Monday, June 30, 2014

Forever & an Engine: The Austin Series Book 3

From the Publisher: Mia and Gabe’s ingrained personality traits continue to rub each other the wrong way, while Mia’s formal diagnosis creates even more tension in their relationship.

It forces them to start facing up to whether their love and raw sexual chemistry is enough to overlook their fundamental differences. Meanwhile Lexi starts having doubts about her plans for her pregnancy and she has to give the ever persistent Doug an answer.

Just when it seems that Mia and Lexi have made their decisions, something happens that will turn one of their worlds upside down.

My Review: This is the third book in The Austin Series and, like the previous ones, it just keeps getting better!! Since finding out what is causing her pain, Mia is scheduled for surgery since there's no other option. But it will come at a that will effect one of them more than the other. Despite that, Gabe is there for her and takes care of her post-op. He's so sweet and they seem to fall deeper in love...if that's even possible :)

Gabe loves Mia so much but she's so stubborn sometimes, I just want to reach through the pages and smack her! In this book, Mia has to come to grips with the fact that she just might want more with Gabe, and that, maybe, she needs to consider that certain things she wants now might not be what she wants in the future. Despite all of that, Mia continues to let Gabe deeper into her heart and he does not disappoint! He takes care of her after her surgery and loves her more than anyone could it seems.

Lexi and Doug (Gabe's best friend) are getting a bit closer. This makes me happy to see Lexi opening up and letting someone else in. Even though she thinks she has made a decision about what to do about her pregnancy, she might be having second thoughts. The best part is, she has Mia to talk it through with. But something happens with her pregnancy that I didn't see coming! Not only that, the end of this book will have you in shock! Again, Fallowfield has done a great job. I can't wait to read the next one to see the continuation of this story.

As I said, this series gets better with every book! I purposefully didn't go into much detail since I really don't want to spoil anything. If you have not started this series, you really are missing out.

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                                                                          *****5 Stars

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Baggage & Buttons: The Austin Series Book 2

From the Publisher: Their scorching sexual chemistry brought them together, but will their combined emotional baggage tear them apart?

The charismatic and gorgeous Gabe Austin had finally broken down some of Mia Page’s walls. His charms and sexual prowess coaxed her from sex no strings to a committed relationship, but a misunderstanding threatened everything he had worked for.

Gabe’s determined to make Mia forgive him, his ultimate goal, to possess not just her body, but her heart.

Despite their incredible sex life, Gabe’s domineering and controlling personality really pushes Mia’s buttons, while she infuriates him with her stubborn and defensive nature. Their two personalities combined create fireworks.

To complicate matters further, Mia has to face up to her deteriorating health, while best friend Lexi also has a tough choice to make. Their decisions will not only affect their lives, but could affect those of the people who care about them.

My Review: If you have not read book one, New Leaves, No Strings, stop now and do so! Otherwise, you'll be totally lost and that's not, I go into some details and you don't want to ruin it for yourself, do you?? ;)

This is the second book in the series, not counting the prequel Destined, and it just gets better! It picks up on the same night Mia and Gabe have their big jog your memory, he thought she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriends baby and Mia says she needs a break and slams the door in his face. Drama, drama. Mia spills it all to Lexi and they talk about it. Mia finally comes to the realization of why Gabe acted the way he did and her heart breaks as she remembers his expression when she slammed the door in his face. She knew what that look meant and she needed to fix things. So she does.

Gabe is head over heels in love with Mia. He has loved her from the beginning, but getting her to realize that is hard at times. She thinks he's blinded by lust and is mistaking that feeling for love. Gabe makes it a point to let her know she's wrong and that he truly loves her. But will she come around and will she ever reciprocate those feelings? With all of her baggage from her past, guys who have broken her heart and her very own dad not really wanting a relationship, how can she give her heart over?

To add to this is Mia's best friend Lexi. In New Leaves, No Strings she learns she is pregnant and has no idea who the father is. She has to decide what she is going to do. Will she end up keeping the baby, putting it up for adoption or aborting it? Plus, she is really starting to fancy Doug, Gabe's best friend. They get closer and seem to really get along. But Lexi is at a point in her life where she doesn't want to deal with a guy...she has a life changing decision to make. But will she give in?

