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Corruption of Power

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From the Publisher: Independent troubleshooter, Alex Leksin, is recruited by Prime Minister Saidov when the plan to reduce Russia’s reliance on an ever more hostile Europe is put at risk. Hell bent on expansion, President Karpev’s strategy is first to shift the markets for his country’s vast energy resources to the East and Saidov has been charged with overseeing a planned pipeline for Russia’s oil through Turkmenistan and Afghanistan to access these markets. Failure could mean catastrophe, spreading the conflict raging in the Middle East to Russia’s own borders.

Fearful that the pipeline deal might be tilting off course, Leksin has only twelve days to report back before Karpev is due to sign the pipeline contract with the Turkmen President in Ashgabat.

His investigation begins in Moscow at the conglomerate responsible for planning and funding the pipeline. Once the province of larger-than-life oligarch, Lev Usenko, the group is now run by his daughter, Vika, the woman Leksin was once to marry. Trickier still is the prospect of dealing with her embittered brother, Max.

Against a background of political corruption, state-sponsored terrorism and increased Taliban insurgency, Leksin moves on to Turkmenistan, one of the world's most sinister countries, right at the heart of Central Asia. Initially his enquiries reveal nothing to cause alarm. Other factors, though, suggest otherwise: wherever Leksin goes, someone tries to kill him; people in a position to help him are assassinated; and information turns out to be misinformation.

And when at last he discovers the truth, he finds himself unsure of whom he can trust as the stakes get frighteningly higher. 

Now, to whet your appetite, here is an excerpt from the book: 

Inured by hard experience as Anna Politska (the investigative reporter at Novy Novoski) was, she'd wept when the shock news of the mass murder of children and teachers at School No 86 in Pechatniki had broken two days earlier. She'd covered many atrocities, but the day when a massacre of innocents no longer moved her, she'd give up. As a journalist, she had a part to play. Blinking back the tears, she'd assimilated the scene. The banner hastily erected across the front of the school had registered with her immediately. Islamic Democratic Freedom Movement, it had read. Subsequently she'd listened intently as an FSB spokesman confirmed the IDFM's responsibility.

The IDFM was a Chechen group, and as a journalist during the Chechnya war, Politska had established links with its leader. The group were certainly no saints, but the mass murder of children was not their style either. Something smelt wrong. Using her contacts, Politska had succeeded yesterday in talking to the group's leader, who'd vehemently denied any involvement with the school bombing. It's all a set-up, he'd told her, and she believed him.

Her next move had been to arrange a meeting with her FSB informant. A reliable source - at a price - in the past, on this occasion he'd refused point-blank to discuss the subject.

"You're walking on quicksand, Anya," he'd warned. "Let this one drop."

"I can't, you know better than that," she'd replied. She'd experienced more than her fair share of threats and intimidation over the years - beatings, poisoning, electric shocks, days of confinement in a pit, even a mock execution. But these were the occupational hazards of investigative journalism in Karpev's Russia, and if you weren't prepared to risk them, then you needed to change your job.

When she'd got back to the office, though, she'd felt despondent. All she had was the denial of the IDFM's leader, but on its own this meant nothing. No one would believe him without independent evidence supporting his claim, yet she was running out of leads. Then, this morning, everything had changed.

When she'd arrived in the office, she'd found an email sent to her anonymously overnight. Nothing in the body of the text, just an attachment and a heading 'Look at the date'. Opening the attachment, she'd found a draft press release on FSB-headed paper describing the terrorist attack on the school. As she'd started to read through, she'd felt her professional instincts take hold.

The press release summarised an incident at School No 86 in Pechatniki. It detailed how terrorists had taken over the building during school hours, rigged it with explosives and held children and teachers captive. But in this version there was no actual explosion, no death toll, and the terrorists had escaped. Politska scrolled up and down the text, confused. Suddenly her eyes fixed on the top line - the draft press release was dated the day before the actual incident occurred.

She swiveled in her chair to stare out of the window as the implications fell into place. The school bombing, as she'd suspected from the outset, was no straightforward terrorist incident. Now she had solid evidence that the FSB had themselves been responsible. The appalling consequences might not have been their intended outcome, but they had always been a possibility. As her father used to say, if you play with fire, there's always a chance you'll get burned.

Of course, she acknowledged, this was not the first time the FSB had stage-managed terrorist incidents. All the evidence pointed to the apartment bombings in 1999 being perpetrated by the FSB in order to legitimise the subsequent invasion of Chechnya and the assumption of power by one of its own. Almost simultaneously, an unexploded bomb had been found and defused in Ryazan, and subsequent police investigations identified the three men responsible as FSB agents. Even these were not isolated examples: it was now clear that the FSB were complicit in bomb explosions in the marketplace in the southern Russian city of Astrakhan in 2001, at the bus stops in Voronezh in 2004 and on the Moscow-Grozny train in 2005. And, as Politska herself knew well, during the Chechnya conflicts, the FSB organised numerous kidnappings of journalists and foreign NGO workers, pretending to be Chechen terrorists, in order to build up international support for the Russian invasion.

Nonetheless the mass murder of children . . . well, that was in another league altogether. She'd got President Karpev now.

George Eccles, writing as G W Eccles, graduated from the London School of Economics with a law degree and subsequently became a partner in one of the major international financial advisory firms.

In 1994, George left London to move to Russia and Central Asia during the tumultuous period that followed the breakup of the Soviet Union. His work involved extensive travel throughout Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan - often to places with restricted access to foreigners. During his time there, he advised a number of real-life oligarchs how best to take advantage of the opportunities that became available as regulation crumbled and government became increasingly corrupt. Against this background, while his novels are fiction, many of the anecdotes and scenes are inspired by actual events.

His first thriller: The Oligarch, was awarded a Silver Medal both at the Global E-book Awards 2013 and at the Independent Publishers Book Awards 2013, as well as being selected as IPPY Book of the Day.

George is married and now lives with his wife in a hilltop village not far from Cannes in the South of France.



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The Next Best Better Thing

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From the Publisher: Vera Smith is the author of the bestselling erotic novel of the decade. There’s only one problem: she has no memory of writing it.

