Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bargepole Management: Minimal Input - Maximum Gain: The Art of Securing Excessive Compensation

From the Publisher: Excerpt from review in Forbes:
“As far as management books go, Bargepole Management is something of a rare gem. The premise steers clear of the cliché business management titles that attempt to inspire young hopefuls into donating their lives to the cause. It throws out the overused CEO quotes, routine back-breaking ideologies and rituals we’re told to adopt in order to be successful. Instead, it replaces them with insight into an age-old management style that we may be fully accustomed to, but without realizing. It’s one that requires minimum effort, but offers maximum gain.
Vandell says: “You don’t have to be a good footballer to be a successful football coach. Everyone can be a bargepole manager. This book just teaches you how to sustain it.”

My Review: If you've ever been in business, then this book will be one that will definitely open your eyes to how things have been, and continue to be done. While listening (I have an Audible account) to Vandell describe the different types of bargepoler's, I kept thinking, "Oh my gosh! I know someone like that!!"

It's amazing how many people sit back and take credit for other's work. He goes into how lawyers, politicians, and even designers are so good at bargepoling, that no one even seems to notice.

Vandell has clearly researched his stuff and knows the ins and outs of how to spot a bargepoler. But he doesn't stop at businesses, no, he talks about how politicians are the ultimate bargepolers, and once he describes it, there's no way you can deny that fact.

I do recommend this book to anyone who is in any type of work environment. It is an eye-opener for sure, and will it help you to see those around you who are sitting back and taking the credit. Vandell doesn't shy away from pointing the finger, and even labeling those who are lazy and use others to do the work for them. It's really quite sad once you see how so many use the seemingly weak individuals to overload on work and get no credit for it. But, that's business, I guess. Not that it makes it right, but maybe this will help you to pin-point who those are in your business and might give you an upper hand if they ever come to you for "help." ;)

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                                                    *****5 Stars! I really liked this book!!

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