Thursday, August 20, 2015

Splintered Love

From the Publisher: An anthology of paranormal / supernatural romance stories.

Leap of Faith - When Lisa Fielding found love she thought would never come, it was stolen from her. Years later, love finds her once again. This time in a very unlikely place.

Inner Beauty - Craig believed that a person’s looks were more important than what they held on the inside. Little does he know, an old girlfriend is about to show him otherwise.
*Contains erotic material.

Desperate Souls – Moira survives on the desires of men. Devin dances on the edge of sorrow and anguish. Both seek meaning and love to their existence. Fate brings them together. Could love tear them apart? *Contains erotic material.

Reckless Thoughts – Evan has the power to do whatever he wants with a simple thought. When he finds love, years of abusing his abilities comes back to haunt him.

Forever Love – A couple discovers that true love will last forever.

My Review: If you are not familiar with the works of S.J. Hermann then you are really missing out! Not only does he know how to describe what the characters are feeling, but somehow makes it come out through the pages so the reader can really get a feel of what the character is going through.

In this book of compiled short stories, S.J. has given us a look into the lives of four different characters. Some seem not so bad, while others may foretell a tragic ending. Mixed with suspense and paranormal, the reader is getting one hell of a story...or should I say, stories. :)

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S.J. is also the author of the Morium Trilogy, with book 3 set to release next year. Read my reviews of Morium and Dark Horizons (Book 2) 

                                                                         *****5 Stars!!

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