Friday, June 20, 2014

Thin Skin Soul Pinned

From the Publisher: Exotic items are invaluable and some only come around once in a lifetime. Marie Tousant, a native of the Bayou, finds herself in a dilemma, when practitioners of the Dark Arts embark on an eternal hunt.

An opposing force materializes and shares secrets that may save her from the grasp of evil. Fortunately, her allies are willing to protect her, even if it cost them their lives.

My Review: Marie is a curious little girl. But what four year old isn't? She also likes sitting outside at night, watching the lightning bugs and even catches them once in a while. But one night while out admiring the little lighted creatures, something happens and she screams. That scream changes everything.

Angelique is Marie's mother. She loves her little girl and would do anything for her. What mother wouldn't want to protect her child? She is a devoted wife and takes care of her family. But on the night Marie screamed, life as she knew it changed.

Dan is Marie's father and Angelique's husband. He loves his wife and little girl. He works hard to provide for them but it all gets to be too much and one night he stops at a bar. He admires the others for their seemingly carefree life and is put in a position that he doesn't have the wits to get out of. Over the months, he is affected by what has happened to Marie as well, and can't live with how his life has changed so he leaves. It will prove to be a bad decision.

Libby is the little girl next door and she has admired Marie ever since they moved in. The problem? Libby is very sick and cannot come out to play but she feels she and Marie are best friends even though they have never met. Libby is a loyal friend to Marie and one that will help her out in the years to come. The power of a good friend should never be underestimated.

What happened on that night is a mystery to everyone in Marie's life. But what's even worse are the consequences that come after it. Will Libby and Angelique be able to help Marie get over what happened all those years ago? Or will Marie be traumatized by it for the rest of her life? You really need to purchase this book and see how it all plays out! Click here to purchase on Amazon!

I really, really like this author! Ballentine has a way of making the story come to life and you feel like you are there, feeling what the characters feel and going through it with them. She is a truly gifted author and one that I look forward to reading for many years to come.

Click here for the book trailer! Also, Thin Skin Soul Pinned won an award in the New York Book Festival in the Science Fiction category! Congratulations Mila!


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                                                                   *****5 Stars!

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  1. Thank you for featuring and reviewing Thin Skin Soul Pinned. I'm happy that you enjoyed the world that I've created. Find out what happens next in the sequel, Unpinned. It's available in Kindle, Nook and other formats.