Monday, March 30, 2015

Vic: Terror Incognita (The Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger Book 4)

From the Publisher: After a little camping trip that was mostly fun, and a rumble in the streets that brings the Deputy Sheriff calling, Vic and her friend Lin Li head off on their next travel adventure.

No danger this time, they say. Eat good food, see exotic locales, little hiking, lots of photos. They do get all of that. And more. The cave dwellers, the madman, the dinosaur, the great apes, the snakes, the headhunters. And is Lin going to betray Vic for something so simple - to save her own life?! And Vic is still waiting for a call or letter from Stu James. For starters!

Just when things look straight ahead, there's a wall or a twist. Non-stop action. Accurate historical and nature settings. The #1 awesome adventuress from the 1920's in her 4th book and if you crave action you won't be disappointed!

My Review: To be fair, I need to start out by saying I came into this series on Book 4, so needless to say, I was a little lost. Victoria Custer (known as just Vic to most), Lin, and Emma seem to be the best of friends. So the book starts out with the three of them planning their shared birthday party and a girls trip. The only problem is one of them, Emma, seems hesitant. The other girls can't figure out why she wouldn't jump at the chance, given that she usually loves an excuse to hang out. They eventually find out, and once they do, Vic takes care of it.

Vic is the strong character, the one that seems to not have any fear and stands up for what is right. While the other characters were great in their own way, I liked her most of all. There's just something about a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.

Once the situation back home was settled, Lin and Vic were off to the Amazon! They were paid to take the trip from Vic's editor. He wanted them to hike the trails and spend a couple of weeks getting stories to write for the newspaper. Along the way though, there are definitely obstacles that involve dinosaurs (yes, you read that right!), big ugly snakes (which I HATE!), and a lot of adventure!

One very interesting thing about this book, well, I guess about this series, is that Vic is actually from another time. She comes back as different people, all the while trying to find her true love, Nu. They were separated by Mother Nature over 100,000 years ago, so while on her adventure, she is looking for him. He even comes to her in dreams. So that was pretty interesting for me.

One thing I will say about Jerry Gill, he did an amazing job portraying the scenery, and the reader will for sure feel like they are witnessing everything that's going on.

Overall, I liked this book, but I'm sure didn't get into it as much as I probably would have if I would have started at the beginning. Having said that though, I do recommend it! But I recommend starting with Book 1 :)

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                                                        ****4 Stars! I liked this book!!

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