Friday, July 25, 2014

Infinite Love: The Austin Series Book 6

From the Publisher: With the Campus Killer having been revealed and life changing decisions having been made by Mia, Gabe and Lexi, it should be smooth sailing for the trio. But as ever, nothing goes to plan. Much personal progress is made, but massive backward steps are also taken. Will Mia, Gabe and Lexi finally get their happy ever afters? Infinite Love is the sixth and final book in The Austin Series.

My Review: I'm a bit sad that this is the final book in this series. SO much has happened from the first page of the first book, New Leaves No Strings until the last page of the final one, Infinite Love.

This is only the second series of books I have ever read! Sad, I know, but it gripped me from the very beginning and as soon as I finished one book, I was more than ready to pick up the next to see how situations and events played out. Never once was I disappointed. Never. And that is really saying something coming from me because I am super picky when it comes to books!

Fallowfield did an absolutely amazing job with character development (even though, I really hate to even remark on that because however the author wants to develop his/her characters is totally up to them and we, as readers, shouldn't judge that. But I was happy :)).

The final book, just like the others, starts off where the last one left off. With this one, Mia was kidnapped by the Campus Killer! I really don't want to go into those details but know that it will shock you as to what happened. At least I was!

Just like I didn't want to go into detail about the kidnapping, I honestly don't want to give anything away for the rest of the book. It has so much going on that I would not do it justice to give it a measly couple of paragraphs. Plus, I'd have to give spoilers, and I don't want to do that ;)

However, I will say this book had great moments, great news for Robert and Sofia, a new business adventure for the family, Mia being as stubborn as ever on some things, Gabe being his domineering, but very sexy self,  and other things as well. But with the ups, you must have downs and boy, oh boy, did Fallowfield deliver! There were times I just wanted to reach inside the book and slap a few of these characters silly. But in the end, it was worth it. I loved how the story was concluded and I also liked that she left it a little open for Lexi and Doug to possibly have a story...hint, hint ;)

All in all, The Austin Series was absolutely wonderful and I miss reading it already! If you are looking for a series to start, then start this one. It has love, sex, humor, lots more sex, and suspense.

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                                                              *****5 Stars!!

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