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From the Publisher: T.M. Jefferson, a handsome African American man, joined a venerable investment firm in Baltimore five years ago as a junior analyst. Henrietta Kingman, a white partner in her fifties, took him on as her lover and protege, rewarding him with promotions and bonuses. But when Jefferson falls in love with a young nurse and attempts to end the relationship with Kingman, she fights back with unbridled viciousness. Faced with losing everything he holds dear, he files a lawsuit claiming sexual harassment. The dramatic trial cracks the facade of wealth and privilege, exposing the ugly truth - and then some.

My Review: Before I even started this book, I really wasn't too keen on reading it. I don't know why. Maybe it was the name or maybe I just wasn't feeling it. Have you ever had that feeling about a book? This isn't the first time and I know it won't be the last. However, when I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. Literally. I honestly read the whole book in one day! Well, I did put it down for a couple of hours (I had to eat!) but picked it right back up and read till the end.  It was that engaging.

As the story starts, we are introduced to T.M., aka Thump, and his beautiful girlfriend, Tiffany. They seem like a very happy, young couple in love. She is a nurse and he works at the investment firm, KKG...working his way to the top.

Thump (his nickname comes from a certain body part. I won't go any further ;)) seems like a pretty nice guy! On his way to work every morning, he stops by McDonald's and gets a egg sandwich and two coffee's. He gives one coffee and the sandwich to a homeless man he passes every morning on his way to work.

This particular morning, when Thump is pulling in the parking garage, he is met by one of the senior partners, Henrietta Kingman. At first you think it's all very casual and it's just a business relationship but as the story progresses, we see that is a very different story. We see Thump, even though dating Tiffany, he meets with potential female clients that just happen to be Ms. Kingman's friends. At those "meetings" the women agree to give their business to KKG. Thump is a good looking guy and Kingman uses that to her, and the company's, advantage.

One day, Thump is made Vice President. He's been there 5 years and is so excited that he takes Tiffany out to dinner that night and proposes! Of course she accepts, but only after asking Thump to be true only to her. No more women. He agrees. Little does he know that Kingman will not make this easy for him.

Try as he might to stay true to his word, Kingman uses her power in the company and over him to manipulate him into still engaging in sexual matters with her and/or her clients. Will Thump give in or stay true to Tiffany??

There is so much more to this book than what I am telling now. I just don't want to give any thing else away!!! Author Avraham Azrieli goes more in depth into matters that are relevant to today's society and what might or might not be going on in our corporations. It deals with sexual harassment, racism, love, trust, and what one will or won't do to get to the top. Thump is very well written. In fact, it is one of the most well written books I've read in a while. Normally, while I read I also do editing in my head. I catch a misspelled word, or if a sentence or event is out of place. With Thump, I don't recall any of that. Well, maybe one word was misspelled but that was it! I was really impressed. It's a book that when you're done with it, you actually feel like you've read something worth while. I really like books like that.

My only complaint about the book is that it was 69 chapters. That is very long. However, the chapters were short (3 swipes on the iPad) in most cases. I would have liked it better if Azrieli would have had chapters of normal length and not so many short ones. In my experience, the book seems to flow better that way. Other than that, it was wonderful.

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**Please note that his book has a subject matter that is for mature adults. It contains scenes and situations that are not suitable for young readers.**

                                                       ****4 Stars! I really, really liked this book! 

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