Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Exodus Lost

From the Publisher: Exodus Lost reopens cold cases from antiquity and applies cutting-edge science, classical scholarship, and tenacity to solve them. The adventure begins with Aztec and Mayan chronicles of an epic voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. By mapping the details within these texts, the author tracks down their lost homeland and corroborates the local traditions of an ocean-crossing long before Columbus. This discovery leads to new insights into the origins of Mexican and Western civilizations, the Bible (including new archaeological evidence for two major biblical events), the alphabet, and much more. Enter a world of exploration and discovery, mystery and revelation. Whether your passion is archaeology or religion, history or simply a great adventure, Exodus Lost delivers.

Beautifully illustrated with 126 photos, maps, and engravings.

My Review: Although this is typically not my genre of book to review, I found it fascinating! The history that is put forth, that I had no idea of, really held my attention and taught me new things. I guess the saying is true, you never stop learning.

Not only does this book talk about the history before Columbus (honestly, I've never thought about it! :)), it talks about The Mayan's and others and it also talks about Jesus and the way he used the alphabet in some of his parables and sermons. I found that to be very interesting!

I am a homeschool mom and this is a book that I will be getting out in a couple of years to help teach them these parts of history. I highly recommend this book! It is a fascinating look into parts of history that most of us don't even know about. Compton has done a great job in researching and putting all of it together.

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                                                                *****5 Stars!!!

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