Then again, getting hit by a car can do that to a person.

While caught up in a 21st century media storm, she awkwardly navigates the limelight her agent has thrust her into, and tries to piece together the fragments of her past - an apartment in north London, a dream job, and an ever-so-trendy gay best friend. But then she discovers she just might have been in love with someone too…

In south London, struggling artist Tony Peters is heartbroken after being dumped by his gorgeous girlfriend. She wanted his time and commitment – the only two things Tony can’t give. Working non-stop to make a career in fine arts it soon dawns on him that he might have just lost his chance with the only woman he ever loved. That is until one day he gets on a train and makes a discovery that will change his and Vera’s life forever.

“THE NEXT BEST BETTER THING” is a London romance that will send readers on a delicious romp through the city as Vera desperately tries to discover her past and Tony ponders how faith has led him to such an unexpected future. Culminating at Christmas, it’s a love story which is a must for readers of Nikki Ashton and Marian Keys.

Click to order off Amazon US, or Amazon UK.

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Onyx Webb: Book Three: Episodes 7, 8, & 9

From the Publisher: The Onyx Webb series follows the unusual life of Onyx Webb along with a central group of characters in various locations and times. The billionaire Mulvaney family, piano prodigy Juniper Cole and her brother Quinn, paranormal show hosts Cryer and Fudge, and a few others make up the core of the series. Written like a book version of a supernatural soap opera, each character’s story moves forward with most every episode. It may appear that the characters are entirely unrelated and yet episode by episode, the connections will become clearer. Like being an inch away from a spider web, with each book, the web will move further and further away revealing the full story of every character and most importantly, the stunning conclusion for Onyx Webb herself.

In Book Three...
It’s in the late 30's and Onyx and Ulrich have started a new life in Crimson Cove, Oregon.
It’s 2010, and Koda Mulvaney is picking up the pieces of the latest tragedy and still looking for the girl in the mirror.
Paranormal show hosts Cryer and Fudge have a run in with a ghost at the Open Arms.
It’s the 60's and Declan Mulvaney is building the family fortune - a good intent with horrible consequences.

My Review: I absolutely love this series!! Each book builds on the other and with each one, we get more of the pieces to the puzzle. And with each look it just entices you more and more. The web is weaving tighter and if you're up to speed then Book 3 will not disappoint!! Koda is finding more answers about his mysterious girl in the mirror, and we see more into his grandfather's past. Very interesting! Ulrich and Onyx's story takes a turn, and we get to see how a certain situation plays out.

I will admit my jaw dropped a couple of times while reading this, so I am so excited for Book 4....I'm already having withdrawals!! ;)

As with the others, I found myself not able to put it down. It is entertaining, funny, mysterious, and an all-around great series!

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Leo's Toy Store

Leo's Toy Store

If you've seen the new Peanuts movie, you might remember Charlie Brown asking for the wrong title at the library. The reason he asked for the wrong title is that he went to Peppermint Patty to find out book options for the class book report. Peppermint Patty told him that one of the options was "Leo's Toy Store by Warren Peace."

Peppermint Patty meant to say, "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy. Oops! Charlie asked for "Leo's Toy Store" by "Warren Peace" when he got to the library. They were able to straighten him out on what he was really looking for.

With that being said, the children's book, "Leo's Toy Store" by "Warren Peace" is actually a very cute children's book about Christmas and a man named Leo who owns a toy store.

He lets children play with the toys before they buy them - even if they don't buy them.

The town loves Leo and his store and parents will often drop their children off for them to play with the toys while the parents run errands.

But when the landlord decides he's going to raise the rent to an amount that Leo can't afford (probably due to the terrible taxes businesses have to pay now days), Leo's Toy Store might have to be closed down forever. To find out if Leo can save the store in time for Christmas, you can order the book. 

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In The Dark

From the Publisher: Marissa Rooney stands in her daughter’s empty dorm room, a half-used vial of insulin clutched in her trembling hand. Brooke has been missing for days. Her roommate hasn’t seen her since that night in the bar. And if Marissa has Brooke’s insulin, it means that Brooke does not.
But Marissa isn’t alone in her terror. A phantom from her past is lurking in the shadows, waiting in the night, and holding her family captive…

In the dark.

My Review: I did a promo of this book a while back and once I posted the excerpt I wanted to read more! So I got the book and did just that. I have to tell you that if you are into suspense/mystery then this is one. Awesome. Book! You will be hooked from the very first sentence, and Patchell does such a great job of keeping you guessing until just the right moment!

Brooke Rooney is a young college girl who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. She is abducted one night with no trace as to who might have taken her, or where she could be. But she's not the only one. There are other girls who have been taken, all who coincidentally look a lot alike.

When Marissa, Brooke's mom, hears about her daughter missing she knows something isn't right. The police try and chalk it up to a girl getting away for a while. She is, after all, of age to make her own decisions and doesn't need mommy's permission. But Brooke is diabetic and when Marissa discovers Brooke didn't take any extra medicine with her on her "trip" that seals the deal for her. Her daughter was taken and she has to find out who is behind it...and possibly help bring the others home as well. But will it be too late?

There is so much more to this story but I don't want to give any more away! It is so good, and it has twists and turns that will have you saying "just one more page..." It is a thriller, mystery, and has a bit of a love story as well. It's the complete package! It was exceptionally good and I look forward to reading more of Patchell's work.

You can order it here from Amazon!

                                                                              *****5 Stars

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Good Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity

From the Publisher: Sex. Deceit. Lust. Captivity. And maybe…the love of a lifetime. Just when Rachel thought she could settle down with the man of her dreams, life takes a dramatic turn and she finds herself getting sucked into a web of dangerous deceit and sexual intrigue. From the House of Sin on Cap Ferrat to an isolated Buddhist monastery in the mountains of upstate New York, Rachel once again finds herself on the battle field of our times, both sexually and emotionally. Then, in a blinding flash of insight that lays bare the haunted alleyways of her soul, she realizes that things are not what they seem to be. Will she find her way out of captivity or will she remain in the shackles of the old world order?

