Friday, February 20, 2015

The Waist Management System

From the Publisher: Have you ever noticed that diets don't work in the long term? They are a bit rubbish. Most of us dieters steadily gain weight by putting on everything we've just lost, plus a little more.

Our bodies and brains are hard wired for a world we no longer live in. Our genes want us to live as hunter gatherers. But we are surrounded by more food than we know what to do with. Our bodies lay down excess energy for a famine that never comes. We are very good at it.

The bad food tastes so good. It is nice to eat food with high calories. This used to confer a survival advantage which is why we all try to eat as many calories as we can find. We then try to lie about, conserving as much as we can.

The Waist Management System shows in detail where it all goes wrong, why our waistlines are expanding and why it isn't all our own fault.

Modern medicine and psychology now offer us help to reverse the downward spiral. It is all about making better choices every day.

The print version has a detailed diary included at the end - though this can be purchased separately.

About the Author: Dr. Peter Windross lives and works in the South of the UK near the New Forest. A General Practitioner for over ten years, he has a special interest in weight management. He reads more about running in his spare time than is good for him. He is often told that he should get out more, though he obviously thinks that means on the trails.

He enjoys writing books about how to do stuff a little better. He is no expert and has made more mistakes than most. He is thus well qualified on really how not to do things 'this way'.

My Review: Dr. Windross brings a new perspective to losing weight! Not only does he keep out the typical "exercise and eat right" plan that we're all pretty much accustomed to, but he goes into detail on how we can scientifically see why our bodies gain weight.

He also makes it clear that our ancestry has a lot to do with how we eat and the way we see food. It's really an amazing thought that most of us have probably never even thought of!

Dr. Windross teaches you how to decipher what true hunger is versus the munchies. And how to make better food choices each and every day, to ultimately reach your goal. Overall, I believe this is one of those books that will help those who are on the path to get into shape, and lose some weight.

It's available on Amazon. You can also visit his website for helpful articles :)

                                                                 ***** 5 Stars!

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