Saturday, May 16, 2015

You Cheated (Now Fix It)

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The giving of one’s heart is the greatest human act of trust and care. It is selfless in nature, prompted by love, desire, and a yearning to be ‘together’. Some seal this union in marriage, but in any case, when either partner breaks this sacred confidence, is the trust and relationship unrecoverable? Can a connection that once seemed incorruptible be repaired…or should it be?

You Cheated speaks directly to the offending party, whether male or female, and attempts to get to the root of the issue: the causes, hurt, and road back. For some, it will be too much…too honest. If you can’t take it, it’s time to move on – if you can, and you’re willing to give up your selfish ways, this is a book determined to help you succeed.

Cheating comes with its own mixed bag of deceptions, lies, and guilt. When brought to light there will be an avalanche of hurt feelings, unanswered questions, and bitter…rage-filled anger. Would you expect less? You’ve trampled on a heart, which was gifted to you, with little, or no thought for the consequences.

Don’t try to wiggle your way out by claiming it was never physical, or attempt to rationalize your behaviors by laying the blame at the feet of your partner. Cheating is cheating…period. The way back may be simplified if sex was never involved, but a lost trust is never easy to restore. It is something that must be earned and rewarded.

If you’ve been caught cheating and you want, and need, to make amends, ‘the truth shall set you free”. Be honest and transparent, and do whatever it takes to make it right. You screwed up – admit it and work towards forgiveness…but never forget.

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