Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Village E3: Survival of the Human Spirit

From the Publisher: Imagine going to sleep in Colorado, then waking up on a beach with the ocean in front of you. That is what happened to John. With his mind flooded with questions, he is faced with the monumental task of survival in this strange place. One moment he has a life that is familiar, then without warning that life ends and a new one begins. He is angry about being there, and that anger stays with him till the end, suppressed but still lurking. He is tormented by solitude at first, but that solitude ends one day suddenly. Is it possible to find love in a place that he hates? He finds the answer to that question and more as he embarks on a journey of survival and discovery. Just when he is becoming comfortable with a complicated three way relationship and the life that he has, everything changes. Their lives aren't their own anymore, and as time goes on, the unexpected becomes expected. One day at a time, they search for answers and eventually find some.

My Review: Village E3 will get your attention from the beginning! John mysteriously wakes up at the beach, which would be awesome on any given day, but that day John was too confusing on how he got there. Seeing how John lived in Colorado, and fell asleep there, only to discover the beach when he woke up would be enough to drive anybody crazy.

As he gets accustomed to his new-found life, one day he gets a surprise: two girls!! He sees them walking on the beach, assuming they woke up in the same confused fashion as he did only months ago. But his obstacle now is getting these two women to trust him, and maybe figure a way off the island together.

Join John, Hailey, and Katie as they learn how to survive in their new home, and maybe figure out who's behind all of this.

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                                              *****5 Stars! I really liked this book!!!

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