Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Seeker

Publisher Review: Who am I really? It's a question that has been haunting me since I first discovered I was a Tracer, a Royal. A secret race of humans that are in the midst of a civil war, a war that I'm now involved in too.

The Morters killed my adopted parents without hesitation. They came after me too and my friends. But I survived, as well as I could anyway.

An entire Royal family that preceded generations of Tracers, all wiped out in a matter of hours. Almost all anyway. How? Why?
All these questions are pushing me deeper into the depths of the dead. But the secrets they left behind, the secrets of my people, those are what keep me up at night and alert everywhere else.
I've discovered my abilities. Fought great evil and won. Or so I thought. There's something coming. Something dark and powerful. I know it's coming for me but I don't know if I'll survive it this time round.

My name is Jerry Daniels. I'm 21 years old. Yesterday, I saved my friends. Today, I learn more about my people. Tomorrow, I prepare for war.

My Review: I need to start out by saying that this book took me off guard a little. In the beginning, I honestly didn't know what to think of it. Was it another sci-fi wanna be thriller? Well, I have to say it wasn't! And I'm glad about that :) This isn't a genre that I'm too keen on but this was a pretty good book, if I do say so. It was different, funny and had some twists that I didn't see coming.

I believe that this was the second book in the series because of some things that were brought up that had no mention prior in the book. I would have liked to have read the first one so I could have been caught up. However, it didn't keep me from reading.

We follow the "hero" Jerry on his quest to find out who killed his parents, who is brother is and what, if at all, is the story behind the grim reapers...that's an interesting twist that you have to read. Jerry is a tracer and a part of a Royal elite that are the good guys. After his parents were murdered, he is on a quest to find out who did it. Along the way, he and his friend, Quincy, who is a regular human with no special abilities at all, find an orb. The orb helps the Royals, the tracers with their special abilities. This orb starts the journey!

The story is fast paced with Jerry dodging the Morters (the bad guys...or are they??) and trying to find out the mystery of where his friend Rachel has gone and who the Reapers are. Can he find all of it out in time to save mankind? You have to get the book and find out! :)

Jerome Gilden does a good job bringing a fresh new way of writing. He tells a lot of it in first person and is very witty with the humor and feeling like you are right there in his mind.

I do need to say that there were a few parts of the story that had grammatical errors and also parts that said one thing, then a few sentences later, stated something different. But it wasn't something that made me put the book down. I just wanted to let you, the reader, know about it :)

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                             4 = COFFEE TALK! Good book. I believe most others will like it.


  1. Hi Ella,

    The review you posted for Seeker by Jerome Gilden read to me like you demonstrated impartiality and insight. You stated your thought the way you should. I appreciate that you show both fairness and balance in your reviews. I will be following your other reviews with interest.


  2. No problem! I'm glad you liked it :)