, that the story kept you intrigued as to what was going to happen next, and how it would all pan out. Even though the story centers around 18 year old teenagers, that didn't seem to matter since the story line was so interesting and a bit unique. So don't let that scare you away :) 

*I do want to point out that there were some punctuation and grammatical errors. Also, there were spots where it was a bit wordy, but overall it didn't make me want to stop reading. 

I can't wait to read the other two books in this trilogy and once I do, I'll definitely put my review up!

Click here to purchase on Amazon! 

                                                                   ****4 Stars 

Filthy For The Night, Book III

From the Publisher: The steaming novella ‘Filthy for the Night’ is book three of the ‘For the Night’ series of eight standalone short reads, which fall into Amazon’s new quick hot erotic reads category. The series contains adult themes ~ Suitable only for the over 18’s.

My next client is Yasmin Taylor, a footballer’s wife who was bored of the constant lonely nights while he was on tour. She’s a regular of mine, booking me at least once a quarter. Due to her husband’s high profile in the media, he didn’t dare offer her the sort of kink that really got her off. Enter Logan Steele. I was more than man enough to accept that challenge, but given our last few encounters, when her brief specified that she wanted real filth for the night, I had to wrack my brain to come up with something new, something to raise the bar even higher. Something that hopefully wouldn’t land either of us in a jail cell for the night, or snapped mid-act by a member of the paparazzi.

My Review: In this installment, "filthy" is the perfect word to describe what goes on in this book! I have to say, there were times I wanted to take a break and jump a shower ;) Having said that, I loved it! C.J. Fallowfield has done it again when it comes to giving her readers a steamy sex story.

This one heats up as one of Logan's regular clients, Yasmin has booked one of her quarterly nights. Only this time, she wants it even hotter than before. She spells out exactly what she wants, and Logan has to deliver. He has a reputation to uphold, after all. He sets up a night of sex for Yasmin that had me blushing at times. She wanted to be treated like a dirty whore, and that's exactly what she gets!

However, during the course of the night Logan finds himself being turned off by things that at one time would have had his manhood hard as a rock. Is it because just the week before he had one of the most memorable clients he's ever had? Is it because he's thinking about Summer and wanting to feel her beneath him again, and show her just how much he cares for her?

Will Logan finally realize that there is somebody out there that can care for him, the real him, and not the person he is trying to portray? I sure hope so!! I'm such a sucker for a love story that I'm rooting for Logan and Summer :)

Having said all of that, I really did like this book and can't wait to read that rest of the books in this series!

Filthy For The Night is due to be released December 12, 2014! So be sure to mark your calendar and come back to purchase on Amazon!

                                                           *****5 Stars I Loved It!!

Virgin For The Night, Book II

From the Publisher: The steaming novella ‘Virgin for the Night’ is number two in the ‘For the Night’ series of eight standalone short reads, which fall into Amazon’s new quick hot erotic reads category. The series contains adult themes ~ Suitable only for the over 18’s.

My next client is aspiring actress Summer Beresford, whose brief for the evening is that she wants to be treated as if she’s a virgin, to be seduced and wooed. I’d already felt conflicted when I’d received her booking form detailing her scenario, as a rule I didn’t do tender gentle love making, women booked me because of my reputation for f*****g, hard. To compound my dilemma, I couldn’t stop looking at her damn photograph and had even used an image of her in my mind to get hard and come with another client. Not only was that highly unprofessional of me, it was potentially hazardous to my reputation in case I groaned the wrong woman’s name. I was already treading that very fine line between professional and personal. Before I’d even met the damn woman she had me breaking one of my cardinal rules, Never get emotionally attached to one of your clients. The more I looked at her photo though, the more I wanted her.

My Review: The second book in the For The Night series continues with Logan fulfilling a clients wish. Only this time, it's an actress asking Logan to show her how to make love for the first time due to her being cast in a very sexual film. He's a bit puzzled by this, but figures it's a role he's been asked to play, seeing how the women he's "serviced" in the past are all very experienced.

However, once he meets Summer, he realizes that she's an actual virgin and she has heard of his services and wants him to take her virginity before filming begins. That way, she'll at least look like she knows what she's doing.

He's amazed that she's a virgin given that she is so beautiful and sweet. He can't wrap his head around the fact that she hasn't been with a man yet. But he's more than happy to oblige, since he hasn't been able to take his eyes off of her picture for the past week, or stop thinking about her even when he's been with other clients. That in itself worries him, since one of his stipulations for himself is to not get emotionally involved with a client.

The night he is about to experience with Summer will not only open her eyes, but also his. The only question is, will it be enough for Logan to realize that there is somebody out there for him and sex with someone can be more than playing a fantasy? You have to get the book to find out!!

Virgin For The Night will be released November 14, 2014 so mark your calendars and come back to purchase on Amazon!!

*****5 Stars I Loved It!

Strangers For The Night, Book I

From the Publisher: My name is Logan Steele. I’m devilishly handsome, seriously ripped, well hung, charismatic and highly sexed. Women just can’t resist me. So when I lost my job in the construction industry and was struggling for cash, I decided to put my assets to good use.

