Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Truth About Us

From the Publisher: Aaron and Eden’s nine-year-old son almost dies from a hit-and-run. Both parents are frantic as they fear the worst, and they attempt to do everything in their power to ensure they don't lose their only child. In the process of doing this, hidden truths are suddenly revealed like an open can of worms, and both Eden and Aaron deeply wish they could get the worms back in the can, as their marriage stands in great jeopardy with these deep revelations. Can their marriage survive this threatening ordeal?

Narrated in two voices, THE TRUTH ABOUT US is a short but gripping read about betrayal, loss, and the true concept of love and forgiveness.

My Review: Aaron has been hit with a blow that almost destroys him, and it's not that his son is lying in a hospital bed fighting for his life.

Eden made a mistake right before their marriage. She never thought it would come to light, although she knew deep down there was always that possibility. She wants to make it right. She wants to explain everything to Aaron, but he's not having any of it. She is devastated. How can she make him understand that she made a huge mistake? He won't listen to her. She has to find a way, but the path won't be an easy one. She'll do anything to put her family back together, but will it be enough?

Now that the truth is out, will Aaron and Eden be able to work it out and save their marriage, or will Aaron's pain be too much and will he walk away for good? He loves his son and will be there for him, but how can he trust his wife again after this massive lie? You'll have to get the book and find out.

Overall I liked the story. It never seemed to drag or lose my interest. It has a good story line that will grip you in the beginning and keep you intrigued until the end. And it has a real-life feel to it, not like some stories where the plot seems a bit far-fetched. As I was reading, I could see this playing out in real life. Maybe that's partly because this is something that does happen more often than most people think, but that's another post for another blog ;) But the dialogue was real, the situation was real, and it was a good book. I recommend it!

Also, I need to point out that there were quite a few grammatical and punctuation errors, so keep that in mind when reading.

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                                                        ****4 Stars I liked this book! 

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