Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Stevens Place

From the Publisher: What would you do if fate took away your true love? Aidan and Beth had known each other for as long as they could remember. Love progressively blossomed leaving little doubt that these two were destined to be together forever. Then fate intervened and they found their love marred by tragedy. Fifteen years later, Beth has reached a crossroads in her life. Following her six year marriage to an abusive husband, she moves home for solace and a second chance at happiness. After spending two years with her loving family, she realizes it's time to move forward. But how when she’s still haunted by her nightmares? Aidan Kellum is the most sought after actor in Hollywood. He has attained mega-star status but feels something is missing. Not sure if he needs to expand his career or simply take some time off from the grueling schedule of movie-making, he finds himself searching for perspective in the small town he once called home. Aidan and Beth find their way back to one another, and love erupts passionately. But fate isn't finished with them yet as their lives become more challenging than either of them ever imagined. Can love truly conquer all?

My Review: When Aidan and Beth were kids, they were the best of friends. They loved each other and knew it but, as kids, they didn't know what to do with it. One day Aidan's sister, Ally dies. Aidan, Beth and Ally were really close. It's hard on everybody, especially living in a small town where everyone knows your business. After his sisters death, Beth and Aidan grow closer and finally kiss! It was under a tree at The Stevens place where their group of friends loved to hang out. It was so special but also bitter sweet since Aiden's parents were divorcing and he and his mother were leaving the little town of Ballard heading to a new life. Beth was devastated! She thought she would never see Aidan again and her heart was broken! Aidan didn't want to leave either. He loved Beth. Before he left he told her "No matter where I am or what I'm doing, you will always be on my mind and forever in my heart." He will live up to that years later.

Fast forward fifteen years and we see that Aidan has made a huge name for himself in Hollywood. He is a very successful actor and, of course, very handsome! Beth has had a tough time with a marriage that was very abusive and since divorcing, she is living back with her parents. Little did they both know that their paths were soon going to cross again.

One day Aidan comes back to visit his sisters' grave after years of being away. Of course, this also brings back memories of Beth and how much he misses her. Once he comes to the realization that he is needing some time to heal from everything that has happened in his past, he decides to take a ride out to the Stephens place and there is where he sees the most beautiful woman swinging on the tire swing. It's Beth.

When Beth sees him, all the memories of them together as kids flood her mind and she is so happy to see him! They spend hours together talking and catching up and feel so comfortable and at ease together. This is where their new romance begins. They can't get enough of each other and are so happy to be back in each others lives. Beth's parents are ecstatic that he is back and welcome him with open arms. He bides his time between Ballard and L.A. He loves Beth with all of his heart and she feels the same. They spend time together when they can and when Aidan has to be away for work, they call and text. It seems nothing can go wrong. Of course, life happens.

One of Aidan's past relationships with a woman named Gwen comes out of the woodwork and claims he has a child with her. What?! It's been five years and she's just now letting Aidan know about it. Something is fishy. But, the first thing Aidan thinks about is Beth. How is this going to effect her? He really cares for her and doesn't want her life ruined by the tabloids and all the drama that comes with being a movie star. Beth will hear none of it and assures him that she is strong enough to take on whatever this woman throws at them. But she is holding on to something. Something that she feels will turn Aidan away from her. She was married for six years to a man, Brad, who sexually abused her. She was basically his sex slave. He didn't care about her needs, only fulfilling his. He was brutal, raping her, exposing her in front of others and other horrible things. Beth thinks that if Aidan ever found out, he wouldn't want her anymore. But one day, she tells him...only a small part, but she tells him. He loves her more than ever and wants nothing but to protect her and love her. But it brings to light a very important topic of sexual abuse.

Their love seems to have conquered once again, but when Brad shows back up in Beth's life, claiming he's changed and is saying he just wants to be friends, Beth doesn't know whether to believe him. But she's the type that will give a second chance, and she gives him the benefit of the doubt. Her parent's aren't very happy, knowing, to an extent, what he did to her but figure she's a grown woman and can make her own decisions.

Meanwhile, Gwen is upping her game and is making Beth out to be a monster. Aidan and Beth are trying to plan their future but how can they when they aren't certain what is going to happen with Gwen and the supposed "love child" she is claiming is Aidan's? Also, Brad seems to be getting a little nosy when it comes to Beth's relationship with Aidan. Why? Does he have anything to do with the Gwen situation or is it all just coincidence?

There is so much more to this story but I don't want to ruin it!! Will Aidan and Beth have their happily ever after or will someone destroy it? And what will come of Gwen and her child she is claiming is Aidan's? Wil Beth welcome the child if it does turn out to be his or will she bow out and let him be a family with Gwen and the baby? You need to get the book to find out! Click here to purchase on Amazon.

I really did enjoy this book! It has a wonderful love story that will have you pulling for Beth and Aidan the whole way. The sex scenes are very well done and steamy ;) There is some language in the book and some typos but overall, it was great!

                                                                ****4 Stars!!