By day I’m a private personal fitness trainer. By night I’m a high class gigolo.

Strangers for the Night’ is Camilla Domville's idea of the perfect fantasy. Meeting a hot guy in a bar and going back to his hotel room for a night of unbridled passion, that’s if they even make it to the hotel room before Logan seduces her. Downright raunchy, saucy and hot, Logan's sexcapade with Camilla threatens to be his last, as she's set her sights on him and is determined to be his one and only client moving forwards. But Logan's main mantra is “Never get emotionally attached to your client.”

My Review: Fallowfield has done it again with her eight book For the Night series of short reads. In the first installment, Strangers For The Night, Logan is a devilishly handsome guy, who is putting his good looks to use by offering women one night fantasies. He makes good money and has many returning clients. Since his services are word of mouth, he also has a good number of first time clients as well. This is where Camilla Domville enters the picture.

She is a young, spoiled rich girl who uses Daddy's money to get whatever she wants. And for her birthday, she wants a night with Logan Steele. But since she's used to getting whatever she wants, whenever she wants it, she has devised a plan to end Logan's career so she can keep him for herself. Will her plan work, or will Logan outsmart her? You need to get the book to find out!

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                                                                   *****5 Stars I Loved It!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shieldwolf Dawning

From the Publisher: For 13-year-old Samarra, life behind the sheltering walls of the planet Gaia is stifling. But when she convinces her brother, Cassian, to run away to another world, everything they know is turned upside-down. Forced to join the Shieldwolves, an order of shamans, brother and sister find themselves in the middle of an escalating war between two magic factions.

My Review: My first impression of this was “Oh, dear…another sci/fi, fantasy novel for tweens/teens.” While it’s not my taste in genre, as I started reading the book, I started really getting into it. I actually found myself enjoying it! And no, I’m not a tween/teenager anymore. But I like to think of myself as a kid at heart ;)

We are given a story of a girl named Samarra. She is basically a slave to a couple named Mr. and Mrs. Sairfang, who rescued her and her younger brother, Cassian from a car accident in which they were told killed their parents. However, Mr. and Mrs. Sairfang had a hidden agenda. They knew Cassian was special and had a purpose. They wanted to get the secrets he held, so whenever he was home from boarding school, Mr. Sairfang would take Cassian away for a few days to try and extract what information he could. Samarra knew they were up to no good, but there was nothing she could do. She was basically treated as a nobody, while Cassian was the favorite and seen as the son they never had.

Samarra loves her brother and hates to see him in pain when he comes back from those “trips.” The love she has for Cassian exceeds no bounds. She definitely wants to give both of them a better life, and as the story progresses, Samarra finds a green tablet while cleaning out the attic and is curious and turns it on. What happens next changes not only her life, but Cassian’s life forever. After a little convincing, she convinces Cassian that they need to leave Gaia, the safe part of the world in which they lived.

This story reminds me a bit of a cross between Cinderella and Harry Potter. You have a young girl, orphaned, living with a couple that basically despises her, yet keeps her around simply because she’s the sister of Cassian. Shieldwolf Dawning is a novel that will take young readers on an adventure full of cool looking characters, cybot guards, war, talking dragons, and magic. It teaches about loyalty, friendship, and most of all, teaches them that the choices they make, good or bad, are ones they need to live with. And in the end, even if a choice has led them somewhere they never expected, they can be strong in that decision and learn to deal with it while going on with life. Because at some point in time, they will come to a crossroad, and will be given a tough decision. This book is a good gateway into talking about those situations with your child, and letting them know that they are strong and can handle just about anything that comes their way. But they need to take responsibility for those actions and decisions.

As I said earlier, I didn’t think I’d like this book, but it turned out to be very interesting. I do believe young readers (10+) will enjoy it very much due to all the cool things in it and how Nemorin describes what’s going on. It was very well done!

Click here to purchase on Amazon!

                                                   ****4 Stars I really liked this book!

Monday, September 22, 2014

One Toke: A Survival Guide For Teens

From the Publisher: Over two million teens smoke pot, some everyday, and ONE TOKE: A Survival Guide for Teens by Marc Aronoff, MA LMHC, is the first book to address this fact in a straight-forward and useful manner. Written by a licensed mental health counselor who has worked with youth at risk for over 20 years, the book is about making smart decisions and harm reduction, offering clear, cogent counsel for teens and parents who are open to guidance about the realities of smoking pot.

Geared for teens who are either considering smoking pot or already smoking, ONE TOKE is a no-nonsense guide, covering all the subject matters associated with teen marijuana use, from peer pressure to addiction, and from pot smoking parents to politics. Written in short vignettes, ONE TOKE guides young people on how to be smart about pot use. If a young person chooses to smoke marijuana, there is a need to be skillful about it and knowing how to smoke smart is essential for maintaining safety and success both at home or school.

