Monday, March 31, 2014

Dominated by the President

From the Publisher: Love/sex story between Jake, the first Black president of the United States and Sara, a cowgirl.

Sara moves to Washington D.C. after her family's farm has been repossessed. Jake, the first black and one of the few single presidents in US history, is under extreme pressure to find a first lady.

The relationship gets increasingly intense with both parties pushing boundaries and coming up with new ideas.

My Review: At the start, we meet Sara. She is dealing with getting her family farm ready to sell since she has no funds to keep it up. Both of her parents have passed away, with her Dad having passed just recently. She is in a pretty bad place. When she returns to the house to pick something up, she sees a group of men there. She approaches them and that's when she learns the truth as to why no one would help her save her farm. They wanted her property to build a bigger farm corporation!
She decides to move from the small town in Virginia to the big city, Washington, D.C.! There she meets and moves in with a couple, Rachel and Colin. They are nice to Sara and teach her all about living in a big city. At first, they understand Sara is "podunk" as Rachel likes to say, but eventually they get Sara out of her shell. Sara comes to realize that she has suppressed her sexual nature her whole life and then one night it is awakened. I won't give away how, you'll have to get the book :)

Meanwhile, Jake, the first black President is newly divorced and looking for a companion. He knows the type of woman he wants but his Advisor, Al has in mind is something totally different. He suggests bringing in women for one night stands...nobody that will be permanent. Jake, on the other hand wouldn't mind finding someone who he not only has an intellectual connection with but also physical.

All of it comes to a head when Sara protests outside the White House how the small town farmers are being mistreated. When Al sees her, he and some secret service agents rush out to stop her! They bring her in but not before Jake sees all of the commotion out of his window. At first, he is upset because he doesn't want her causing any problems for him but after seeing her, he has another problem. Any guesses as to what that is?? ;)

We are left wondering how, and if they will get together. And if they do, will it be something that lasts or will it be a fling? This is just Part 1 but you definitely need to read it to get all the juicy details! I can't wait for Part 2 and see how the story plays out.

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**** 4 Stars

*Please note that this book contains explicit sexual content and is NOT intended for young 

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