Saturday, March 8, 2014

Black Caviar, Book 1: I'm Living But I'm Not Alive

From the Publisher: Move over Al Capone, there's a new gangster in Chi Town, and his name is Daman. He's vicious, calculative and a genius in his own right. "I'm Living But I'm Not Alive" was the scary contradiction he uttered every night since the murder of his brother.

28 years later, the well renowned chess player sharpens the blades of capitalism with the American dream wet stone, and finds himself at the top table in the city's underworld. Rubbing shoulders with the Chicago Mayor, gives him amenities beyond the normal gangster's scope. He lives life as if it's the only thing he has.

On one hand, the devilishly good looking charmer is a family man, but on the other, he's the head of Chicago's most infamous D Organization. His hard and unforgiving exterior secretes a weakness that is exposed in the form of Jane, the series black widow. Please don't be fooled by her passion for high heels and sexy undergarments. She assumes the lingerie she displays is more than 'Agent Provocateur.' As she remembers from her days at law school, the words are a French legal term for "entrapment."

Tonight, the two meet at a luxurious boat party, which sparks a fear-provoking journey into the unknown. Can Daman avoid her mind-bending games, which threaten to loosen his grip on the Windy City's windpipe, or will Jane get caught up in her own sticky web of deceit and pay the ultimate price?

One thing's sure; Daman will understand what the great Abraham Lincoln once said: Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.

My Review: Daman is the biggest drug dealer in Chicago. He wants to keep it that way.

The story starts out with Daman and his little brother Dean, aka "String Bean." They are young and living in a friends apartment while their mom gets back on her feet. You can tell then that Daman is into selling to help the family out. It all seems so innocent, in a sense. Until one day, after being kicked out of the apartment, the boys are at a gas station and while Dean is inside, he witnesses his older brother get shot. Does he survive?

Fast forward 20+ years and we see Daman again. Only, is it Daman or someone else? Now, he is head of the D Organization. The largest in the city of Chicago. He has foot soldiers do his work on the streets. Politicians, Police officers, and the like on his payroll. He has built an empire that he does not want to share or see taken down. He has built a life. He has a wife and two beautiful daughters. But in the drug world, everybody wants to be top dog.

As we follow Daman on his quest to stay at the top, we are taken on a ride with so many twists that your head will spin. There are so many components to this story that you will want to keep turning the page to see what in the world is going to happen next. There are a ton of characters, all of which at one point of another will leave you asking, who is good? Who is the enemy? And the ultimate question, which is will Daman stay on top or will a mysterious stranger who is threatening to take him down, win?

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*Please note that this story does contain adult content. With its use of drugs and sex, it is not suitable for young readers...not that you would make this a bedtime story by any means. Just wanted to give you, the reader, a heads up so you wouldn't leave it lying around for little eyes :)

Also, the book has a lot of chapters. So when you start it, be sure you allow yourself ample time to finish. As a reviewer, I would have liked it to be a little shorter (no more than 35 chapters, and that's at the most!) and maybe even edited to take out some of the very descriptive parts...the parts that just seemed to not have much significance. But, I'm not trying to take away from the story. Overall, it was very good. So, it's a give and take, I guess. There were a few grammatical errors as well and some sequences of events didn't flow very well. But it wasn't enough of a put off to not continue reading.

                                           ****4 stars! I really liked this book


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