For parents, the book offers insight as to what actually happens with their teens and marijuana use and what a "good enough" parent looks like. For the author, who has worked with youth at risk for over 20 years, the book is meant to serve as a catalyst for further thought and discussion among peers and parents. With color illustrations by award winning graphic artist, Earl Cavanah, the book is sure help both young people and parents alike approach and ultimately deepen their understanding about a controversial yet ever-evolving subject. As John Evans, author of Marathon Dad puts it, "Marc Aronoff has started a conversation with ONE TOKE that addresses where marijuana fits, and doesn't fit, in the lives of our teenagers. In the end, this conversation is about so much more than weed."

My Review: I have to admit, this was a bit hard for me to read and review. I normally stay away from these types of books, simply because I don't want to be seen as condoning, disapproving, or making a statement one way or the other. But, I will be honest here and say that I am against drug use, no matter what. So, I really had to make myself not be judgmental when reading this book.

Now, on with what I thought! :) Having said what I did in the paragraph above, I will say that if you are a parent of a teen/young adult that does smoke marijuana, then I do recommend this book to you. Aronoff gives a practical look at what our teens face today and if they do smoke, he gives advice on not only safe ways to do it, but also makes you aware of if you are an occasional smoker or someone who completely addicted. Aronoff also debunks the myth that marijuana leads to harder drugs and points out that those who use it as a stepping stone to further their drug use, then those are the kind of individuals that have an addictive personality.

There is a lot of information in this book for both parents and teens alike and if your child (or you) smoke pot, then I recommend you get this and read it so you will be more aware of how to handle the situation.

Click here to purchase on Amazon.

**** 4 Stars

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Truth About Us

From the Publisher: Aaron and Eden’s nine-year-old son almost dies from a hit-and-run. Both parents are frantic as they fear the worst, and they attempt to do everything in their power to ensure they don't lose their only child. In the process of doing this, hidden truths are suddenly revealed like an open can of worms, and both Eden and Aaron deeply wish they could get the worms back in the can, as their marriage stands in great jeopardy with these deep revelations. Can their marriage survive this threatening ordeal?

Narrated in two voices, THE TRUTH ABOUT US is a short but gripping read about betrayal, loss, and the true concept of love and forgiveness.

My Review: Aaron has been hit with a blow that almost destroys him, and it's not that his son is lying in a hospital bed fighting for his life.

Eden made a mistake right before their marriage. She never thought it would come to light, although she knew deep down there was always that possibility. She wants to make it right. She wants to explain everything to Aaron, but he's not having any of it. She is devastated. How can she make him understand that she made a huge mistake? He won't listen to her. She has to find a way, but the path won't be an easy one. She'll do anything to put her family back together, but will it be enough?

Now that the truth is out, will Aaron and Eden be able to work it out and save their marriage, or will Aaron's pain be too much and will he walk away for good? He loves his son and will be there for him, but how can he trust his wife again after this massive lie? You'll have to get the book and find out.

Overall I liked the story. It never seemed to drag or lose my interest. It has a good story line that will grip you in the beginning and keep you intrigued until the end. And it has a real-life feel to it, not like some stories where the plot seems a bit far-fetched. As I was reading, I could see this playing out in real life. Maybe that's partly because this is something that does happen more often than most people think, but that's another post for another blog ;) But the dialogue was real, the situation was real, and it was a good book. I recommend it!

Also, I need to point out that there were quite a few grammatical and punctuation errors, so keep that in mind when reading.

Click here to purchase on Amazon!

                                                        ****4 Stars I liked this book! 

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Color Of Home

From the Publisher: A love story for today, an open and striking look into the private relationship of a musician and chef living in New York City.

Can two people stay connected for a lifetime and each know the complete truth about the other? When New Yorker Nick Satterborn falls in love with Sassa Vikander, he’s convinced the answer is yes.

Nick Satterborn. Songwriter. Dabbler on the spiritual path. Survivor.

Sassa Vikander. Stunning chef. Seeker on the path of most resistance. Survivor.

Contentment percolates for a time, until the two are hurtled into a life of uncertainty, self-evaluation, and growth. Each dreams heroic dreams of overcoming his/her past, rising out of sadness, rediscovering home, finding peace. Their worlds dissolve and reform. People and events threaten to tear them apart.

The Color of Home is a story of love, of loss, of digging deep down to the bottom of things until maybe, just maybe, Nick and Sassa find the strength to become whole. Their journey offers a unique, honest glimpse into the life and love of a palpably rare relationship of our time.

My ReviewThis novel is one that you will not soon forget. The way Marcello tells a story is just beautiful. The opening line grabbed me (which is exactly what you want out of a book) and kept me there until the end.

This is a love story, but one that is more true to how real life is than most novels portray it to be in fantasy. The Color of Home is a wonderful story of two people, Nick and Sassa and their journey to grow, trust, deal with their past, and ultimately, love.

