Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'm stepping out from my norm and sharing with you a site that offers free, yes FREE (my favorite word ever! ;)) PDF books. While looking over the site, I have found that there is very little, if any, non-fiction but there are books on travel, business, website design, learning foreign languages, and more. There are biographies available as well. For example, while doing a search I ran across "How to...respond to someone's good news." So, in case you were wondering...there you go! :D Below is a picture of what the site looks like, just to give you an idea:

NewFreeBooks has a lot to choose from and the good thing too is, you can also submit your own if you have one to share! But keep in mind, they filter through the submissions to take out spam or advertisement products, so if your document has any of that, they won't take it. But check them out! Search whatever your heart desires and they just might have it. Click here to never know what you might find, and learn about, next!

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