Monday, December 7, 2015

The Next Best Better Thing

                                 **Book Promo**

From the Publisher: Vera Smith is the author of the bestselling erotic novel of the decade. There’s only one problem: she has no memory of writing it.

Then again, getting hit by a car can do that to a person.

While caught up in a 21st century media storm, she awkwardly navigates the limelight her agent has thrust her into, and tries to piece together the fragments of her past - an apartment in north London, a dream job, and an ever-so-trendy gay best friend. But then she discovers she just might have been in love with someone too…

In south London, struggling artist Tony Peters is heartbroken after being dumped by his gorgeous girlfriend. She wanted his time and commitment – the only two things Tony can’t give. Working non-stop to make a career in fine arts it soon dawns on him that he might have just lost his chance with the only woman he ever loved. That is until one day he gets on a train and makes a discovery that will change his and Vera’s life forever.

“THE NEXT BEST BETTER THING” is a London romance that will send readers on a delicious romp through the city as Vera desperately tries to discover her past and Tony ponders how faith has led him to such an unexpected future. Culminating at Christmas, it’s a love story which is a must for readers of Nikki Ashton and Marian Keys.

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