At first, their relationship seems like one that will last. Nick falls for her quickly, and from Sassa's point of view, she seems to feel it too. But there is something about it that keeps her from going all in. Nick, on the other hand, goes back to something his mother told him when he was younger. Basically, she told him, "If after sex, you feel that you are home, then that's the girl for you." He felt that with Sassa. He longed to know if she felt the same about him, but he was too afraid to ask. He didn't want the knowledge of her not feeling the same to ruin what he felt they had, and he didn't want to end it if she didn't.

They date for about a year, and during that time, Nick is in his own world with his feelings, the feeling of her being "home" to him. He knows Sassa loves him, but how much? So, unknowingly, he starts pulling away. He works late, isn't as attentive as he used to be. Sassa notices and thinks he might be cheating on her. She seeks the advice of a friend, and we learn that there is a "one year rule" in place. After one year, Sassa ends a relationship. She feels that by doing this, she is saving herself a lot of heartache since she can't grasp being with someone for fifty years. She doesn't understand how couples can be married, and stay happy for a long period of time.

Sassa and Nick separate. They put a time frame out to reconnect in one year, every year to catch up and find out how the other one's year went. No judging, just come together as friends and see how life has been treating them.

As you can imagine, the first year was hard for Nick. He didn't want to lose Sassa. He loved her and she loved him. But she needed to spread her wings and grow more. He let her go. During that year, and the years to follow are what makes this story one that stay with you for a while. We follow them on their journey and realize that, even though we're rooting for them to be together, there was a lot that they needed to learn.

With the help of a few key people, they do just that. But will it come at a price? Will Nick and Sassa find "home" in someone else or will their paths lead back to each other in the end? You need to get the book to find out! :)

This book was wonderful! It's one of those stories that you can see a bit of yourself in a character and you think "I wonder if I had it to do over again, if I would have done it that way..."

I do want to point out that there were a few typos and punctuation errors, so know that going in. Otherwise, you will not be disappointed at all!

Click here to purchase on Amazon!

                                                  4.5 Stars! I really, really liked this book!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Flames Burn Hotter in Texas: The Trilogy Boxed Set

From the Publisher: Blush has fought tooth and nail to get out of her dusty old hometown and into the city where things move faster and evolve in the blink of an eye, a place that would keep up with her ambitions. When she finally returns home to visit her father, she experiences the benefits of a slower pace. Meanwhile, an old romance is rekindled in a way that stirs both her emotions and her sexuality so powerfully that she is now forced to choose between small town life and the high-tech playground where she now resides.

My review: Blush Kinkade is a woman in her early twenties that has come home to visit before starting her new job in the big city of San Francisco. Her plans are to spend time with her father and enjoy the slow pace of life the small town of Sagebrush, TX. Well, that was her plan until one evening her dad urged her to go to the local soda shoppe in town. That's where her plans changed.

As she was ordering her not-so-expensive coffee (one of the perks of a small town), she noticed an older man sitting at a table. It was Jesse Masters, Cade's father. Being raised right, she went over and spoke. He looked older, fragile, and not in good health. She sat and they talked a while. During their conversation, Jesse spoke of Cade and mentioned that he hadn't seen him in years due to the fact that he left the family farm, and asked if Blush wouldn't mind going to talk to him. Of course, she had reservations of doing this. The last time she saw Cade was at the lake, back when they were in high school, and a rush of feelings came flooding back.

She agreed, after all, curiosity got the better of her. She went to the Double-D BBQ joint in town, only to be greeted with "We're closed!" But as soon as the voice saw who was walking in, it changed it's tune. Cade Masters stood in front of Blush, just as handsome and sexy as the last time she saw him. And he was thinking the same thing about her. Well, needless to say they talked about old times, shared a bite to eat and then, got down to business. And I'm not talking about the business she went there to attend to. I'm talking about sex! Yup. They wasted little time doing what had been pent up in their system for so many years.

When it was over, and they were sitting on the floor sharing a post-sex beer together, Blush brought up the reason she really dropped by. She told him of his father, and how ill he looked. Cade was furious. He accused her of just coming by to have sex and butter him up just so she could talk him into going back home. This really made Blush mad so she stormed off and left.

The next day, Cade apologized and things heated up once again. The feelings they both had for one another in high school came back up to the surface and they just couldn't seem to get enough of each other. But, along with that came the realization that they both wanted more. However, Blush had a new job waiting for her in just a few weeks and her time in Sagebrush was limited. Cade vowed to do everything in his power to get her to stay, and be with him. He couldn't bear to lose her again.

One day, Jesse had a heart attack and the doctors said along with this not being his first heart attack, he also had been drinking too much and needed to go to rehab. Once he finished with that, he would be able to go home. But the catch? He couldn't stay by himself any longer. Cade would have to move in with him. During all of this, Blush learns that his family farm is in trouble and is close to being foreclosed on. She makes it her mission to fix that! One day, while waiting on Cade to get off of work, she is sitting at a table eating when a few young cowboys come and sit just a table away. She talks to them and learns that they just came from a job on a dude ranch and that sparks an idea! However, it also sparks something else in her. Will Blush and Cade be able to save his family farm? And will Blush leave her job to stay and start a life in her sleepy hometown with the man she has dreamed about for so many years? You'll have to get the book to find out!

