Saturday, January 4, 2014

52 Weeks of Family French

From the Publisher: Start speaking French today! 52 Weeks of Family French contains small, weekly lessons that will get you and your family speaking and understanding French right away. No flashcards or grammar practice required! Here is the perfect book to help you finally learn to speak French and teach your children as you learn. All weekly activities are integrated into modern family life. Games and fun activities are included to help you on your language learning journey.

Also inside 52 Weeks of Family French: Ideas! Pressed for time? The Ideas! section presents ways to integrate language learning into a busy day. Pronunciation Guide: An easy to follow pronunciation guide will help you as you learn to navigate foreign sounds. Cultural Notes: Each unit highlights a French cultural topic. Give your child one little fact a week to ignite their interest in worldwide cultures. Learning Resources: An entire section of the book is devoted to free or easily accessible resources to help make learning French more exciting for your child. Learn to speak French the fun, natural way...and bring your kids along for the ride!

My Review: I am a homeschooling mom and I am glad to have come across this book. I am wanting to teach my kids a foreign language and this book is set up a little like a curriculum in that it has weekly lessons. It gives us plenty of time to learn at our own pace. Because in homeschooling, there is no "time limit" on learning. You stay on a lesson until you master it. Plus this book is set up to allow us to be aware of our progress.

I also like that there are pronunciations under all the French words. Many of them I would have no clue how to say! So I'm glad Eileen added that part in.

One more nice thing about it is that she gives suggestions on ways to enhance the learning. Like one night for dinner, try to have a conversation in French. Or when you wake up your kids, tell them "Good Morning" in French and have them say it back. She also gives a list of free resources that you can look up and have on hand to help you master the language.

Eileen is a teacher in addition to being a writer. So that makes me feel good about this book. I know that I can trust the source :) I highly recommend this book for anyone, with kids or without, wanting to learn French.

You can download it from Amazon to your Kindle or get it in paperback

****4 Stars I really liked this book

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