Monday, October 27, 2014

Chasing Rain, Episode 2

From the Publisher: Rayne, a vampire-human hybrid, decides her eighteenth birthday is the perfect time to demand more independence from her coven and the wolf shifters hired to protect her. But no one can protect her heart from the pack's alpha, Blaze.

When a moment of passion has near lethal consequences, it only proves that water and fire don't mix.

In episode two, the relationship between Blaze and Rayne begins to mature. As things heat up, Blaze debates whether or not to reveal the secret of his people that will change everything between them.

My Review: In the second book, things start really heating up between Rayne and Blaze! It's been a month after Rayne's 18th birthday and Blaze has returned from a trip. She's really missed him and they want to spend some time together. Of course, now that she's a young woman, her parents are starting to set ground rules when it comes to boys.

But that doesn't stop what's meant to be. While Blaze and Rayne are alone, he confesses something to her that changes everything! But not long after getting this news, it might be the end of Blaze since he's been caught in a river current and Rayne might not be able to save him.

Book two is better than the first in that we get deeper into the story and get to see more of the relationship between these two characters. I liked this one better than the first, and can't wait to read the conclusion in book three.

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                                                             ****4 Stars I liked this book! 

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