My Review: When I was first asked to read the first book in the series, Good Pussy Bad Pussy Rachel's Tale, I didn't know what to expect. I thought it was just going to be about a woman who was a sex addict. Well, what I got was something a lot more than that! As for the first book, you can read that review here if you haven't already.

With this second installment I found it to be just as good, and just as engaging as the first. This time it seemed to go more in-depth in to Rachel and Albert's love and the bond they share. Of course it isn't all sunshine and roses, they are faced with something that might end up taking one away from the other for good. But the story into how that comes about and how each of them get through it is really great and takes us deeper in to the feelings of each of them.

I was told there is going to be a book 3 coming out soon, so I cannot wait for that! In the meantime read my review of the first book and then get yourself caught up! :)

                                                                            ***** 5 Stars

Monday, September 28, 2015

Live To Air: An Ethan Benson Thriller

From the Publisher: Television, politics, and the Russian mob: Live to Air is a riveting crime thriller, jam-packed with intrigue and unforgettable characters.

Ethan Benson is a charming and principled-if sometimes difficult-television producer in New York City who detests doing crime stories. But that's of no significance to his high-powered boss at the network, and Benson finds himself assigned to investigating a bloody shoot-out in the Meatpacking District, whose old grime and new glitz provide a symbolic background for a sensational murder that has dominated the headlines.

As he pieces together his story, Benson literally covers New York-from Central Park and Fifth Avenue to Little Russia in Brooklyn and Rikers Island in Queens-crossing paths with a fascinating cast of characters on both sides of the law. Unknown to Benson, organized crime may be only one facet of the thrilling investigation. With his wife and son in hiding and his life in danger, Benson draws closer to a resolution that will have explosive results for the criminals-and for some members of New York City's political elite as well.

My Review: You know those books that grab you from the start, and you tell yourself "Just two more pages!" Then, three chapters later....

That's this book!! Little did I know but Jeffrey Diamond's background is actually producing crime shows for major news networks, and he brings in his expertise in this novel. And it shows. There is no point where it lags, or you think "This is irrelevant." Nope. It's a pretty fast-paced book from start to finish.

We meet Ethan Benson, a producer who's passion is NOT anything dealing with crime stories. His boss gives him the job of putting together a TV special about a high-profile murder that involved the deputy mayor's daughter and it will revolve around Pavel Feodor, the guy who was just convicted of first-degree murder. He really has no choice but to take this on. But little does Ethan know what he's really about to get into. He thinks it's just an open and shut case, with Pavel being the guy, and all evidence pointing to him. But the more he gets involved and starts putting the story together, the more he starts to see there is a rabbit hole of twists and turns that might actually lead him in a different direction.

The experience Diamond brings into this is amazing and makes the story that much more real! I'm a sucker for crime fiction so this was heaven to me. ;) It has action, bad guys, the Russian Mob to be exact, who seem genuinely bad, and gives us a small glimpse into what high-powered people might just do to save their own skin.

Overall this was an awesome book! And I just couldn't put it down some days that I might need to go back and read it again to make sure I didn't miss anything!

There is also a sequel to this, and I really, really want to read and review that one as well!

Click here to purchase on Amazon!

                                                              *****5 Stars!

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Hazard of Shadows: Chronicles of the Goblin King Book Two

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The enchanted creatures of legend still exist, hidden away in the secret places of the world. They take refuge from an age of camera phones and government labs, from people who won’t let them live in peace. One of these last places of safety is known as the World Below.

Ancient powers are at work. The Lords of Faerie seek to revenge the death of Baron Finkbeiner and recover the mysterious Blade of Caro. Hidden in the shadows, they await a chance to strike. The chance arises when an old enemy escapes the splinter realm in which he is imprisoned. Anxious to settle the debt, the Faerie Lords send him to finish the Lady Elizabeth and her Champion once and for all.

After leading the revolution against the despotic ruler of the World Below, Mitch Hardy has taken the throne. He never wanted to be king. The whole idea of a government by right of combat sits poorly with him. Growing evermore uneasy with his new position, he begins laying the framework for self-rule. The enchanted peoples have known nothing but kings, but are adapting quickly to this new idea of governing their own affairs. It goes well, but Mitch’s plans are interrupted by the arrival of old enemies. Soon he is fighting for his life against a hellish enemy, the likes of which he never imagined.

Check out the trailer for Hazard of Shadows on YouTube!

Below, author Mike Phillips gives us a guest post on All about Goblins:

Hello everyone, and thank you for reading my guest post. My name is Mike Phillips and my new
book is Hazard of Shadows. I have been asked to talk about some of the more interesting
characters in the book, the goblins.

In folklore and literature, goblins have always been evil creatures. To this day, goblins are hiding
in our closets and under our beds. They are wicked monsters that are no happier than when they
are burning fields or robbing cradles. Living on the fringes of society as they must to avoid
camera phones and governmental laboratories, goblins lead harsh lives. Once they have been
won over, goblins are the best sort of friends. They may have terrible manners, they may say
awful things, they may smell bad, but we can all be that way sometimes. In the end, my use of
goblins helps us see the best in humanity.

Writing about goblins was a riot! Goblins live on the fringes of human society. They make their
homes in junk yards, abandoned buildings, sewer systems, and anywhere else people try to
avoid. Once they find a likely spot, the get to work. Goblins are clever with tools and machinery.

They will use and repurpose anything they can get their hands on, so many of their dwellings
look like they were designed by frat-boys. Not always the best of neighbors, goblins have to take
security seriously. They construct elaborate pitfalls to keep themselves safe from enemies like
collapsing tunnels, pongee pits, and mechanical traps.

Goblins, like their human counterparts, each have a unique personality. They live in what they
call crews, a sort of family, a lot like college dorm-mates. Each goblin has a special skill. One
might be a bully (a most desirable skill in the goblin world). Another might be crafty at making
traps. Some use sorcery or poison. Others are good at machinery. Some just eat a lot (another
desirable skill). Goblins, in general, have a loose sense of morality. If it doesn’t hurt another
member of the crew, with the obvious exception of fighting, then it’s usually okay. Fighting is
always acceptable behavior, though if an enemy is around, a goblin is expected to stop fighting
the other crew member and start fighting the enemy. Common sense rules like that are the
cornerstone of goblin society.

