Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lucidity: Book One of the Lucidity Series

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Zach Landis is a high school outcast with a beautiful girl that's drawn to him, yet frightened of him at the same time; he also has a fantastic ‘gift.’ He has dreams that feel like so much more, and nightmares that refuse to fade with the rising sun. So what is really happening when Zach sleeps?  

It might be connected to the mysterious disappearance of four teenage girls and he either holds the key to their survival, or a much darker destiny awaits him. More importantly, Zach’s obsessive love for Amy Collins leads him toward answers and salvation – but also toward the unveiling of an ancient evil that could destroy them both.

So walk if you dare the razor’s edge between sleep and waking, dreams and nightmares…Heaven and Hell.

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Excerpt from Lucidity:

For the next hour, they soared in silent wonder through an Etheric world shimmering with holiday lights and shaking amid the onslaught of a winter storm. They glided with owls through dark forests as great trees creaked and moaned around them. They swooped with seagulls across the raging surface of the ocean, reaching down to touch the lashing waves as though playfully petting a ferocious beast they knew could swallow them whole. They drifted over a lone little lobster boat riding those wild waves far out at sea, and flew in circles around Ledge Island Lighthouse as its spinning beam rhythmically caught their ghostly forms and briefly turned the surrounding snowflakes into mad swarms of attacking fireflies.

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