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The Honeymoon Period: The Austin Series Book 4

From the Publisher: The Honeymoon Period - Definition by is “The three month maximum period between a person’s entry into a new situation and a person’s complete screwing up of said situation or essential elements of it.”

While Mia took her operation and diagnosis in her stride, it has taken its toll on Gabe. He desperately wants to convince Mia to change her mind, to one day agree to marry him and start a family, but Mia is still weighted down by the baggage of her past.

Gabe also struggles with his slow recovery from the accident, while Mia finds his increasing mood swings and possessiveness more and more difficult to handle. The friction only adds to their scorching sexual compatibility.

Robert Austin, aware that Gabe wants more, presents Mia with a difficult choice. Deal with her commitment issues, or walk away from his son for good.

Lexi however seems to be making remarkable progress in her personal life, handling not only her miscarriage, but a new relationship with Doug. Is she strong enough to sustain it all?

My Review: Since reading this series from the beginning, it is so great to see the how the characters have grown and developed. They grow with every book and so does the way they handle what comes their way.

This book starts right where Forever & an Engine left off. It's five days after Gabe's accident and Mia is by his bedside at the hospital. Whoever was behind the wheel of the car that hit him ended up breaking his collarbone, along with other pretty bad injuries. Now is prognosis is he might never be able to swim competitively again...and that does not settle well with Gabe.

Mia, only a little over a week since her surgery, is now in the position to take care of Gabe. She loves him and is only too willing to be there for him just like he was there for her after her operation. The only thing is, it takes it's toll on her not only physically, but emotionally as well. She knows how much swimming means to Gabe, but now that the doctor said that he might not ever get back to how he was, will Mia be strong enough for him and be able to help him through this? She is also still wondering if Gabe heard her when she mentioned him moving in with her. It turns out he did, and his answer might just shock you.

Gabe and Mia continue to grow in their love for each other and also in how they fight. Mia and Gabe keep having some serious issues, and little do they know, it will come to a head soon. Meanwhile, Robert, Gabe's father, confronts Mia about her not wanting marriage or a family. He is just taking up for his son because he knows Gabe wants those one day and he knows Mia doesn't. He basically tells her that if she can't give him what he wants, she needs to walk away! Of course, Mia is taken aback by this but Robert quickly tells her that he will pay for her to see someone to talk through her issues about marriage and having a family. As long as she agrees to do that, he will be happy. Does she love Gabe enough to deal with that or will she ultimately walk away? She has to decide.

In the meantime, Gabe and Mia still have seriously hot sex pretty much all the time! They also go away together for a relaxing getaway but it ends in a way that I didn't see coming! Also, Gabe's domineering attitude and controlling nature are getting worse and Mia is almost at the end of her rope. Will their relationship last or will Mia walk away due to the fact that she can't handle being treated like a child?

Lexi and Doug are getting pretty close but Lexi is still reserved and can't seem to shake the feeling that she can't fully give herself over to a man other than sexually. Since she has no relationship with her parents whatsoever, it's really hard for her to trust anyone when it comes to the relationship front...she's having second thoughts about Doug but Mia tries to talk some sense into her by telling her that Doug really cares for her and she has nothing to worry about! However, Lexi is a stubborn one and leaves us wondering what she's going to do.

The Honeymoon Period is a great continuation to the Austin Series! This series has not been stagnant even a little bit. It has delivered every time and just continues to get better with every book. If you have not started it, you are missing out on a great love story! Click here to purchase The Honeymoon Period on Amazon. And please see my previous blogs for the reviews of the other books in the series: New Leaves, No Strings, Baggage & Buttons, Forever & an Engine and also the prequel, Destined.

                                                                     *****5 Stars

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