That brings us to the topic of goblin social structure. Goblin society is feudal. They organize in
crews, bound by familial ties or friendship. These associations are loosely formed, and if a goblin
wants to go it alone, no one holds a grudge. A crew may have two or three leaders at a time. It is
not unusual for goblins to disagree, so sometimes they have no real leader at all. Though they
fight with each other like crazy, but they are deeply loyal in times of trouble and would do
anything for the other members of their crew. No female goblins appear in Hazard of Shadows,
but that is a topic for another time.

People have been asking how to make friends with goblins, so I thought I’d wrap things up by
talking about that. Goblins are monsters, after all. To begin with, don’t look like a victim. They
are predators. If you run they will chase you down. The secret to making friends with goblins is
not to treat them like animals. They won’t be trained and can’t be suckered. Think of them as
that particularly feisty aunt that always speaks her mind. So if you want to make a goblin your
friend, it’s best to start with an act of kindness. Goblins have hard lives and even a small act of
kindness means a lot to them. In the book, Mitch does a favor for a goblin without even knowing
it. In turn, the goblin rescues Mitch from a pan dimensional, man-eating dumpster. Friends like
that are hard to find!

Mike Phillips is author of Hazard of Shadows, The World Below, Dawn of Ages, and Reign of the Nightmare Prince. His short stories have appeared in ParAbnormal Digest, Cemetery Moon, Sinister Tales, Beyond Centauri, the World of Myth, Mystic Signals and many others. Online, his work has appeared in Lorelei Signal, Kzine, Bewildering Stories, Midnight Times, and Fringe. He is best known for his Crow Witch and Patrick Donegal series. Please visit Mike at mikephillipsfantasy.com.

Lucidity: Book One of the Lucidity Series

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Zach Landis is a high school outcast with a beautiful girl that's drawn to him, yet frightened of him at the same time; he also has a fantastic ‘gift.’ He has dreams that feel like so much more, and nightmares that refuse to fade with the rising sun. So what is really happening when Zach sleeps?  

It might be connected to the mysterious disappearance of four teenage girls and he either holds the key to their survival, or a much darker destiny awaits him. More importantly, Zach’s obsessive love for Amy Collins leads him toward answers and salvation – but also toward the unveiling of an ancient evil that could destroy them both.

So walk if you dare the razor’s edge between sleep and waking, dreams and nightmares…Heaven and Hell.

See what Horrornews.com has to say about Lucidity! And find it on Amazon and Goodreads
Excerpt from Lucidity:

For the next hour, they soared in silent wonder through an Etheric world shimmering with holiday lights and shaking amid the onslaught of a winter storm. They glided with owls through dark forests as great trees creaked and moaned around them. They swooped with seagulls across the raging surface of the ocean, reaching down to touch the lashing waves as though playfully petting a ferocious beast they knew could swallow them whole. They drifted over a lone little lobster boat riding those wild waves far out at sea, and flew in circles around Ledge Island Lighthouse as its spinning beam rhythmically caught their ghostly forms and briefly turned the surrounding snowflakes into mad swarms of attacking fireflies.

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In the Dark

                   *Book Promo*

When the worst happens and her daughter goes missing, a mother will do anything to find her…

Marissa Rooney’s daughter, Brooke, has been missing for days. Her roommate hasn’t seen her since that night in the bar. Standing in the middle of her daughter’s dorm room with a half-used vial of insulin clenched in her hand, Marissa comes to the terrifying realization that if she has Brooke’s insulin, it means that Brooke does not.

The missing person’s investigation takes a sudden and deadly turn when the police discover the body of another college student who went missing a week before Brooke. Desperate to find her daughter, Marissa fears time is running out. But she isn’t alone in her terror. A phantom from Marissa’s past is lurking in the shadows, waiting in the night, and holding her family captive…In the dark.

Robert Dugoni, Amazon #1 and New York Times bestselling author of My Sister's Grave called In the Dark "An edge-of-your-seat suspense novel. It scared the hell out of me. Read it with the lights on!"

Read an excerpt from the book:


The heavy gate groaned shut. After engaging the lock, he pulled the backpack out of his Jeep and slung it over his shoulder. It was a rare fall day in the Pacific Northwest, and he planned to take full advantage of the good weather. He had work to do.

He walked a quarter of a mile along the fence line and stopped. Then he pulled a “No Trespassing” sign from the pack and propped it against the fence. With a few sure strokes of a hammer, he nailed it to the post. The dull blows echoed in the quiet woods.

Branches and fallen leaves popped and crackled beneath his feet as he worked his way methodically along the ridge, checking the barbed wire fence for gaps. The cinnamon smell of the turning leaves was a sure sign that hunting season would soon begin, and he couldn’t afford to have strangers stumbling onto his property.

He nailed the last sign to the post.

There. That should keep the bastards out.

He turned and started down the rugged trail carved into the steep hillside. A couple of hundred feet below, the valley floor glimmered like an emerald in the late-day sun. Three cabins stood in the clearing beside the Tolt River. A half dozen more were scattered along the upper ridge, overlooking Lake Langlois.

The place had been a youth camp once, before the drowning of a teenage girl had destroyed its reputation. Afterward the camp had closed and the cabins had fallen into disrepair. It was a shame, really. He had fond memories of the place. While his father had spent the summer basking in an alcoholic haze, he’d spent it exploring the woods, far away from his father’s violent mood swings. By any measure it was a win-win.

Dappled sunlight shone through the thick canopy of branches overhead. He loved days like this.

Alone in the woods, he felt at peace with the world.

A scream rent the air, shattering the stillness of the afternoon.

It was shrill. Human.

Crows fled the safety of the trees, a torrent of black wings flooding the blue sky. Heart racing, he started to run. The uneven ground slid beneath his boots. Branches slapped at his face, and he ran faster, driven on by her panicked cries.

The valley floor was muddy after the long weeks of rain. The spongy earth slowed his pace as he raced toward the river.

Another scream. Louder.

“Help me. Oh, God. Please.”

It was coming from the cabin farthest from the water’s edge.