Follow Mia, Gabe, Lexi and Doug as their relationships deepen and grow, and see how they handle what life throws their way. The dialogue is real and the situations are real. As a reader, I felt that I could relate to one or more of these characters, which for me, is always a plus. Also, the sex scenes are super steamy and are very frequent. You even wonder if they could do it that much in real life! Ha! You get hooked even more and it will make you want to pick up the next book to find out what happens next! Fallowfield has done a wonderful job! Click here to purchase Baggage & Buttons.

                                                                    *****5 Stars

Read my reviews for C.J. Fallowfields other books:  Destined (the prequel to The Austin Series) and New Leaves, No Strings (Book 1 in The Austin Series). 

**Please note, this book contains explicit sexual content and is not intended for readers younger than 18 years of age.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Thin Skin Soul Pinned

From the Publisher: Exotic items are invaluable and some only come around once in a lifetime. Marie Tousant, a native of the Bayou, finds herself in a dilemma, when practitioners of the Dark Arts embark on an eternal hunt.

An opposing force materializes and shares secrets that may save her from the grasp of evil. Fortunately, her allies are willing to protect her, even if it cost them their lives.

My Review: Marie is a curious little girl. But what four year old isn't? She also likes sitting outside at night, watching the lightning bugs and even catches them once in a while. But one night while out admiring the little lighted creatures, something happens and she screams. That scream changes everything.

Angelique is Marie's mother. She loves her little girl and would do anything for her. What mother wouldn't want to protect her child? She is a devoted wife and takes care of her family. But on the night Marie screamed, life as she knew it changed.

Dan is Marie's father and Angelique's husband. He loves his wife and little girl. He works hard to provide for them but it all gets to be too much and one night he stops at a bar. He admires the others for their seemingly carefree life and is put in a position that he doesn't have the wits to get out of. Over the months, he is affected by what has happened to Marie as well, and can't live with how his life has changed so he leaves. It will prove to be a bad decision.

Libby is the little girl next door and she has admired Marie ever since they moved in. The problem? Libby is very sick and cannot come out to play but she feels she and Marie are best friends even though they have never met. Libby is a loyal friend to Marie and one that will help her out in the years to come. The power of a good friend should never be underestimated.

What happened on that night is a mystery to everyone in Marie's life. But what's even worse are the consequences that come after it. Will Libby and Angelique be able to help Marie get over what happened all those years ago? Or will Marie be traumatized by it for the rest of her life? You really need to purchase this book and see how it all plays out! Click here to purchase on Amazon!

I really, really like this author! Ballentine has a way of making the story come to life and you feel like you are there, feeling what the characters feel and going through it with them. She is a truly gifted author and one that I look forward to reading for many years to come.

Click here for the book trailer! Also, Thin Skin Soul Pinned won an award in the New York Book Festival in the Science Fiction category! Congratulations Mila!


Read my reviews for Mila A. Ballentine's other books: Spent Lives, On The Isles of Mozambique                                                                  
                                                                   *****5 Stars!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Shadow's Passion: The Shadow Warder Series: Prequel Novella

From the Publisher: Exiled by her people after an accidental death, Celeste’s power is so unstable the elegant Shadow healer is considered a deadly menace. Fifty years of isolation have left her a little lonely. And more than a little bored. When a nearby family falls victim to demon infection, she decides to go hunting. But without backup, it won’t be long before the demons are hunting her.

A dangerous assassin, Gabe has better things to do than save a Shadow from her own reckless behavior. Like find the demon who killed his brother. Sure, the Shadow is gorgeous, alluring, and she needs his help. But he can’t afford to get distracted. Everything changes the second he spies his brother’s killer among the demons after Celeste. Now, nothing will tear him from her side.

Gabe is dangerous and secretive. He’s also a skilled fighter and sexy as hell. Celeste knows better than to team up with a Warder, but she’s not sure she cares. It’s been a long dry spell since her exile. Neither of them expects their fling to turn into something more. But when Gabe’s past catches up with him, he learns that his brother’s murder was just the beginning. A new evil is rising, and its sights are set on Celeste. Now Gabe has to make a choice: revenge or love?

