Sunday, June 23, 2013

Never Buried

Never Buried

(Leigh Koslow Mystery Series Book 1)

by Edie Claire

From the Publisher: A young advertising executive finds her life in turmoil--she just lost her job, she may or may not have a boyfriend, and she's trying to help her cousin through a pregnancy.

If that weren't enough, she wakes up to find a strange man lying in her backyard hammock.

The fact that he is dead, and apparently has been embalmed for years, doesn't exactly help.

With lots of time on her hands and a knack for nosing around, the young woman finds herself in the middle of a classic murder mystery. But can she solve the riddle before the killer puts her six feet under?

Hello Readers!

Hi readers and authors!

We're going to get things going in a hurry here with reviews, author interviews and book giveaways.
I'm excited to get started and effective immediately I'll be accepting submissions to review. I prefer to get Kindle version of book for now but I'll be putting together a review policies page as soon as possible.

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