I will say that this is a "cowboy erotica" story and there is plenty of sex! However, there were parts of the story that I, personally, did not like at all, and wish that either the author would have made them come to light with the other characters or resolved it somehow, instead of just leaving it. That's all I'm going to say, and I know it's really vague but I don't want to spoil anything! So forgive me :) And along with this being an honest review, I need to say the "southern" talk was a bit too much. I am from the south and it seemed a little over the top even for me :)

Also, there were quite a few instances where a parenthesis was missing, so I had to go back and re-read a sentence with the knowledge that was somebody talking. And there were a few typos as well. So know that going in.

All in all, I liked this story. And yes, I read all three books. They are only eight chapters a piece and the story was engaging which is always a plus :)

Click here to purchase on Amazon.

****4 Stars I liked it!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wrecking Crew

From the Publisher: Eric Stone is trustworthy, easy-going and friendly – he’s your all-round nice guy. His first rule in life was always “Don’t get involved,” but when he discovers the shocking truth behind his friend’s death, he feels compelled to act. Hidden behind the walls of power, the corrupt and materialistic businesses, and the convenient death of every inconvenient whistle-blower, hides a secret organization. For years The Wrecking Crew have been manipulating businesses and empowering Governments. They don’t care what they do or how they do it, as long as the price is right – but this time they have gone too far. Now one man is on a mission to stop them. Stone is no stranger to risk, but The Wrecking Crew is the most dangerous adversary anyone has ever faced. Soon he and his friends are dragged into a desperate race for survival, where no one can be trusted. Can Eric Stone destroy The Wrecking Crew, or will he become their next victim?

My review: I don't know about you but I love a good mystery. At first I wasn't sure what to expect with this book, but as I continued reading and got deeper into the story, the more I realized how much I was loving it. I would push aside other tasks at hand to read, and stay up late to for "just one more chapter." Ha!

Charles Rathbone is a man who is being hunted. In England, he started what was called "True Democracy" which is basically a "None of the above" approach. If someone didn't like the list of candidates, then they didn't have to vote for them and they wrote in who they wanted. It really took off with the public and, unfortunately, that it didn't bode well for Charles. In more ways than one.

Eric Stone learned at a very young age that there are other ways of dealing with conflict than violence. So, his goal in life is to try another approach and if that doesn't work, then the last resort is violence. Once he hears of his dear friend Charles' death, he is shocked and confused. However, knowing what was going to happen, Charles had sent Eric a card that held a small computer chip. On it was a video that Charles recorded explaining everything and it also held files to start Eric on his way and also a list of people he could trust. Once he figured out what Charles was wanting, he gets to work and comes to grips with the fact that there will be violence and there will be no getting around it. He has to do this for his friend. He has to right the wrong that has been done. He goes in search of the people that did this to his friend. They are called "Wrecking Crew" and their name says it all. They wreck people's lives. But the thing about them is, nobody knows who they are and there is no trace of them.

One day, while checking out a lead, Eric meets a woman who, it seems, he falls instantly in love with. Her name is Linda Smart and she is feisty, beautiful and witty! Everything he finds attractive in a woman. He can't resist. They get close very fast, and he brings her in on the investigation.

With the help of Linda, an ex-cop named Ed, and a computer whiz named Megan, the team comes together and finds clues that lead to this mysterious crew. But sniffing them out and bringing them to justice is not going to be easy. Will they come out safe and destroy the crew or will the crew find them first and silence them all for good?

I don't want to go into anymore details but I highly recommend this book! It is the best mystery/thriller/suspense book I have read in a long, long time. It has pretty much everything that makes me jump for joy! A great story, wonderfully written characters, humor, a bit of a love story, and most of all, it keeps you on your toes the whole time! There were a few instances where I found I had to close my mouth because I did NOT see something coming. I absolutely loved this book! Loved it, and highly recommend it!

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                                             *****5 Stars I LOVED this book!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Falling Forward

From the Publisher: Cancer stole her parents. It consumed her career. And in an unexpected twist, cancer finally taught her how to live... and love. Dr. Olivia Garvin’s life turned upside down on her 42nd birthday. The man she loved and trusted for nearly 20 years proved to be unfaithful. On a whirlwind trip to Hawaii to escape the embarrassment of her husband’s arrest, she meets a younger man and her life is forever changed. Kalani Kaleo helps Olivia in her struggles to understand her old life; and teaches her what’s really important in life. They both know they shouldn't get involved, but they can't fight the fateful attraction. Together, they learn the true meaning of healing, the limitations of modern medicine, and the importance of the soul.

My Review: When I first started reading, I thought this was going to be one of those "out of body experience" stories. The first page explains how she, Olivia, dies. Not a normal start to a book. However, I kept reading and was pleasantly surprised by this book! It wasn't at all what I was expecting...but then, what book is?

