Tuesday, November 3, 2015

In The Dark

From the Publisher: Marissa Rooney stands in her daughter’s empty dorm room, a half-used vial of insulin clutched in her trembling hand. Brooke has been missing for days. Her roommate hasn’t seen her since that night in the bar. And if Marissa has Brooke’s insulin, it means that Brooke does not.
But Marissa isn’t alone in her terror. A phantom from her past is lurking in the shadows, waiting in the night, and holding her family captive…

In the dark.

My Review: I did a promo of this book a while back and once I posted the excerpt I wanted to read more! So I got the book and did just that. I have to tell you that if you are into suspense/mystery then this is one. Awesome. Book! You will be hooked from the very first sentence, and Patchell does such a great job of keeping you guessing until just the right moment!

Brooke Rooney is a young college girl who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. She is abducted one night with no trace as to who might have taken her, or where she could be. But she's not the only one. There are other girls who have been taken, all who coincidentally look a lot alike.

When Marissa, Brooke's mom, hears about her daughter missing she knows something isn't right. The police try and chalk it up to a girl getting away for a while. She is, after all, of age to make her own decisions and doesn't need mommy's permission. But Brooke is diabetic and when Marissa discovers Brooke didn't take any extra medicine with her on her "trip" that seals the deal for her. Her daughter was taken and she has to find out who is behind it...and possibly help bring the others home as well. But will it be too late?

There is so much more to this story but I don't want to give any more away! It is so good, and it has twists and turns that will have you saying "just one more page..." It is a thriller, mystery, and has a bit of a love story as well. It's the complete package! It was exceptionally good and I look forward to reading more of Patchell's work.

You can order it here from Amazon!

                                                                              *****5 Stars

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