Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Cup Bearer: And Other Stories (Erato's Musings)

From the Publisher: Erato’s Musings: classical mythology for the bedroom.

The gods of Olympus were powerful, majestic, and seductive rulers of the world. Over thousands of years they interacted with the mortal realm; inspiring leadership, fear, and passion. Their passion for the mortals they ruled over was legendary. The stories in this collection retell those tales with all the desire and lust originally present. Discover what you’ve been missing.

The Cup Bearer is the story of Zeus’ all-encompassing love for a mortal youth, Ganymede. Can Zeus work the fates in his favor when death and his wife threaten to tear him away from his lover?

The other short stories in this collection involve the erotic tales of Artemis and Actaeon, Priapus, and Selene and Endymion.

My Review: We've all heard the stories of the god's of Olympus. How powerful they are and, at least in my mind, made them out to be beautiful or very handsome. In this collection of five short stories, we are given a different point of view of these immortal gods. We see a more sexual and, even, the nasty/vengeful side of some.

Like in the first story, we see Artemis, goddess of the forest, who also happens to be a virgin. She is in the stream washing off, basically enjoying the peacefulness of being alone when she discovers a man named Actaeon has been watching her from behind a bush. He comes out and she knows what's on his mind...but she is a virgin and wants to stay that way. He gives her his word so we are given the treat of reading of a steamy oral sex scene. But what happens afterwards will leave your jaw dropping. At least it did mine!

That's just one story. Green has given us the privilege of seeing into the world of these gods and goddesses from a point of view that normally we wouldn't think of. And they are steamy!! You will see them in a whole new way and read, in explicit detail, how they have their "fun" ;)

I really enjoyed these stories and it was a nice change that it was from the Greek mythology. It gave it a nice twist. Click here to order from Amazon!

*This work contains explicit and graphic sex. Intended for adults.

                                                                  ****4 Stars!

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