Dr. Olivia Garvin seemed to have it all. A great job, a beautiful house with her dream kitchen, a husband with a successful career. But all of that came to a halt one morning on her 42nd birthday when her husband of twenty years is arrested for attempted murder. But that's  not all. She learns of an affair with a much younger woman as well. What happens next is, I'm sure, what many women facing divorce wish they could do. She and her best friend, Michelle, hop on a plane to Hawaii.

Once there, she and Michelle are taken to their hotel where a chance meeting takes place. A man by the name of Kalani, a local surf instructor and also what seems to be a local celebrity, accidentally runs over their bags with his van! That one act starts a friendship that will help Olivia on the road to healing. He helps her see her for who she really is and along the way, opens her eyes to what love can truly be. But will they have a future together or will he keep a romance from blossoming due to a secret he is keeping? You have to get the book to find out because I honestly don't want to give away any more details!!

This is such a great story of finding yourself after living in what seemed to be your own life, but after your world is turned upside down, realizing that you weren't living for yourself at all. It portrays a woman who, after a tragedy, can finally see what her life is and takes back the reigns.

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                                                            ****4 Stars I really liked this book!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Infinite Love: The Austin Series Book 6

From the Publisher: With the Campus Killer having been revealed and life changing decisions having been made by Mia, Gabe and Lexi, it should be smooth sailing for the trio. But as ever, nothing goes to plan. Much personal progress is made, but massive backward steps are also taken. Will Mia, Gabe and Lexi finally get their happy ever afters? Infinite Love is the sixth and final book in The Austin Series.

My Review: I'm a bit sad that this is the final book in this series. SO much has happened from the first page of the first book, New Leaves No Strings until the last page of the final one, Infinite Love.

This is only the second series of books I have ever read! Sad, I know, but it gripped me from the very beginning and as soon as I finished one book, I was more than ready to pick up the next to see how situations and events played out. Never once was I disappointed. Never. And that is really saying something coming from me because I am super picky when it comes to books!

Fallowfield did an absolutely amazing job with character development (even though, I really hate to even remark on that because however the author wants to develop his/her characters is totally up to them and we, as readers, shouldn't judge that. But I was happy :)).

The final book, just like the others, starts off where the last one left off. With this one, Mia was kidnapped by the Campus Killer! I really don't want to go into those details but know that it will shock you as to what happened. At least I was!

Just like I didn't want to go into detail about the kidnapping, I honestly don't want to give anything away for the rest of the book. It has so much going on that I would not do it justice to give it a measly couple of paragraphs. Plus, I'd have to give spoilers, and I don't want to do that ;)

However, I will say this book had great moments, great news for Robert and Sofia, a new business adventure for the family, Mia being as stubborn as ever on some things, Gabe being his domineering, but very sexy self,  and other things as well. But with the ups, you must have downs and boy, oh boy, did Fallowfield deliver! There were times I just wanted to reach inside the book and slap a few of these characters silly. But in the end, it was worth it. I loved how the story was concluded and I also liked that she left it a little open for Lexi and Doug to possibly have a story...hint, hint ;)

All in all, The Austin Series was absolutely wonderful and I miss reading it already! If you are looking for a series to start, then start this one. It has love, sex, humor, lots more sex, and suspense.

Click here to purchase on Amazon!

Read my other reviews for The Austin Series: Destined: The PrequelNew Leaves No Strings, Baggage & Buttons, Forever & an Engine, The Honeymoon Period, Love & Loss.

                                                              *****5 Stars!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Big Wide Calm

From the Publisher: A young woman’s journey to find herself and create the perfect album

Paige is a rock star. The world just doesn't know it yet. With a name like Paige Plant, how could she be anything but the future front woman of the next Led Zeppelin? She’s got the charisma, the drive, and, of course, the mega-musical skills. All she needs is to make her debut album, one that will change the world, inspire revolutions—and make her galactically famous along the way.

When John Bustin, a rich, reclusive, former semi-famous singer/songwriter offers to record Paige’s album for free, it feels like destiny, like the next step on her way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, like some strange attractor is pulling her in. Guitar in hand, Paige sets off to John’s recording compound, ready to unfold her future.

But the ever-elusive John, with his mysterious history, and Paige, a big dreamer but na├»ve about her footing in life, clash as much as they coalesce. Before they can change the world through Paige’s music, the improbable duo must learn to work together, and in the process, discover their authenticity.

One part coming-of-age story and retrospective, one part rock and roll epic, The Big Wide Calm focuses a lens on human nature and the complexities of love through the eyes of young and old on the journey of creating the perfect album.

My Review: Paige Plant is one awesome name! I mean, coming from a big Led Zeppelin fan, who wouldn't want that last name ;) Her dad legally changed her last name to Plant because he felt that she would go far in the music business. And she loves music. She loves to write it and sing it.

