Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tweet Revenge

My Review: To curb any confusion as to why I didn't start the review out like I normally do with the "From the Publisher," it is because this book is still in the editing stages and the synopsis is not out yet! So, I was super thrilled to be able to get a sneak peak at Tweet Revenge :)

I am not familiar with this author, Rick DeMille, but he is an Amazon International Best-Selling author of HELLFIRE, so that really piqued my interest in this novel as well.

In the beginning, we are introduced to Justice. Well, that's obviously not his real name, since this person has taken it upon themselves to take "justice" into their own hands by murdering criminals that got off easy. We meet up with Justice on the brink of his third murder of a guy who never spent any hard time for killing an innocent young girl. Well, Justice won't have any of that, so off he goes to give the guy what he deserves. And, let me tell you, it was very well thought out. I won't go into detail, but let's just say Justice does his homework.

But there's another element to his killings. He tweets what he is doing as he is doing it. He wants the local police and FBI agents to know exactly what he is up to, and he wants them to know it was him. Justice truly believes what he is doing is right. But will he get away with it much longer or get caught?

We also meet Dawn Johnson. She is a young woman who has had a pretty rough life, partly due to the fact that she lost her father, who was an FBI agent, in the line of fire. But she had to get on with her life and went to school at Quantico, and on the night of her graduation was severely wounded by two men who were attempting to rob a convenient store. It was one of those "wrong place at the wrong time" kind of situations. She was shot with an assault rifle and still has the scars to prove it. But she has an agenda. She wants to find out who killed her father, so she calls in some favors and gets assigned to the branch where he was in order to have access to files and information. The only thing is, the Agent in Charge, Officer Pratt, knows she's up to something. But he can't quite figure out what. He'll be keeping an eye on her for sure. But will she slip up and get kicked off the force, or will she finally find what she is looking for as to who was behind her father's murder. To make things even more complicated for her, she'll be doing this while working on the case of the Justice killer.

The story itself was very well written, as well as the characters. Plus, it will keep you guessing as to who the killer actually is, and once it's revealed, you will be shocked. At least I was. I had NO idea! So, if you are into mysteries, then this is a great one.

Even though this book hasn't been released yet, I wanted to get the word out about it! I will update this post when I find out the release date and also post a link to purchase on Amazon once it's been released.

Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed with this book.

                                                   ****4 Stars I really liked this book!

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