Saturday, December 13, 2014

DJ Fred: An Urban Erotica

From the Publisher: Minnie seems to be the typical lonely wife. Her husband’s a successful business man who’s always traveling and working late. Minnie is anything but ordinary; however, she’s a nymphomaniac completely sexually frustrated without a willing and daring partner at her beck and call.

Everything changes one day when Minnie meets a sexy DJ she just can’t say no to. When she’s caught in her indiscretion by her husband, Minnie finds herself out on the street.

While away from home, Minnie experiences exciting, daring, and sexy adventures she could only dream of! But will Minnie’s lustful ways get her in to even darker and sexier situations?

Erotica author EJ Benard’s novella, "DJ Fred," is a smoldering tale of a lonely wife looking for a thrill that will make all erotica fans hot!

My Review: Minnie is a classified nympho. Literally. She was told my a doctor, who, in turn, helped her out in that department as well. One day while at a party, she sees the sexy DJ. Afterwards, he comes up to her and gives her his number. She desperately tries to hold off calling, since she's a married woman, but ultimately gives in. Justifying that since Jerry, her hubby, has been away for a couple of weeks, and will be away for a couple more, that she has to be "taken care of."

She calls DJ Fred and invites him over, and as she prepares herself for Fred, her husband walks in and asks what she's doing! Of course she lies, and after they have sex, she finds Fred in a closet. Needless to say, Jerry finds them together and this starts a whirl-wind of events that ultimately lead Minnie to discover that she needs to be happy taking care of herself, and if that means sleeping with other men, then so be it. Also, she discovers that her friend Tiffany (also a nympho) has been hiding a secret from her.

This novella is packed full of sex and drama, and if those are up your alley then you will love this book!!

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**Please note that this book contains mature situations and is intended for those 18 years old and above.**

                                                                       ****4 Stars