His boots pounded up the wooden steps. Hinges squawked in protest as he crashed through the door. 

The stench hit him hard—stale sweat and human waste. His stomach churned.

At first he could see nothing, his eyes blinded in the dim light. Then her slender form materialized out of the darkness—a slip of a girl, barely more than a hundred pounds. She was standing near the center of the room, her hands bound behind her back. A soiled University of Washington t-shirt hanging from her skinny frame. Pink panties. And nothing else.

The relief on her face froze the instant she spotted him. A small sob escaped her lips.

She stepped back, retreating into the shadows.

As if she could hide.

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My Best Friend's Brother: Finding Troy (A Romantic Comedy Book 3)

~ CONTENT WARNING Recommended for ages 16+ due to bawdy humor, non-graphic sexual content and some strong language. ~

From the Publisher: Adonia, Luke, Gino, Lilly, Nikki, Troy and his cousin, Derek Daniels, are off to spend spring break in British Columbia. Adonia’s planning her new life with Luke, and she's sure nothing can ruin her vacation!

Nothing but her dad.

When Adonia and Luke spot an Irish wolfhound being dragged into an animal shelter, Luke feels compelled to save it from certain death. Adonia's always wanted a dog, and this one is perfect—perfectly huge, sweet, cute, and cuddly—so why would anyone want to kill this amazing dog?

What's eating Gino Barone? Maybe it’s the arrival of Troy De La Fontaine—the guy who's after his girlfriend. The guy who constantly one-ups him. The guy with the dragon tattoo.

Since Troy came into the picture, Gino's been acting off; so when the heirloom necklace he gave Lilly disappears, she knows something's up. She promised Gino's grandmother that it would never leave her sight, and now it's gone without a trace. Where did it go? Will she get it back? And what will finding Troy do to Lilly Jacobson's love life?

My Review: If you've read the first two books in this series then Book 3 keeps the story going seamlessly! We find Luke, Andonia, Lilly, and Gino are heading to Canada for Spring Break. But of course Burke is there...along with Adonia's dad who decides to come along at the last minute! And this time a new face is joining them, Troy De La Fontaine. Ever since Lilly first saw his picture she has had something for him, and the same goes for Troy. But with Lilly being in a relationship with Gino it makes things a bit complicated and Lilly doesn't know what to do. She's torn, and rightly so. Gino is great, sweet, and she loves him. But Troy is hot, built, and a sweetie too. So Lilly has a decision to make. So which one will she choose?

Luke and Adonia can't wait to get away together again. But their romantic vacation is spoiled when Adonia's dad decides he wants to tag along too. So now, much to Luke and Adonia's dismay, they will need to find ways of finding some "alone time" that will still have her back by her curfew.

So what seems to be an almost-manageable trip quickly turns into a whole lot of drama...on both sides! Feelings get hurt, things start to go missing, and some big decisions will be made.

Luke and Adonia find their alone time, but it might come at a price. And Lilly makes her decision, but someone will definitely be left with a broken heart.

Finding Troy is a great continuation to the first two books, and I literally found myself laughing out loud so many times! If you've read Books 1 and 2 then you will find that this one is not lacking in humor or romance either! Favreau has done another great job, and I can't wait for the next book!!

Go to Amazon and order it now! :)

Be sure to read my review's of Book 1 and Book 2!

                                                                          *****5 Stars!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Onyx Webb: Book Two Episodes 4, 5, & 6

From the Publisher: The Onyx Webb series follows the unusual life of Onyx Webb along with a central group of characters in various locations and times. Written like a book version of a supernatural soap opera, each character’s story moves forward with most every episode. It may appear that the characters are entirely unrelated and yet episode by episode, the connections will become clearer And this is especially true in Book Two. Like being an inch away from a spider web, with each book, the web will move further and further away revealing the full story of every character and most importantly, the stunning conclusion for Onyx Webb herself.

In Book Two...
1. It's the 30's and Declan Mulvaney and best friend Tommy Bilazzo learrn to survive at the Open Arms Orphange despite the adults who run the place.

2. It’s 2010, and Koda Mulvaney is insane trying to see the girl in the mirror again.

3. Onyx Webb is finds herself living all over the country married to the crazy German, Ulrich, with no way out.

My Review: If you haven not read the first installment in the Onyx Webb series, then stop now and read my review of Book One, purchase and read the book, then come back and read this review...and purchase the book. ;)

This series is quickly becoming one of my favorites! In Book One we were introduced to a slew of characters and their story, and they all seemed to have no connection to each other. Until we kept on reading and saw that was not exactly the case. Now, in Book Two, those connections and stories go a little deeper, and are exposed a little more so we can really start getting our wheels turning as to how they will all really end up connected to each other.

I truly enjoyed this book with all the mystery, humor, anticipation, and overall good storyline! We are introduced to a few new characters, as well as given more clues to how some older, more familiar characters came to be where they are now. It's a great, quick read and will have you saying to yourself, "Just one more chapter and then I'll go sleep." But be prepared, it won't just be one more chapter....

I highly recommend this book (only if you've read Book One first!) and have no doubt you will enjoy it as much as Book One! Book Three will be out sometime next month (October 2015) so I cannot wait for that!!

Click here to purchase on Amazon!

                                                                   *****5 Stars!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Splintered Love

From the Publisher: An anthology of paranormal / supernatural romance stories.

Leap of Faith - When Lisa Fielding found love she thought would never come, it was stolen from her. Years later, love finds her once again. This time in a very unlikely place.

Inner Beauty - Craig believed that a person’s looks were more important than what they held on the inside. Little does he know, an old girlfriend is about to show him otherwise.
*Contains erotic material.

Desperate Souls – Moira survives on the desires of men. Devin dances on the edge of sorrow and anguish. Both seek meaning and love to their existence. Fate brings them together. Could love tear them apart? *Contains erotic material.

Reckless Thoughts – Evan has the power to do whatever he wants with a simple thought. When he finds love, years of abusing his abilities comes back to haunt him.

Forever Love – A couple discovers that true love will last forever.

My Review: If you are not familiar with the works of S.J. Hermann then you are really missing out! Not only does he know how to describe what the characters are feeling, but somehow makes it come out through the pages so the reader can really get a feel of what the character is going through.

