Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spent Lives

From the Publisher: François Laurent grew up in the shadow of what happened all those years ago and his life hadn't been the same since. He tucked the memories of that day away in a dark corner of his mind, but hurtful things don’t stay hidden for long. His painful secrets resurfaced when a crime fragmented their charming town and François Laurent found himself in the midst of it all. As a result, he pursued Maureen Leatherby, the town’s kooky foreigner. She was always willing to assist patrons when the occasion arose, but it always came with a price.

My Review: This is my first experience with author Mila A. Ballentine and it definitely will not be my last. I started reading this book one evening and literally did not put it down until I had finished the last chapter. It was that engaging. She has a few different stories going on in one book and you wonder how they will all tie in together. It is brilliantly done.

Ballentine tells us of François who has been haunted by something that happened to his little sister almost fifty years ago. When he was younger, days before his little sister disappeared he, his mother and sister were walking past the shop of a fortune teller and she says something to his mother in passing. He couldn't make out what it was but it it really upset his mom. Days later his sister went missing. He has tried not to think about it but with the events that are about to unfold, there is going to be no way around it. Ultimately, he comes to find out but at what cost?

Madame Leatherby, the town gypsy and fortune teller is a woman who has a gift of "sight beyond seeing." That's how she describes being able to tell what will happen, or has happened to a person without using an apparatus. She sits outside of her shop on Canal Street and every once in a while she will have such a feeling about someone about to pass that she will say something to them. Of course, some react strongly and others aren't sure she even said it to them. Nonetheless, she shares what she sees. This happened one day with a girl named Patience. As she passed by Madame Leatherby, she tells Patience to not step on the sand dollar. Of course, Patience had no idea what she meant or even if she was directing it to her so she walked on not to think of it again. Later, we see that she should have heeded what Madame Leatherby told her.

I don't want to go into any more of the story because I don't want to spoil it! There are different characters that all come together beautifully and make for a great and intoxicating read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery/suspense with a little bit of a love story as well. You will not be disappointed!

Ballentine has done such a fantastic job that you will have to get the book to appreciate how the story comes together and plays out. In the end, I was very impressed at how seamlessly she had brought all of the characters together. Click here to purchase on Amazon.

                                                       *****5 Stars! I LOVED it!

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  1. Thank you for reviewing Spent Lives. I enjoyed writing this book and I am delighted that you enjoyed it.