Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wrecking Crew

From the Publisher: Eric Stone is trustworthy, easy-going and friendly – he’s your all-round nice guy. His first rule in life was always “Don’t get involved,” but when he discovers the shocking truth behind his friend’s death, he feels compelled to act. Hidden behind the walls of power, the corrupt and materialistic businesses, and the convenient death of every inconvenient whistle-blower, hides a secret organization. For years The Wrecking Crew have been manipulating businesses and empowering Governments. They don’t care what they do or how they do it, as long as the price is right – but this time they have gone too far. Now one man is on a mission to stop them. Stone is no stranger to risk, but The Wrecking Crew is the most dangerous adversary anyone has ever faced. Soon he and his friends are dragged into a desperate race for survival, where no one can be trusted. Can Eric Stone destroy The Wrecking Crew, or will he become their next victim?

My review: I don't know about you but I love a good mystery. At first I wasn't sure what to expect with this book, but as I continued reading and got deeper into the story, the more I realized how much I was loving it. I would push aside other tasks at hand to read, and stay up late to for "just one more chapter." Ha!

Charles Rathbone is a man who is being hunted. In England, he started what was called "True Democracy" which is basically a "None of the above" approach. If someone didn't like the list of candidates, then they didn't have to vote for them and they wrote in who they wanted. It really took off with the public and, unfortunately, that it didn't bode well for Charles. In more ways than one.

Eric Stone learned at a very young age that there are other ways of dealing with conflict than violence. So, his goal in life is to try another approach and if that doesn't work, then the last resort is violence. Once he hears of his dear friend Charles' death, he is shocked and confused. However, knowing what was going to happen, Charles had sent Eric a card that held a small computer chip. On it was a video that Charles recorded explaining everything and it also held files to start Eric on his way and also a list of people he could trust. Once he figured out what Charles was wanting, he gets to work and comes to grips with the fact that there will be violence and there will be no getting around it. He has to do this for his friend. He has to right the wrong that has been done. He goes in search of the people that did this to his friend. They are called "Wrecking Crew" and their name says it all. They wreck people's lives. But the thing about them is, nobody knows who they are and there is no trace of them.

One day, while checking out a lead, Eric meets a woman who, it seems, he falls instantly in love with. Her name is Linda Smart and she is feisty, beautiful and witty! Everything he finds attractive in a woman. He can't resist. They get close very fast, and he brings her in on the investigation.

With the help of Linda, an ex-cop named Ed, and a computer whiz named Megan, the team comes together and finds clues that lead to this mysterious crew. But sniffing them out and bringing them to justice is not going to be easy. Will they come out safe and destroy the crew or will the crew find them first and silence them all for good?

I don't want to go into anymore details but I highly recommend this book! It is the best mystery/thriller/suspense book I have read in a long, long time. It has pretty much everything that makes me jump for joy! A great story, wonderfully written characters, humor, a bit of a love story, and most of all, it keeps you on your toes the whole time! There were a few instances where I found I had to close my mouth because I did NOT see something coming. I absolutely loved this book! Loved it, and highly recommend it!

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                                             *****5 Stars I LOVED this book!

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