Tuesday, April 7, 2015

We Should Be Free (The Seacats)

From the Publisher: We Should Be Free is a heartwarming ballad about a young killer whale who is torn from his home by humans to be put on display at a marine park. A lyrical tale of loss and redemption, We Should Be Free is a children's story sure to inspire anyone who loves Orcas and the ocean they call home.

My Review: This is such a cute story about a killer whale who is separated from his family and taken to a Sea World-like environment. He is put on display in shows and cramped in a pool where he doesn't have the freedom to swim openly.

Kids and adults alike come by and "pet" him, as well as cheer when he does a trick correctly. All the while, his family back in the ocean misses him and wonders if he's even alive.

This is such a heartwarming story what it might be like for a whale family who has one of their own taken from them. No longer to be free, but to live the rest of their days, or most of their days, in an environment other than the one they should be living in. Although this story has a happy ending, it does make you wonder, if maybe not but a little, if whales might actually feel when one of their own gets taken away.

I believe this will be a book kids will want to read over and over. Not just because of the story, but the illustrations in it are so colorful and inviting.

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                                                                        *****5 Stars!  

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