My Review: Celeste is a woman who is strong in her own right. After a tragic accident, which she blames herself for, she was sent away from the safety of her people and has taken up living in a house on a mountain with her closest neighbors miles away. She is a Shadow. She has the ability to heal people but she is also hunting the demons called Vorati's that have taken over a nearby family. They feed on fear, pain, anger, etc. and use the human as a host. So she goes hunting.

Little does she know that she is outnumbered. She finds herself in the middle of about five demons and is obviously outnumbered. She knows she won't win this fight until Gabe comes to her rescue. He is a Warder. He hunts demons as well and has been watching the fight play out. He couldn't help but come out of his hiding place to give the Shadow a hand. Just when they thought the fight was over, Gabe gets shot in the shoulder. Lucky for him, Celeste is a healer. She stops the bleeding but once she touches him, they both feel something. Neither one of them knows what to think of it since they really aren't supposed to be in contact with each other. It's against their "laws" and they could both get in serious trouble if either of their kind see them together.

They don't trust each other but know they have to rely on the other for help in getting rid of these demons. She invites Gabe to stay with her at her house while they figure out how to kill the enemy. Little do they both know that they will be drawn to one another and form a connection that is stronger and goes much deeper than physical attraction. But does it come at a cost? Will they defeat the Vorati demons or lose one another in the process? You have to get the book to find out!

I will say it took me a chapter or two to really get into the book. It was a little too wordy/descriptive in the beginning but I stuck with it (I give a book three chapters to catch my attention) and am glad I did! The passion/sexual tension between Celeste and Gabe is great. And their connection to each other is what makes you want to keep reading. Well, that and the fact that you want to find out what happens next with the Vorati :) This will really whet your appetite for what is to come. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the rest of the series! Click here to purchase on Amazon!

                                                                   ****4 Stars!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Last Name Unknown: A Walking Disaster Mystery

From the Publisher: Addison Walker is a lot of things. Lucky isn't one of them.

When she finds herself with a concussion and in dire need of help, Addison has no one to turn to but her unfortunate new neighbor, Kade (Last Name Unknown). She doesn't know a thing about him, but that doesn't stop Addison from being inexplicably drawn to the tall, dark, and dangerously sexy stranger.

But when her luck takes a turn for the worse and an attempt is made on her life, Addison finds herself on the run from unknown killers with no idea why. In sheer desperation, Addison reaches out to Kade, a man she barely knows and isn't sure she can trust. Even though he’s just as mysterious and dangerous as those who want her dead, desperate times call for desperate measures.

In less than forty-eight hours Addison’s uneventful existence turns into one full of dodging bullets, tiptoeing through creepy abandoned houses, and tripping over dead bodies all in an attempt to figure out who wants her dead and why.

Will Addison figure out the mystery of Kade and her assailants before her bad luck finally turns deadly?

My Review: This book had me laughing out loud! It is super funny, witty and has a cast of characters that you will no doubt fall in love with! Addison is a very relatable character for most of us women. I mean, who hasn't been a klutz at some point in her life and who hasn't had a string of bad luck? Exactly. She is a young woman who isn't the most poised, yet she can hold her own when necessary. We learn very early on in the book that she is accident prone and has spent more of her fair share of the past few months in the hospital for self inflicted wounds...all of which her boyfriend, Sean is all too familiar with.

It should be no surprise that early one Saturday morning she returns to her apartment from being at a coffee shop (due to the lack of sleep her neighbors upstairs caused. Hint, hint) to find herself being hit over the head and knocked unconscious. Even she was wondering how she did this to herself. However, when she comes to only minutes later, she discovers that she was indeed attacked and that's when she runs downstairs and, in an oh-so-ladylike fashion, falls on her butt right in front of the new tenants door.

His name is Kade and basically he's a sex god that no woman would be able to resist! As a woman, I'm sure this is true ;) Kade rushes out to help Addison (who at this point is nothing but a stranger) and is there for her as she tries to tell him what happened. He stays with her while the cops and paramedics come, and is even by her side when she wakes up in the hospital. Little do we know, this is the start of a whirlwind for Addison's life. She is to taken by Kade and his bad boy appearance and sexy good looks that she has totally forgotten she has a boyfriend! I'm sure in that state, I would too!

