Monday, July 13, 2015

Numb: The Shadow Self, Book 1

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The bloodied, headless and mangled corpse of a 32 year old advertising executive, and the spear-skewered body of a teenage bicyclist in a small town park were seemingly unrelated.  Then more students are targeted and brutally murdered by a serial killer.  Students at Wayzata High School were stunned by the real life horror of losing their classmates under gruesome circumstances.

Katherine recuperating from her own traumatic event is also compounded by the death of her classmates.  Attempts by friends to persuade 18 year old Katherine to join them at a Halloween party were futile, until the baffling disappearance of her dogs forced her to abandon her quiet evening at home.  Katherine is drawn to the Halloween party held in a lavish mansion of multiple mysteries, mayhem, and murder.  After getting trapped herself she must use all her talents and secrets to find a way to not only save herself but her friends from a series of fiendish traps at the hands of a serial killer set out to kill her closest friends.

Author Jerome Noldin's newly released book Numb is now available on Amazon, and is the first in a series! Click here to get your copy of this mystery/thriller now!           

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