She has songs she spent years writing and just needs to get them recorded. What she doesn't realize, once she meets John, is that he has more in mind for her than just recording them. John is an older man who sees potential in Paige and he wants her to learn how to dig deep and really feel, really understand where her songs are coming from.

Paige really doesn't want to learn those things and thinks that if the songs are good, then why bother looking into oneself and finding that out? She just wants fortune and fame. She's a bit self-centered in the fact that she thinks she has it all figured out and doesn't need anyone's advice. John thinks otherwise. And even though he may be older, he sees something in Paige and takes her under his wing by offering for her to live in a room above his recording studio and she, a little reluctantly, agrees. I mean, she has no idea who this guy is, and he doesn't have much information out there about himself. But there's something about him...

They make an agreement for her to live there one year, and in that time he will help her write and record her first album. She is too excited! It's what she's wanted! They get started but it's not in the way Paige would have thought. Also, a few days in to the project a new face is added. His name is Bono...yes, named after U2's front man. Why would John bring in somebody else? Why would he offer him the same package as he did Paige? He has something up his sleeve and it seems a little fishy to Paige. But even at that, John seems to know what he's doing and she sticks with it...whether it's out of curiosity or plain stubbornness is something you will have to read for yourself.

What happens in that year with John, Bono, and others, I totally didn't see coming. So much happens with Page learning more about herself, how to love, sex, and how to trust. It is a really deep story of finding out what your made of and what fuels you. What lengths will one go to to see what they're made of and to protect the ones they love? And what drives that passion? This is a really great story and I recommend it highly! Click here to purchase on Amazon!

                                                                  ****4 Stars!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Holding Out For A Hero: A Dreamy Romantic Comedy

From the Publisher: Quinn Campbell loves romance novels and has a rich fantasy life. She's dreamed about her hunky upstairs neighbor as a Viking warrior, a stagecoach bandit, and a Scottish lord. Will Quinn ever find out if the real man can live up to her fantasies?

My Review: Jesse has been the object of Quinn's fantasies for two years. Other than the occasional elevator ride up to their respective apartments with idle chit-chat, they really have no other interaction. The first time Quinn saw Jesse, he was getting in the elevator with is posse. He's a former pro-football player and, in her eyes, a player in other areas as well. 

So one day when coming home from a hectic day of work, Quinn clumsily drops her belongings and Jesse is there to help  her. He also takes the opportunity and asks for her help. She's a well-known set decorator and he is in need of an apartment re-do since he has been asked to be the cover story of a local magazine. Quinn jumps at the chance! During the next few days, they spend a lot of time together, getting to know a little more about each other. But with that comes the realization for Quinn that she just might not measure up to his standards of women. It seems he is constantly surrounded by gorgeous women and Quinn feels that she just can't (and doesn't) measure up.  

However, during the time they are together, sparks start and it seems that Jesse might me more interested than Quinn thinks. But is this wishful thinking or does Jesse really seem to be into Quinn? Along with the sexual tension coursing between them, Jesse turns out to not only be the center of her many fantasies, but also a very upstanding guy. One that she had no idea was beneath that tough, sexy, masculine exterior. Will this be the start of something more for Quinn and Jesse or will he continue to just be the object of her secret fantasy? You have to get the book to find out! Click here to purchase on Amazon. 

Since this is a novella, I don't want to go into any more detail! But please know that this does contain adult content and is not for young readers. 

                                                                        ****4 Stars    

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Love & Loss: The Austin Series Book 5

From the Publisher: Physically scarred and emotionally tormented, Gabe struggles to deal with the way his accident is affecting his future and relationship. Mia is resolved to stand by her man, no matter what, and she reaches out to her father to try and resolve some of her fears in order to move forward with Gabe. The results of their meeting are both shocking and illuminating, helping her take a major step in her healing process.

Lexi struggles with the pressures of her past affecting her relationship, as well as her University workload, and is forced to re-evaluate what she actually wants from her life.

The Campus Killer continues to evade the authorities and potential tragedy looms when he strikes too close to home.

My Review: This is the 5th book in The Austin Series and it has so much going on! I'm going to have to say right now that if you haven't read the first four books (Well, five if you include the prequel, Destined), you need to STOP reading this post HERE!!!

As with the other books, this one picks up where The Honeymoon Period left off. Mia is in the car park (parking lot to us Americans ;)) not sure what the heck is happening. The last thing she remembered before closing her eyes was somebody coming up behind Gabe and attacking him. Once she gets up enough courage to open them and help her man, she realizes the attacker is Doug! He is there to help her since he knows Gabe is not himself at the moment. He tells her to go to her apartment and he'll take care of Gabe. Of course, this is after Mia and Gabe say hurtful things to each other and Mia tells him she needs a break and for him to snap out of whatever the heck is going on or she can't see him anymore. He hears that as her wanting out for good and loses it, hense Doug stepping in since Gabe was really pissed off and grabbed Mia's arm and held it really tightly, not letting go even though she was begging him to.

