Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rosa & Bella's Journal of Decline: A Psychological Horror

From the Publisher: Rosa was once a young, vibrant, intelligent woman in love. But that was before everything changed. Now, she lives a horrific existence with her daughter, baby Bella. This is her account of their decline, in journal format.

This is a UK based short story told in journal format, which focuses on the decline of a reluctant mother's world, her life, her mind, and the tragic consequences thereof.

My Review: Starting this book, I honestly didn't know what to expect. With the words "Psychological Horror" in the subtitle, my mind was going toward a crazy person who would end up killing, or toying with his victims.

Well, I didn't get that...per se.

What I did get was a story set in the year 2012 of a mother and her young daughter who are left alone in a world that has pretty much been destroyed. There are survivors, but they left a while back, leaving Rosa and Bella to fend for themselves. The only thing Rosa has are her thoughts, her daughter, Bella, a roof over their heads, a journal and a gun with one bullet in the chamber. So she journals. And with each entry you can see a steady decline, not only in her and her daughters health, but also in her mental state. Towards the end it's pretty evident she's gone a little crazy and is at her wits end...but who wouldn't given the state of life they are in. The gun has been taunting her for days, so she contemplates...

Rosa & Bella's Journal of Decline is just that, a journal. It's pretty short at only about 18 pages, but says a lot in that short time. It does make you wonder what you would do in that situation.

So as you can see, it's not your typical psychological horror, at least not what I would consider, but it's pretty interesting to read the account of what one mother's thoughts might be in a time like that.

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                                                          ****4 Stars! I liked this book!

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