In this book of compiled short stories, S.J. has given us a look into the lives of four different characters. Some seem not so bad, while others may foretell a tragic ending. Mixed with suspense and paranormal, the reader is getting one hell of a story...or should I say, stories. :)

Click here to order Splintered Love on Amazon!

S.J. is also the author of the Morium Trilogy, with book 3 set to release next year. Read my reviews of Morium and Dark Horizons (Book 2) 

                                                                         *****5 Stars!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shatterproof (Dynamic Journey Book 1)

                                ***Book Promo***

20-year-old Natalie Meyers is a young woman whose trusting nature made her the victim of one of the most repugnant crimes imaginable--sexual abuse at the hands of her grandfather. This once happy girl now lives a life of addiction and hardship. Everything gets worse when Natalie’s father kicks her out of his house for stealing. She finds herself remorseful, alone, and completely abandoned. Natalie goes to live with Scott, her long-term boyfriend and fellow addict, in his parent’s basement. As obstacles continue to fall in her path, Natalie's life spins out of control. Will she overcome these trying times or will her life remain shattered?

Available now on Amazon: $2.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited

http://amzn.to/1MpS5pk (US)
http://amzn.to/1CS80Kq (Canada)

Like Rainne Moss on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1VzZUvR

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Best Friend's Brother: Book of Luke (Romantic Comedy Book 2)

Book TWO in the MY BEST FRIEND'S BROTHER Series (YA Contemporary Romance / Romantic Comedy)

~ CONTENT WARNING Recommended for ages 16+ due to bawdy humor, non-graphic sexual content and some strong language. ~

Meeting Luke was the best thing to ever happen to Adonia Morrison. Just one look at him makes her knees wobble--he's sexy, smart, funny, literally every girl's dream! And her father's nightmare.

As senior year draws to a close and everyone prepares for a change of scenery, Lilly Jacobson's boyfriend, Gino Barone, backs out of moving to Hawaii with her. Distraught, Lilly tells a "little white lie" to make him reconsider.

Or maybe it's not so little.

Luke and Adonia's chaperoned trip to the Alps offers at least some distraction from Lilly's plight. And, for a while, all goes well ... until Adonia discovers the frequent texts Luke receives but never mentions. Adonia can't help but feel her average self may be in for some serious competition.

Upon their return home to Alaska, Adonia's shocked to learn that Lilly's not-so-little white lie has snowballed into a fictional reality. Caught in the middle, Adonia must choose between her best friend and her best friend's brother. And, sadly, Lilly's lie is bound to not only wreck her own love life, but to drag Adonia's down with her.

Can Luke's secret really be that bad? Who thought a new hottie would cause such chaos? How far can one little lie go? And will anyone's relationship survive this arctic blast?

My Review: Book 2 in this series is such a great continuation and keeps the story moving forward in a way you will love! Chrissy Favreau is a very talented writer who knows how to draw the reader in with humor, real life situations, and enough hot guys to shake a stick at. ;) If you haven't checked out the first book, My Best Friend's Brother, then click here to read my full review and then buy it so you can get this one!! You won't be disappointed...and just because it says "YA" doesn't mean one bit that it's only for teens. Favreau has a way of writing that people of all ages will enjoy and find entertaining. I literally laughed out loud many times, which is always a good thing, right? :)

Click here to purchase the paperback on Amazon. The Kindle version will be available July 17! Also, check out Chrissy Favreau's blog to keep up to date on what's going on and any new releases that are in the works!

                                                                     *****5 Stars!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Numb: The Shadow Self, Book 1

                                *Book Promo*

The bloodied, headless and mangled corpse of a 32 year old advertising executive, and the spear-skewered body of a teenage bicyclist in a small town park were seemingly unrelated.  Then more students are targeted and brutally murdered by a serial killer.  Students at Wayzata High School were stunned by the real life horror of losing their classmates under gruesome circumstances.

Katherine recuperating from her own traumatic event is also compounded by the death of her classmates.  Attempts by friends to persuade 18 year old Katherine to join them at a Halloween party were futile, until the baffling disappearance of her dogs forced her to abandon her quiet evening at home.  Katherine is drawn to the Halloween party held in a lavish mansion of multiple mysteries, mayhem, and murder.  After getting trapped herself she must use all her talents and secrets to find a way to not only save herself but her friends from a series of fiendish traps at the hands of a serial killer set out to kill her closest friends.

Author Jerome Noldin's newly released book Numb is now available on Amazon, and is the first in a series! Click here to get your copy of this mystery/thriller now!           

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ndura: Son of the Forest

My Review: If you want a book that will leave you on the edge of your seat, wanting to see how the main character can and will fight against a force that seems to be unbeatable, then you will definitely want to give this book a chance. It will not disappoint, and will be one you will want to read again, just to make sure you didn't miss anything!

                               BOOK PROMO 

The adventure novel of the new author, Javier Salazar Calle, Ndura: Son of the Forest, which is amongst the best sellers of adventure on Amazon Spain; reaching No.1 above sagas such as Divergent and The Hunger Games, and voted best Young Adult fiction for 2014 in Spain, with a score of 4.7 / 5 on Amazon, it is finally available in English, paperback, and ebook, translated by Pamela Daccache.

Ndura: Son of the Forest is a novel in which the protagonist, returning from a relaxing holiday in Namibia, a typical photographic safari, is involved in an unexpected extreme survival situation when rebels in the Ituri Forest, Republic of Congo, shoot down his plane. A place where nature is not the only enemy and where survival is not the only problem. An adventure with a classic aroma, this book is the perfect escape from reality and you truly feel the anguish and despair of the protagonist at the challenge presented to him. This book naturally blends the excitement and tensions of the personal challenge of survival, the psychological degradation of protagonists throughout history, and an in-depth study of the environment; its animals, plants, and people. It also teaches us that our perception of where our limits are is usually wrong, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

The book trailer can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMN0hQc3PVM

It is available from the most important online retailers, such as Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Scribd, Page Foundry, Amazon, Google Play, 3M, Baker and Taylor, Follet, Overdrive, Gardners and Chegg: http://goo.gl/1PnByP

Biography of the Author
Javier Salazar Calle was born in Madrid on July 29, 1976. He is majored in Business Administration and Computer Engineering, and has worked mostly in the banking world. When he was younger, he mostly wrote short stories, but later moved on to the world of micro-stories, several of which have been published in competitions. One of his poems has also been published in the anthology "Versos desde el corazón" (Verses from the heart).

