Sunday, June 8, 2014

Last Name Unknown: A Walking Disaster Mystery

From the Publisher: Addison Walker is a lot of things. Lucky isn't one of them.

When she finds herself with a concussion and in dire need of help, Addison has no one to turn to but her unfortunate new neighbor, Kade (Last Name Unknown). She doesn't know a thing about him, but that doesn't stop Addison from being inexplicably drawn to the tall, dark, and dangerously sexy stranger.

But when her luck takes a turn for the worse and an attempt is made on her life, Addison finds herself on the run from unknown killers with no idea why. In sheer desperation, Addison reaches out to Kade, a man she barely knows and isn't sure she can trust. Even though he’s just as mysterious and dangerous as those who want her dead, desperate times call for desperate measures.

In less than forty-eight hours Addison’s uneventful existence turns into one full of dodging bullets, tiptoeing through creepy abandoned houses, and tripping over dead bodies all in an attempt to figure out who wants her dead and why.

Will Addison figure out the mystery of Kade and her assailants before her bad luck finally turns deadly?

My Review: This book had me laughing out loud! It is super funny, witty and has a cast of characters that you will no doubt fall in love with! Addison is a very relatable character for most of us women. I mean, who hasn't been a klutz at some point in her life and who hasn't had a string of bad luck? Exactly. She is a young woman who isn't the most poised, yet she can hold her own when necessary. We learn very early on in the book that she is accident prone and has spent more of her fair share of the past few months in the hospital for self inflicted wounds...all of which her boyfriend, Sean is all too familiar with.

It should be no surprise that early one Saturday morning she returns to her apartment from being at a coffee shop (due to the lack of sleep her neighbors upstairs caused. Hint, hint) to find herself being hit over the head and knocked unconscious. Even she was wondering how she did this to herself. However, when she comes to only minutes later, she discovers that she was indeed attacked and that's when she runs downstairs and, in an oh-so-ladylike fashion, falls on her butt right in front of the new tenants door.

His name is Kade and basically he's a sex god that no woman would be able to resist! As a woman, I'm sure this is true ;) Kade rushes out to help Addison (who at this point is nothing but a stranger) and is there for her as she tries to tell him what happened. He stays with her while the cops and paramedics come, and is even by her side when she wakes up in the hospital. Little do we know, this is the start of a whirlwind for Addison's life. She is to taken by Kade and his bad boy appearance and sexy good looks that she has totally forgotten she has a boyfriend! I'm sure in that state, I would too!

Needless to say, when Sean walks in the hospital room, him and Kade don't exactly hit it off and they have a face-off right there in the hospital with Addison and her best friend, Sam watching. Addison has had enough of Sean's attitude for the past few months and ends it right there with Sean. She kicks him to the curb!

 Kade becomes the obsession of Addison's thoughts and she has no idea why! He isn't the kind of guy she would normally go for, plus she knows absolutely nothing about him. But over the next few days, she learns that her apartment was actually broken into for a reason. The bad guys were looking for something, but what? And Kade is somewhat of a mystery as well. He paints himself as "one of the bad guys" but he comes to Addison's aid more than once since she is the target of a hit man! Once that realization hits her, she starts questioning Kade and his involvement. Is he a part of it? Is he working with the man who wants her dead? And what does she have that they want? She is totally in the dark about it and has to figure out what exactly is going on and why!

Addison is determined to find out the answers to these questions, plus she needs to know if Kade is on her side or working for the enemy. What she finds out shocks the crap out of her and sends her on a wild ride.

I really liked this book! I highly recommend it if you love humorous mystery's that involve an unlikely hero. Plus, this is only book one, and leaves you ready to pick up and start reading the second one right away...unfortunately, it's not out yet and you'll have to wait :(  I can't wait to see how it all plays out in the second book and will definitely keep my eyes open for it's release!

*Please note: There were quite a few grammatical errors and typos but it wasn't enough to make me stop reading. Also, there was also some bad language so don't leave it lying around for young eyes :)

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                                                 ****4 Stars I really liked this book!

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