Friday, September 11, 2015

My Best Friend's Brother: Finding Troy (A Romantic Comedy Book 3)

~ CONTENT WARNING Recommended for ages 16+ due to bawdy humor, non-graphic sexual content and some strong language. ~

From the Publisher: Adonia, Luke, Gino, Lilly, Nikki, Troy and his cousin, Derek Daniels, are off to spend spring break in British Columbia. Adonia’s planning her new life with Luke, and she's sure nothing can ruin her vacation!

Nothing but her dad.

When Adonia and Luke spot an Irish wolfhound being dragged into an animal shelter, Luke feels compelled to save it from certain death. Adonia's always wanted a dog, and this one is perfect—perfectly huge, sweet, cute, and cuddly—so why would anyone want to kill this amazing dog?

What's eating Gino Barone? Maybe it’s the arrival of Troy De La Fontaine—the guy who's after his girlfriend. The guy who constantly one-ups him. The guy with the dragon tattoo.

Since Troy came into the picture, Gino's been acting off; so when the heirloom necklace he gave Lilly disappears, she knows something's up. She promised Gino's grandmother that it would never leave her sight, and now it's gone without a trace. Where did it go? Will she get it back? And what will finding Troy do to Lilly Jacobson's love life?

My Review: If you've read the first two books in this series then Book 3 keeps the story going seamlessly! We find Luke, Andonia, Lilly, and Gino are heading to Canada for Spring Break. But of course Burke is there...along with Adonia's dad who decides to come along at the last minute! And this time a new face is joining them, Troy De La Fontaine. Ever since Lilly first saw his picture she has had something for him, and the same goes for Troy. But with Lilly being in a relationship with Gino it makes things a bit complicated and Lilly doesn't know what to do. She's torn, and rightly so. Gino is great, sweet, and she loves him. But Troy is hot, built, and a sweetie too. So Lilly has a decision to make. So which one will she choose?

Luke and Adonia can't wait to get away together again. But their romantic vacation is spoiled when Adonia's dad decides he wants to tag along too. So now, much to Luke and Adonia's dismay, they will need to find ways of finding some "alone time" that will still have her back by her curfew.

So what seems to be an almost-manageable trip quickly turns into a whole lot of drama...on both sides! Feelings get hurt, things start to go missing, and some big decisions will be made.

Luke and Adonia find their alone time, but it might come at a price. And Lilly makes her decision, but someone will definitely be left with a broken heart.

Finding Troy is a great continuation to the first two books, and I literally found myself laughing out loud so many times! If you've read Books 1 and 2 then you will find that this one is not lacking in humor or romance either! Favreau has done another great job, and I can't wait for the next book!!

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                                                                          *****5 Stars!!

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