Ndura: Son of the Forest is his first novel (voted best young adult fiction for 2014 in Spain) and it has been translated into English, French and Russian. He is about to publish his second book, LinkedIn for employees, companies and entrepreneurs and a third one is on its way, which would have more of a Noir Fiction genre. He is characterized by the versatility of the topics he addresses and by the prior meticulous investigation labor he carries out before writing his books.

Contact the author at:

                                                                *****5 Stars! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mirror of Desire


Mirror of Desire: Fantasy novel, art-book and multimedia app!

Available for preorder today,May 18,
Mirror of Desire is bringing the essence of ancient mysticism and spirituality into the format of a fantasy novel. This media project consists of a deluxe hardbound printed art book, media-rich
ipad app, music album and a fulldome immersive experience.

This collaboration of evolutionary artists spent over a decade researching wisdom books from
many ancient traditions and created maps, references and imaginary devices that will help you
visualize and understand the deeper meaning of the ancients and their urgent message to the
residents of today.

Story by Ananta Govinda, Artwork by Android Jones and Vedic Renaissance Collective.
Music by Ananta Govinda, Indubious, John Wubbenhorst, Alex Liapin, Alan Tower, Anders
Wasserfall and others.

Based on an opening book in a fantasy sequel, this fantasy saga will take you on a journey of
self-discovery, where deep philosophical concepts will shine through amazing artwork and
creative visual presentations! This thought provoking saga will not only expand the imagination
with a dynamic plot and stunning visuals, but will also reflect onto the guidance from the
ancients to the modern man.

Weaving an intricate storyline of two companions - Kastuba and Adi - on their descent from the
Timeless Realm into the world of Blu Arth, the reader will follow the pilgrims on their quest to
the Pyramid, Self-Writing Book and then ultimately face their reflections by understanding
innermost desire of the heart in the Mirror of Desire!

This action plot with a multidimensional philosophy storyline will surprise you with logic puzzles,
obscure and poetic references and incredible illustrations that will help you visualize the science
of magic!

Here is a 4 minute video explaining the concept and how you can help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQPIJFiu1aU

The Mirror of Desire album release consists of 11 original tracks unique in its beauty and sonic
quality and will be available as eco friendly hard-copy or digital download.
Preview some of the demo mixes here: https://soundcloud.com/anantagovinda/mirror-of-desire-audio-demo-reel

Starting today, May 18, you can support crowdfunding campaign and pre-order this epic
production as a hardbound deluxe print edition, media rich Ipad app with original music,
narration and artwork or an E-book compatible with all readers. Select from varieties of unique
perks – signed prints and posters, t-shirts and yantra treasure boxes!

Support Campaign here:

Visit the website here: www.mirrorofdesire.com
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/mirrorofdesirebook
Additional Links: http://androidjones.com, www.anantagovinda.com

Saturday, May 16, 2015

You Cheated (Now Fix It)

                                 **Book Promo**

The giving of one’s heart is the greatest human act of trust and care. It is selfless in nature, prompted by love, desire, and a yearning to be ‘together’. Some seal this union in marriage, but in any case, when either partner breaks this sacred confidence, is the trust and relationship unrecoverable? Can a connection that once seemed incorruptible be repaired…or should it be?

You Cheated speaks directly to the offending party, whether male or female, and attempts to get to the root of the issue: the causes, hurt, and road back. For some, it will be too much…too honest. If you can’t take it, it’s time to move on – if you can, and you’re willing to give up your selfish ways, this is a book determined to help you succeed.

Cheating comes with its own mixed bag of deceptions, lies, and guilt. When brought to light there will be an avalanche of hurt feelings, unanswered questions, and bitter…rage-filled anger. Would you expect less? You’ve trampled on a heart, which was gifted to you, with little, or no thought for the consequences.

Don’t try to wiggle your way out by claiming it was never physical, or attempt to rationalize your behaviors by laying the blame at the feet of your partner. Cheating is cheating…period. The way back may be simplified if sex was never involved, but a lost trust is never easy to restore. It is something that must be earned and rewarded.

If you’ve been caught cheating and you want, and need, to make amends, ‘the truth shall set you free”. Be honest and transparent, and do whatever it takes to make it right. You screwed up – admit it and work towards forgiveness…but never forget.

Click here to purchase You Cheated (Now Fix It)!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Angel of Mailànkh: The Angel Brings Fire Book I

From the Publisher: Book 1 (first volume) of The Angel Brings Fire series.

Earth's second manned expedition to Mars is looking forward to a historic expedition of science and exploration.

However, the enthusiasm of Commander Sam Jacobson's five-person crew is about to be severely tested : news arrives that Earth is under threat of annihilation, due to an impending collision with a comet named "Lucifer".

But the crew of the Eagle II Mars lander have a mission to complete; so, with heavy hearts, they set out to explore the surface of the Red Planet, before starting their grim return-trip to a doomed world.

Little do they know that the fate of the Earth will soon rest on the slender shoulders of an enigmatic, self-doubting “Angel”, who lies asleep... and... awaits.

My Review: I'm not a huge Sci-Fi fan, so before I started reading, I told myself to have an open mind. So I did. And I am SO glad :) It starts off as a bit of a mystery, with the President of the United States being ushered into a meeting having to deal with...well, I don't know. Shields doesn't say, and I think that's what drew me in. I mean, why in the world would the president have an uber important meeting, to sign a very important piece of paper for no reason?

As the story progresses, we find out that Earth is in the path of a comet, a destructive comet that is going to pretty much wipe out civilization. The catch is, during all of this, there is a team on it's way to Mars to investigate the Red Planet. They don't know it yet, but they will soon get the news of Earth's fate.

