Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mind Me, Milady

From the Publisher: Every time the phone rings, Eve Anderson fears that the Gentleman Rapist will taunt her with the plight of a new victim awaiting rescue. Eve must listen as he recounts details in his phony British accent and promises that one day he will choose her.

Eve is an attorney, not a cop, but the serial rapist terrorizing women on New York’s Upper East Side is obsessed with her. She is a determined, strong woman. But she has enough to deal with in her personal and professional life. She does not have the time or experience to solve a mystery in New York.

Now the Gentleman Rapist has escalated to murder. Now he stalks Eve's latest client, a sweet innocent girl with amnesia. Is this monster a part of the girl's mysterious past? Or did Eve herself endanger her client by handing him a target for revenge?
Now Eve must catch the Gentleman Rapist and stop his deadly game before yet another woman feels a wire tighten around her throat, and hears him whisper, "Mind me, Milady. Mind your master.

My Review: I love mysteries. And if they are romantic mysteries, that's a bonus! This novel incorporates both plus much more. As the story starts, we are introduced to a young woman named Natalie. She is on her way to look at an apartment and upon arriving, by herself, she is attacked by a man. He is known as the "Gentleman Rapist." With his victims, he uses tape over their eyes and mouth and bounds their wrists. He has a very sadistic way of doing things and leaves these women in a very telling position once he's done.  

Eve Peterson is a young woman who practices law in the city of New York. She has recently lost her mother, Norma and is in the process of closing down her mother's law office so she can give all of her attention to Hadley & Hodge, another law firm in the city. Eve is winding down her mother's cases when Grace, one of her mother's old friends asks for a favor. Help a young woman by the name of Susan. She lost her parents when she was 13 in a car accident and lost her memory from it as well. She recently lost her Aunt who finished raising her. Susan is a vital part to the story! It all seems to center around her.

As the story progresses, Eve figures out that the Gentleman Rapist is after Susan and he will stop at nothing to get to her. But Why? Also, after each victim he calls Eve Peterson and taunts her. Telling her that she is on his list and how he cannot wait to have his turn with her. As Eve gets closer to finding the truth, the Gentleman claims a few other victims. But this time, he doesn't leave them alive. We also see why he is the way he is. Why he feels the need to punish these women and leave them feeling humiliated. It is a very disturbing realization and one that will make you least it did me.

Mind Me, Milady will not disappoint. It is a story of betrayal, trust, friendship and finding love in the process. I don't want to go too far into the story because I want you to read it all for yourself. It is a really good book and it will keep you guessing until the very end on who this man is and why he wants Eve so bad! Even when you think he's been revealed, think again.

The only thing I didn't like was through the whole book, the Gentleman calls Eve after every occurrence and tells her she's on his list but when the time comes, it falls short for me. That might sound morbid or horrible, but I felt that it was built up so much that more time should have been spent on it. It just didn't fulfill my expectations. Other than that, I really enjoyed this book!

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                                                                     ****4 Stars

*Please note, there are adult situations and also some language. So don't leave this lying around for little eyes :)


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