Needless to say, when Sean walks in the hospital room, him and Kade don't exactly hit it off and they have a face-off right there in the hospital with Addison and her best friend, Sam watching. Addison has had enough of Sean's attitude for the past few months and ends it right there with Sean. She kicks him to the curb!

 Kade becomes the obsession of Addison's thoughts and she has no idea why! He isn't the kind of guy she would normally go for, plus she knows absolutely nothing about him. But over the next few days, she learns that her apartment was actually broken into for a reason. The bad guys were looking for something, but what? And Kade is somewhat of a mystery as well. He paints himself as "one of the bad guys" but he comes to Addison's aid more than once since she is the target of a hit man! Once that realization hits her, she starts questioning Kade and his involvement. Is he a part of it? Is he working with the man who wants her dead? And what does she have that they want? She is totally in the dark about it and has to figure out what exactly is going on and why!

Addison is determined to find out the answers to these questions, plus she needs to know if Kade is on her side or working for the enemy. What she finds out shocks the crap out of her and sends her on a wild ride.

I really liked this book! I highly recommend it if you love humorous mystery's that involve an unlikely hero. Plus, this is only book one, and leaves you ready to pick up and start reading the second one right away...unfortunately, it's not out yet and you'll have to wait :(  I can't wait to see how it all plays out in the second book and will definitely keep my eyes open for it's release!

*Please note: There were quite a few grammatical errors and typos but it wasn't enough to make me stop reading. Also, there was also some bad language so don't leave it lying around for young eyes :)

Click here to purchase on Amazon.

                                                 ****4 Stars I really liked this book!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On The Rocks With A Twist: How Well Do You Know Your Friends?

From the Publisher: This is a story about murder, University and not playing by the rules. A lonely university freshman, Alex Longley, is befriended by an enigmatic and mysterious group of friends who introduce him to a unique new way of life that is above the rules. However, as events unravel and things spiral out of control, everything Alex thought he knew begins to seem uncertain.

My Review: This book is one that makes you step back and think about how well you truly know your friends. Alex is a kid who goes off to college, gets a job at a coffee shop and is an all around, boring kind of guy. Until one day he sets eyes on a girl named Diana.

She takes his breath away and he falls for her instantly. Of course, she has no idea who he is until one day while working, she and a group of friends come into the coffee shop and that's where the story gets interesting.

These four other students take Alex into their group and show him how to have a good time, but most of all, they make him feel special. He has never had that feeling of friendship and it feels good. He really starts fitting in with them and wants to be more and more like them. Until one day. His whole world comes crashing down when he learns the truth about his "friends." I'm not going to go into anymore detail because you really need to get the book to read it for yourself! Click here to purchase on Amazon.

                                                                           ****4 Stars

Destined: Prequel

From the Publisher: Gabe Austin is tormented by demons from his past. Blaming himself for his part in a tragic accident and abandoned by his father when he needed him most, he uses his charm, good looks and ripped physique to find temporary solace in an abundance of one night stands. Dominating, distant, unwilling to commit, sex becomes his outlet for his pain. Until he sees her. One glance was all it took to turn his world upside down, to make him want to possess her completely. Gabe just knew that she was the girl to heal his shattered heart, she was his destiny.

Destined is a short novella written from Gabe’s point of view. It details key moments in his life, leading to the events that unfold in ‘New Leaves, No Strings’, book one of The Austin Series, which combines erotica, romance and humor.

My Review: This is a must read before you dive into New Leaves No Strings, and The Austin Series. It will give you an insight into Gabe and why he is the way he is...but if you didn't read it before, that's fine! It is still a must and you will not be wasting your time. It's super hot and sexy and Fallowfield has done an excellent job. Click here to purchase on Amazon!

                                           4 Stars!! I really liked this book!

New Leaves, No Strings: The Austin Series Book 1

From the  Publisher: Best friends Mia Page and Lexi Clarke start University and make a pact to turn over a new leaf. Tainted by their pasts, they’re going to try and get over their commitment phobias. Mia’s going to lose her virginity with hot, no strings attached sex. The rebellious Lexi’s going to try ditching her one night stands in favor of attempting to have a relationship.

