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From the Publisher: From the renowned author, Carla Croft, comes Miyuki: The Silence of Deep Snow.

Ms. Croft has been described by one well known erotic author as her favorite find of 2012. This, her first novella, charts her discovery of the relationship between Miyuki (a beautiful half-Japanese girl) and her Mistress.

Described as a stunning story full of dark angst, mystery and suggestive erotica, the story is sure to delight readers of Romance and Erotica.

My Review: When Carla was a young girl, she inherited a porcelain doll named Tilly from her great grandmother. Even though Tilly was petite and fragile, and had to be kept under a glass dome, Carla loved her. At night, Carla would dream of Tilly and how she would dance and they would play together. Making it feel like the two weren't so alone in this world. But as the years passed, Carla outgrew Tilly and realized that she was only a doll. Little did Carla know, Tilly would come to life in a way she would never expect.

As Carla grew and eventually married, she kept Tilly with her. She couldn't bear to give up a part of her childhood and a reminder of her innocence when she was a little girl. She put the doll, complete with glass dome, on her dresser and went on with life.

Miyuki is a friend who reminds Carla of Tilly in so many ways. Maybe it's her porcelain skin. Or maybe it's her childlike innocence that she portrays when they are together. Whatever it is, it draws Carla to her and she touches Carla in ways that she cannot explain or have ever imagined.

This is where the story starts. As the friendship grows, Carla finds herself fantasizing about Miyuki. Even though she is married, there is just something about her that Carla can't resist. One day, Miyuki asks Carla to meet for lunch. Once together, she gives Carla an envelope and asks her to open it. What the letter says is something I didn't see coming.

Miyuki is a Sub. Her Dom is asking Carla to come and spend time with them. I forgot to mention that Carla is a lawyer by day, but by night she writes erotica stories...most of them have involved her friends. So, Miyuki has spoken highly of Carla and now her Dom wants to meet her.

Carla reluctantly accepts the offer and is shocked to discover that she is wanted now. There is no time to think it over, no time to ponder the pros/cons. So she gets in the car and they head out.

A short while later, they pull up to a beautiful house. Carla doesn't know what to expect! She has never had a chance to get a look into this world and doesn't understand it. She has so many mixed emotions and hopes that this will help her sort some things out. Did I mention that she is attracted to Miyuki?? Well, she is!! Once in the house, Miyuki leads her upstairs and shows her around, taking her to a few rooms. She takes Carla into one that is her favorite and sits on the bed talking about how beautiful it is. Carla is so taken by all of it that, in a moment of vulnerability, she kisses Miyuki.

As the story goes on, Miyuki's Dom, Dominica comes home and that's when Carla's eyes start to open to the world of Dom/Sub. She shows Carla that it is not just about dominating somebody, it is a relationship built on love, trust and submission. It is compared to a traditional marriage...but not the marriages of today where couples want to be equal. It is compared to when the husband ruled over the house and the wife was "submissive" to him.

As things are explained, and shown to Carla, she finds it very erotic and it turns her on to see it. At one point, Dominica has Carla and Miyuki perform sexual acts together. It is nothing like Carla thought! It makes her see how it can make a person feel safe and secure, even though someone is being told what to do and when to do it. She also sees it as freeing! Something she did not expect.

Overall, this is a story of not trying to find the problems in life but embracing it and realizing that not everything has an ulterior motive. Some things in life are meant to be, and are only for, our pleasure. And if someone chooses to do something, even if we don't agree with it, or understand every aspect of it, then we need to trust that that person knows what they are doing.

I liked this book and thought it was very well written. The Characters seemed real and well developed to have been a shorter book. To my surprise, there was no bad language in it, which I appreciate :) However, same sex erotica is not my personal taste so that is the only part I didn't care for. Other than that, it was very good!

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**Please be mindful when leaving your Kindle lying around that this story does contain sexual acts and adult content. It is definitely not for little eyes or anyone under the age of 25...j/k! It is not intended for anyone younger than 18 :)  

                                                                ****4 Stars

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