Friday, May 8, 2015

Angel of Mailànkh: The Angel Brings Fire Book I

From the Publisher: Book 1 (first volume) of The Angel Brings Fire series.

Earth's second manned expedition to Mars is looking forward to a historic expedition of science and exploration.

However, the enthusiasm of Commander Sam Jacobson's five-person crew is about to be severely tested : news arrives that Earth is under threat of annihilation, due to an impending collision with a comet named "Lucifer".

But the crew of the Eagle II Mars lander have a mission to complete; so, with heavy hearts, they set out to explore the surface of the Red Planet, before starting their grim return-trip to a doomed world.

Little do they know that the fate of the Earth will soon rest on the slender shoulders of an enigmatic, self-doubting “Angel”, who lies asleep... and... awaits.

My Review: I'm not a huge Sci-Fi fan, so before I started reading, I told myself to have an open mind. So I did. And I am SO glad :) It starts off as a bit of a mystery, with the President of the United States being ushered into a meeting having to deal with...well, I don't know. Shields doesn't say, and I think that's what drew me in. I mean, why in the world would the president have an uber important meeting, to sign a very important piece of paper for no reason?

As the story progresses, we find out that Earth is in the path of a comet, a destructive comet that is going to pretty much wipe out civilization. The catch is, during all of this, there is a team on it's way to Mars to investigate the Red Planet. They don't know it yet, but they will soon get the news of Earth's fate.

Upon landing on Mars, the team discovers something that will change everything. A door. A little odd for a martian planet, if you ask me. And a sign that there definitely would be life on that planet!

Fast forward a little and the team discovers an alien life. It's a woman, features a little like one might expect a martian/alien to look, but she has a human aspect to her as well. The team befriends her and dubbs her as an "Angel", but she's also known in the book as Storied Watcher (and has an alien name as well), but little do they know there is more to her than meets the eye.

Back on Earth, the government is trying to do what they can to get as many people off the planet as possible before "Lucifer" (the comet) hits. They are putting together space ships called "Arks" in hopes that it will save at least some of humanity.

While "Lucifer" gets closer with each passing day, the Storied Watcher becomes closer to the crew that she first encountered on her planet, and knows she can help save them and humankind.

I'll stop there because I really don't want to give any more away! I will only say that you need to get the book to see how everything plays out, and if Earth will eventually be saved, or if the comet ultimately impact it, leaving only those who were fortunate enough to get away.

And keep in mind, this is only Book 1!!

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                                                    *****5 Stars - I Really Liked This Book! 

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