Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Unforgettable Firsts

From the Publisher: “Unforgettable Firsts” is a collection of 10 lesbians' detailed descriptions of their first sexual experience with another woman. Asked by author Nicole Harper to provide as much detail as possible, they held nothing back in their retelling of these intensely intimate encounters.

My Review: In this 32 page book, we see a glimpse into the lives of ten women who have their first girl on girl experience. They are normal women, from all walks of life and different ages at the time of their experience.

This book does not leave anything to the imagination and if you are looking for a "light read" before bedtime, this is not it! This is something that you can share with your partner (male or female) and get a good rouse out of them ;)

I won't go into detail on any of the stories, but just know that you will not be disappointed in them. Click here to buy the book on Amazon!

*Please note this book is definitely NOT for young readers! Dare I say, most adults would have a hard time reading it ;) Just be sure you don't leave it out for young eyes.

                                                                         ****4 Stars

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