Sunday, October 5, 2014

Filthy For The Night, Book III

From the Publisher: The steaming novella ‘Filthy for the Night’ is book three of the ‘For the Night’ series of eight standalone short reads, which fall into Amazon’s new quick hot erotic reads category. The series contains adult themes ~ Suitable only for the over 18’s.

My next client is Yasmin Taylor, a footballer’s wife who was bored of the constant lonely nights while he was on tour. She’s a regular of mine, booking me at least once a quarter. Due to her husband’s high profile in the media, he didn’t dare offer her the sort of kink that really got her off. Enter Logan Steele. I was more than man enough to accept that challenge, but given our last few encounters, when her brief specified that she wanted real filth for the night, I had to wrack my brain to come up with something new, something to raise the bar even higher. Something that hopefully wouldn’t land either of us in a jail cell for the night, or snapped mid-act by a member of the paparazzi.

My Review: In this installment, "filthy" is the perfect word to describe what goes on in this book! I have to say, there were times I wanted to take a break and jump a shower ;) Having said that, I loved it! C.J. Fallowfield has done it again when it comes to giving her readers a steamy sex story.

This one heats up as one of Logan's regular clients, Yasmin has booked one of her quarterly nights. Only this time, she wants it even hotter than before. She spells out exactly what she wants, and Logan has to deliver. He has a reputation to uphold, after all. He sets up a night of sex for Yasmin that had me blushing at times. She wanted to be treated like a dirty whore, and that's exactly what she gets!

However, during the course of the night Logan finds himself being turned off by things that at one time would have had his manhood hard as a rock. Is it because just the week before he had one of the most memorable clients he's ever had? Is it because he's thinking about Summer and wanting to feel her beneath him again, and show her just how much he cares for her?

Will Logan finally realize that there is somebody out there that can care for him, the real him, and not the person he is trying to portray? I sure hope so!! I'm such a sucker for a love story that I'm rooting for Logan and Summer :)

Having said all of that, I really did like this book and can't wait to read that rest of the books in this series!

Filthy For The Night is due to be released December 12, 2014! So be sure to mark your calendar and come back to purchase on Amazon!

                                                           *****5 Stars I Loved It!!

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