Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dead Drunk

From the Publisher: Malcolm Woods learns of a stabbing at the planetarium where his wife, Belinda, works. The TV news confirms his worst fears when the stabbing victim turns out to be Tom Hanson, the man who killed Belinda’s parents in a drunk driving mishap sixteen years ago. When he rushes home to find her missing, he assumes the worst, especially when the police arrive with a warrant for her arrest. Malcolm begins to doubt his wife's innocence when he finds an empty home pregnancy test, realizes a knife is missing from the kitchen and hears several accounts of the murder on TV from strangers claiming to be Belinda's friends.

Although he has serious doubts about his wife, Malcolm starts tracking Hanson's movements. He needs to find the truth before the police find Belinda and arrest her (and their unborn baby) for murder.

My Review: Dead Drunk is a good, fast read! It has a good story, characters you love, and ones you love to hate...plus, murder. What else is there? ;) We meet Malcom as he learns that his wife, Belinda is a suspect in the murder of Tom Hanson, the man who killed her parents in an alcohol related crash many years ago. Of course, Police find the connection and automatically think Belinda did it. They are not interested in looking any further. In their minds, the case is closed. The only thing preventing them from an arrest is the fact that they cannot find her. No one knows where she is, not even Malcom.

After the Police come in a ransack their house looking for clues, Malcom is more determined than ever to prove his wife's innocence. So he gets to work. He talks to anybody and everybody who had a connection to Hanson. But first, he needs to find out more about his wife's childhood. Even though they are married, Belinda had always kept that part of her life to herself. Malcom always chalked it up to the painful memories of losing her parents but now he is starting to wonder if she's really the person who killed Tom. Maybe she wanted revenge? He has to first prove to himself that he believes his wife is innocent before he can convince the Police.

So we follow him on this journey of believing in the one you love and finding a killer. Who else would want Tom Hanson dead? What other motive could there be? As all signs point to his wife, he is more determined than ever to find other suspects. And he does, but can he find enough evidence to prove someone else did this? You'll have to get the book and find out :)

This was a good book and one that I really enjoyed. Check it out on Amazon!

                                   ****4 stars I really enjoyed this book!

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