This sets into motion a few days of them being apart. Mia not wanting to contact Gabe since she feels she's the reason his moods and temper have been bad and him not wanting to contact her because he feels that she wants nothing to do with him since he hurt her. But they can't stay away from each other for too long, due to the fact that they are both madly in love and Lexi and Doug stepping in since they both know Mia and Gabe are miserable without each other :) Upon getting back together, Gabe admits that he needs help with his anger and the fact that he is so possessive of Mia. She also agrees that she will continue her therapy with Dr. Jarvis to try and get over her fear of commitment and trust issues with men.

That's just the tip of the iceburg with what goes on in this book! Here are some more key highlights:

-Mia meets up with her dad and that relationship is finalized...what's the verdict? Will they reconcile and form a relationship or will it end for good?
-Gabe's father, Robert, introduces his girlfriend, Sofia, to Gabe. Will he accept her as part of his father's life, or have nothing to do with her since he can't believe his dad is dating anyone?
-Gabe and Mia move in together! Will this help ease her fears about getting married, or will she be content in her situation and not want to take that next step?
-Lexi still has commitment issues of her own. Can she put those fears to rest and trust in Doug's love enough to stay with him, or will she leave him to go back to the comfort of one night stands?
-The Campus Killer is still on the loose and no one knows who he is or when he will strike again. With Mia wanting a little more freedom to take on a part-time job, will Gabe let her out of his sight? And if so, will she be the next victim?

Those are only some of what this book touches on! I, in no way, can go into all the details of what lies in store for the reader and don't want to!! If you are caught up on the previous four books in this series, then what are you waiting for?? Get this one and start reading! You will not be disappointed, trust me. I can't believe how these characters have progressed and what a great job Fallowfield (the author) has done with this series. It's hard to believe that there is just one more book to go.

Click here to purchase on Amazon!

                                                                         *****5 Stars!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Their Tangled Hearts

From the Publisher: Emma had spent the last five years learning to cope with tragedy. She should have known that Doc had something up his sleeve when he'd talked her into taking a cooking job at a Colorado cattle ranch. Cooking was the easy part. Working with disabled children was something she was decidedly not prepared for. Throw in a tall dark mountain of a man with a voice like warm velvet and she was completely over her head! It would take God to straighten out the tangled mess she had made of her life.

My Review: Every once in a while, I like to read a book like this. It was easy, not too dramatic, and the characters were in a very realistic setting. The story itself was down to earth and not like a lot of books are these days and the love story was pure and very sweet.

Emma Winters is a young woman who knows tragedy. At her age, early twenties, she has experienced heartache to no end. When she was a little girl, both of her parents died in a car accident and she was left to be raised by her godparents, "Doc" and Martha Linden. They raised her and loved her like she was their own daughter. But, life happens and they couldn't shelter Emma from everything. One night, Emma had a horrifying experience that would change her for the rest of her life and make her shield her heart from anything, and anyone, who wanted in. She was a beautiful young woman with so much going for her, she was a songwriter and was very good at it! She chose to write under a different name to keep anyone from knowing it was her. So she uses that as an outlet for her feelings and her songs are sung by famous Country music stars. Yet with all that success, she is still unhappy.

However, when Doc persuades her to take a position at the Lazy J Ranch, she is very reluctant because she has spent so much time building up walls around her, that she doesn't want to leave the comfort of her self-made prison. When she arrives at the ranch, she is welcomed with open arms and Sue, one of the owners, explains that she will also be helping with the disabled children who come everyday. This tears at Emma's heart and she wants to run and never look back. She doesn't want to confront that demon, among many, that is staring her in the face. But why? What is it about these children that has Emma wanting to quit?

Jake Peterson is a young man, also in his mid-twenties and when he and Emma meet for the first time, it's not under normal circumstances. With everything that has happened to Emma, she has nightmares about one particular thing and on her first night at the ranch, it rears it's ugly head. She wakes up screaming at the top of her lungs and before she knows what's happening, Jake is with her and has her in his strong, safe arms. Emma likes the feeling but she can't dwell on it. She doesn't trust men but for some reason, she feels something in this strangers arms. He is so caring and gentle and in that moment, her heart starts to thaw.

Jake has had similar heartache. He lost his wife and little girl in a car accident a few years back and is dealing with his own loss. However, he is a bit of a mystery to Emma because she knows she has seen him, or at least heard his voice before but she can't place him. One day, it all becomes clear and she instantly knows who Jake really is. Will she open up to him and let him know her as well?

There is so much more to this story than what I just described but I don't want to give all the good stuff away! Ultimately, you need to get the book to see how Emma and Jake deal with what life has thrown their way and how they deal with helping each other get through it. And also, if it will bring them closer to each other in the process. It's such a sweet, innocent love story that is from a Christian perspective, not one that is filled with sex and bad words. It's a wholesome one that you won't be afraid to let your tweens/teens read :)

To purchase on Amazon Click here! To purchase on Barnes & Noble click here!

                                                      ****4 Stars I really liked this book