What Mia didn't count on however was Gabe Austin, confident, sexy and irresistibly gorgeous, who quickly inserts himself into her life. Inextricably drawn to each other, their desire soon leads to a passionate encounter. Gabe’s fears of abandonment and his domineering personality, along with Mia’s own fears of attachment, threaten to derail his attempts to ensure she becomes his, heart body and soul. Despite Mia’s reticence, Gabe Austin’s a guy who is used to getting what he wants. Just as he seems to have won Mia around, he goes and does something that could ruin everything.

My Review: This is one book that will suck you in from the beginning. Mia and Lexi are best friends. They have a connection together of not only being in boarding school, but also being hurt by their dad's. They both have serious trust issues and each of them deal with it in a different way. Lexi chooses to have one night stands. Mia chooses to not let any guy get too close to her...she's also a virgin. One day the two make a pact to get out of their comfort zones. Lexi will try and find a real relationship and Mia, she will lose her virginity with a "no strings" policy. Just hot sex. What guy wouldn't want that??

Soon after making this pact, they both walk into English class and Mia sets eyes on Gabe. He is absolutely gorgeous and this is the start of a story that will have you so engrossed and not want to put the book down. Follow Gabe and Mia on their "not so fairy tale" love story and watch as the story unravels.  Follow Mia, Gabe and Lexi as they all deal with issues, love and learning to trust. Plus, the sex scenes are amazing! It's a really good read and has an ending that will leave you wanting more...literally! It all leads up to an explosive ending that will leave you reaching for the next book in the series!

I don't want to go into too much detail because you really need to get the book and read it all for yourself. You will NOT be disappointed! Click here to purchase on Amazon.

*Please note this book contains graphic sex scenes and is not intended for anyone younger than 18. Also, this is the first book in The Austin Series so be sure to check out the others as well! 

                                             4.5 Stars- I really liked this book!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Upside Down

From the Publisher: Carol Anne Sullivan is a tough New York stock broker. She's suffered enough in order to learn a hard lesson - never let love spoil her relationships. Her boyfriends know that rule from the start. She's domineering and assertive but also faithful and fair while the relationship lasts.

Mark Aikens is Carol's boyfriend. He's been in love with her for a while but his submissive side hasn't allowed him to rebel against her golden rule and to tell her how he feels. Fear of losing her forever might spur him into action.

Cindy O'Rourke has admired Carol from afar. So, she jumps at the opportunity to work for her idol. Little does she know, things will never be the same for her after that job interview.

This is the steamy tale of an unconventional love triangle which should be read with an open mind and an open heart. Sometimes, love comes to our lives in unexpected ways but with such overwhelming power that the best course of action might be to surrender to it.

My Review: Carol is a woman who needs to be in control. She has made a good life for herself and, even though she likes having fun on the side, nothing comes between her and doing what she loves. Making money and being successful. She has relationships but nothing that goes too deep. She likes to keep it pretty much surface level.

She has a "boy toy" on the side. I really don't know if I would call him her boyfriend since they really don't have much of a relationship other than sex...but that's a good relationship to have ;) His name is Mark and he is crazy about Carol. They're both young, love sex and are very hot for each other. Since Carol likes being in control, that spills over into the bedroom as well. She is his dominatrix. He is her sub. They have a good "working" relationship not only at the office, but away from it too ;)

Everything was going fine, and then one day a young woman comes into the office and interviews for a job. Her name is Cindy. She has followed Carol's achievements for a while now and will do anything to work in her office. Even if it means taking a job that is below her qualifications. But Cindy has a secret and Carol can sense something is going on but isn't quite sure until one day Cindy makes her move...

This book will engage you from the beginning and not disappoint. Follow Carol as she not only deals with her past but also her future and what path she will take. Can she have everything she wants or will she have to choose? You have to get the book to find out! Click here to purchase on Amazon.

*Please note, this book has sexually graphic scenes and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.                                            

                                                                ****4 Stars