Friday, September 5, 2014

The Color Of Home

From the Publisher: A love story for today, an open and striking look into the private relationship of a musician and chef living in New York City.

Can two people stay connected for a lifetime and each know the complete truth about the other? When New Yorker Nick Satterborn falls in love with Sassa Vikander, he’s convinced the answer is yes.

Nick Satterborn. Songwriter. Dabbler on the spiritual path. Survivor.

Sassa Vikander. Stunning chef. Seeker on the path of most resistance. Survivor.

Contentment percolates for a time, until the two are hurtled into a life of uncertainty, self-evaluation, and growth. Each dreams heroic dreams of overcoming his/her past, rising out of sadness, rediscovering home, finding peace. Their worlds dissolve and reform. People and events threaten to tear them apart.

The Color of Home is a story of love, of loss, of digging deep down to the bottom of things until maybe, just maybe, Nick and Sassa find the strength to become whole. Their journey offers a unique, honest glimpse into the life and love of a palpably rare relationship of our time.

My ReviewThis novel is one that you will not soon forget. The way Marcello tells a story is just beautiful. The opening line grabbed me (which is exactly what you want out of a book) and kept me there until the end.

This is a love story, but one that is more true to how real life is than most novels portray it to be in fantasy. The Color of Home is a wonderful story of two people, Nick and Sassa and their journey to grow, trust, deal with their past, and ultimately, love.

At first, their relationship seems like one that will last. Nick falls for her quickly, and from Sassa's point of view, she seems to feel it too. But there is something about it that keeps her from going all in. Nick, on the other hand, goes back to something his mother told him when he was younger. Basically, she told him, "If after sex, you feel that you are home, then that's the girl for you." He felt that with Sassa. He longed to know if she felt the same about him, but he was too afraid to ask. He didn't want the knowledge of her not feeling the same to ruin what he felt they had, and he didn't want to end it if she didn't.

They date for about a year, and during that time, Nick is in his own world with his feelings, the feeling of her being "home" to him. He knows Sassa loves him, but how much? So, unknowingly, he starts pulling away. He works late, isn't as attentive as he used to be. Sassa notices and thinks he might be cheating on her. She seeks the advice of a friend, and we learn that there is a "one year rule" in place. After one year, Sassa ends a relationship. She feels that by doing this, she is saving herself a lot of heartache since she can't grasp being with someone for fifty years. She doesn't understand how couples can be married, and stay happy for a long period of time.

Sassa and Nick separate. They put a time frame out to reconnect in one year, every year to catch up and find out how the other one's year went. No judging, just come together as friends and see how life has been treating them.

As you can imagine, the first year was hard for Nick. He didn't want to lose Sassa. He loved her and she loved him. But she needed to spread her wings and grow more. He let her go. During that year, and the years to follow are what makes this story one that stay with you for a while. We follow them on their journey and realize that, even though we're rooting for them to be together, there was a lot that they needed to learn.

With the help of a few key people, they do just that. But will it come at a price? Will Nick and Sassa find "home" in someone else or will their paths lead back to each other in the end? You need to get the book to find out! :)

This book was wonderful! It's one of those stories that you can see a bit of yourself in a character and you think "I wonder if I had it to do over again, if I would have done it that way..."

I do want to point out that there were a few typos and punctuation errors, so know that going in. Otherwise, you will not be disappointed at all!

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                                                  4.5 Stars! I really, really liked this book!

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