Thursday, July 17, 2014

Holding Out For A Hero: A Dreamy Romantic Comedy

From the Publisher: Quinn Campbell loves romance novels and has a rich fantasy life. She's dreamed about her hunky upstairs neighbor as a Viking warrior, a stagecoach bandit, and a Scottish lord. Will Quinn ever find out if the real man can live up to her fantasies?

My Review: Jesse has been the object of Quinn's fantasies for two years. Other than the occasional elevator ride up to their respective apartments with idle chit-chat, they really have no other interaction. The first time Quinn saw Jesse, he was getting in the elevator with is posse. He's a former pro-football player and, in her eyes, a player in other areas as well. 

So one day when coming home from a hectic day of work, Quinn clumsily drops her belongings and Jesse is there to help  her. He also takes the opportunity and asks for her help. She's a well-known set decorator and he is in need of an apartment re-do since he has been asked to be the cover story of a local magazine. Quinn jumps at the chance! During the next few days, they spend a lot of time together, getting to know a little more about each other. But with that comes the realization for Quinn that she just might not measure up to his standards of women. It seems he is constantly surrounded by gorgeous women and Quinn feels that she just can't (and doesn't) measure up.  

However, during the time they are together, sparks start and it seems that Jesse might me more interested than Quinn thinks. But is this wishful thinking or does Jesse really seem to be into Quinn? Along with the sexual tension coursing between them, Jesse turns out to not only be the center of her many fantasies, but also a very upstanding guy. One that she had no idea was beneath that tough, sexy, masculine exterior. Will this be the start of something more for Quinn and Jesse or will he continue to just be the object of her secret fantasy? You have to get the book to find out! Click here to purchase on Amazon. 

Since this is a novella, I don't want to go into any more detail! But please know that this does contain adult content and is not for young readers. 

                                                                        ****4 Stars    

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