Upon landing on Mars, the team discovers something that will change everything. A door. A little odd for a martian planet, if you ask me. And a sign that there definitely would be life on that planet!

Fast forward a little and the team discovers an alien life. It's a woman, features a little like one might expect a martian/alien to look, but she has a human aspect to her as well. The team befriends her and dubbs her as an "Angel", but she's also known in the book as Storied Watcher (and has an alien name as well), but little do they know there is more to her than meets the eye.

Back on Earth, the government is trying to do what they can to get as many people off the planet as possible before "Lucifer" (the comet) hits. They are putting together space ships called "Arks" in hopes that it will save at least some of humanity.

While "Lucifer" gets closer with each passing day, the Storied Watcher becomes closer to the crew that she first encountered on her planet, and knows she can help save them and humankind.

I'll stop there because I really don't want to give any more away! I will only say that you need to get the book to see how everything plays out, and if Earth will eventually be saved, or if the comet ultimately impact it, leaving only those who were fortunate enough to get away.

And keep in mind, this is only Book 1!!

Click here to purchase on Amazon!

                                                    *****5 Stars - I Really Liked This Book! 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Leadership Purpose Essentials

Praise for Leadership Purpose Essentials: "Leadership Purpose Essentials is the spiritual telling of the authentic journey for the 21st Century conscious, evolutionary, and accelerated leader, as presented by the prophetic-seer Violet Kashewa, expert Intuitive Business Analyst. Readers discover how the spiritual life of leaders across all industries is revealed by the power of wisdom revelation, and how to recognize transformational process, and the encoded obligation messages hidden in the leadership purpose blueprint. Learn about the twenty-one stages of leadership learning defining distinct routes of relevancy for servant leadership in a transformational era of consciousness evolution."

"A strong prose writer...Violet Kashewa is definitely to the point, but she also has that divine connection so the reader sees she is confident in what she says. It's not just another book to make people "feel good" or take up space on their shelf, but one that has credible information that business leaders, or anyone in the position of a leader, will find very informative."

"Leadership Purpose Essentials is the telling of the spiritual life of 21st Century Leaders…walking out the authentic leadership journey... in a transformational era of consciousness evolution."

This book will be released May 2015, so click here to pre-order and to learn more about Corporate Learning Programs! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Onyx Webb: Book One: Episodes 1, 2, & 3

From the Publisher: - It’s June, 1980 and piano prodigy, Juniper Cole is on the way to her senior prom.

- It’s January 2010, and Koda Mulvaney has blown through his 20 million dollar trust fund and is told by his father to return home and get to work.

- It’s August, 1904 and little Onyx Webb is on her way to the famous World’s Fair in St. Louis with her father, Catfish.

Two of the three will see a ghost, one will become a ghost and everyone will learn that life is hard to let go of even when you’re dead. And that's just Book One. Designed to read like a supernatural soap opera, Onyx Webb is a paranormal suspense series, with supernatural romance, as well as a dash of historical fiction. The stories may haunt you, the darkness may disturb you, but ultimately you’ll be reminded to treasure every moment of your life because… If you think life is precious now? Just wait until you’re dead.

My Review: Wow! That's an understatement, though. Onyx Webb is one of those books that you just don't want to put down because it grabs you from the beginning and keeps you wanting more. Not only do you get one story, you get three! And they are all told in different times, like the 1900s, 1970s, and in the current, 2000s. So you get three different points of view, and at first you're thinking "What does this have to do with that?" But then you see it, and it's like, WHOA! Of the three different story lines, they all connect in some way, and it's pretty cool to see how it does.

We meet Onyx in 1904 when she's just a little girl on her way to the fair with her father. Her mom died when she was born, so she never knew her. But there is a mystery to her mother that we are eluded to. So Onyx is a bit of a mystery to us from the beginning. While at the fair, she strays from her father and ends up being taken by a woman who is totally messed up in the head! I won't go into detail on that, but just know, people in this book who you think are nice and sweet, aren't. I don't want to go into too much detail with her story because it's got a lot going on. So I don't want to spoil it for you!

Fast forward a bit and we're now in the 1970s. There is a girl named Juniper, and as a young girl has her future set. She's a piano prodigy and everyone is fascinated with her! But, things go south quickly when her dad starts stealing her money and runs off with another woman. Leaving Juniper, her brother Quinn, and their mother all alone. But their mom isn't much help since she's turned to the bottle for comfort. So, Quinn is put into the role of caretaker and does everything he can to take care of his sister. That is, until she leaves for her senior prom years later, only to not return home at curfew. Quinn does everything he can to find her. The city of Savannah searches for this young star, but to no avail. What happened to her? And why would someone want to take an innocent girl?

Now we're in the 2000s. We meet Koda Mulvaney and he's the modern day heart throb for teenage girls. He was also named sexiest man alive, but his appearance and outlook on life is to be determined. He's got it all. Money, girls wanting him, a best friend to travel the world with him. He's even got a filthy rich, self-centered girlfriend. But one day Koda wakes up only to find out that he has no more money. It's gone. He's spent it all and now his father wants him home to work at his company...work?! Koda doesn't do "work" but he has no other choice.

One evening at a fundraiser that his girlfriend is throwing, Koda spots an old mirror in the hallway of the fancy hotel. Upon staring into it, he notices a young girl on the other side. She reaches her hand out and touches the mirror, and Koda is mesmerized. He has to have that mirror. So he tells a little white lie and gets it. But, the girl is gone. Day after day, Koda sits in front of it, willing the girl to show up. But little does he know, his best friend might have the key to getting him in touch with her again.

This is such a good book!! I purposefully did not go into great detail because it's one of those where you just have to read it. It goes back and forth between all of the stories above, and we are introduced to supporting characters who also play a part in these stories as well. It's really cool how authors Waltz and Fenton bring all of the story lines that span over time, together to all fit.

I highly recommend this book! And it's just Book 1, so I'm really hoping Book 2 is already in the works because I am anxious to see what happens next!!

Click here to purchase on Amazon!

                                    *****5 Stars! I Really Liked This Book!!!

**I will say that there are some typos in the book, but it didn't change my rating because I liked the story too much.**