Friday, May 9, 2014

On The Isles of Mozambique

From the Publisher: Samira McAllister, an aspiring writer working for The Seasoned Traveler magazine is offered an opportunity. She takes advantage of the chance to jump start her career, hoping to make a mark in the writing industry. Unforeseen hurdles threaten her ability to follow through with her plans, and life as she knows it becomes a memory. From that point onward, every choice she makes will seal her fate.

My Review: Samira is asked by her boss, Porsha to take a writing assignment in Africa. Mozambique to be exact. Of course she takes it because it is her dream to be a traveling journalist and this is her first opportunity to start on that path! Samira is excited as she tells her parents and her friend, Amy of her upcoming plans. She says her farewells and tells them she will see them in a week. Little do they all know that it will be much longer, if at all before they lay eyes on each other again.

Once there, she settles in her hotel, and meets her translator for the week. His name is Claus. He is one of those men who loves adventure and lives the life to prove it! He is also a traveler but not for journalism. For pure fun. While he and Samira get to know one another, they act as though they have been friends for a while. They feel comfortable around each other and even hold hands. All seems to be going well on the job front and, possibly, the romance front as well...

Towards the end of her trip, Samira and Claus charter a boat and with the help of their guide, Christian, enjoy a day out on the ocean. Samira snorkels for the first time, lays in the sun and just enjoys her time listening to Claus and Christian swap stories of their amazing, and sometimes dangerous, adventures. It was the perfect day. Until a boat filled with pirates came...

There is so much that goes on in this book that you really need to get it to see what happens. You will not be disappointed!

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**I really enjoyed this book! This is the second one I have read from Mila Ballentine and I am finding that she is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Her stories are intriguing, real and full of such detail that you almost feel you can see it happening as you read it. She is a very gifted author. I will point out there were a few typos but it wasn't anything too bad. Also, check out my review of Spent Lives also by Mila A. Ballentine from a previous post. 

                                                                        4.5 Stars! 

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