Monday, December 30, 2013

Waking Up Dead

From the Publisher: When Callie Taylor died, she expected to go to heaven—or maybe hell. Instead, when she was murdered in Dallas by some jerk with a knife and a bad-mommy complex, she went to Alabama. Now she’s seen another murder, and she can’t just let it go; she must find a way to make sure the police figure out who really killed Molly McClatchy before an innocent man goes to prison, all the while trying to determine how and why she woke up dead in Alabama.

My Review: Waking Up Dead is great for anybody looking for a good read. It's only 226 pages and it has no lag in the story. I started this book later in the day and read until I was too tired to read anymore. I picked it back up the following afternoon and read the rest of it! I literally could not put it down! The story starts off with Callie Taylor being murdered in Dallas and waking up in a small town in Alabama. Callie doesn't know why she's there and also she can't figure out why she can't go past the city limits sign. Every time she tries, she ends up back in the middle of town. She's trying to get used to back in the middle of town. She's trying to get used to being a ghost so she gets into a routine of going from house to house just to be around "normal" people again. One night while "haunting" Rick and Molly McClatchy, Molly is murdered and her husband is put in jail. The only thing is, Callie knows who did it and it wasn't Rick. She just has to find someone alive to help her prove it. From there Collins (the author) takes her readers on an adventure to find a killer!

Even though Callie's a ghost, she forgets sometimes that she can no longer do human things. Like open a door, talk to people or sleep. So she goes on a mission to find someone who can help her bring the killer to justice. It's a hilarious story but also clever and touching. Callie meets, and makes some new friends. Ashara, Maw-Maw and Stephen. The three of them help Callie find evidence and put the pieces of a very scattered puzzle together. But in the end, will they wake up dead like Callie? Or do they get to the killer in time before he has a chance to kill again? You'll have to get the book and find out! You can order your copy from

I do want to note that there are some scenes in the book that might be a little graphic. Like when Collins is explaining the murder of Molly McClatchy and also there is another scene toward the end of the book but it's not as graphic. All in all, it's not too bad but I did want to point it out. And there is also some language as well, but it wasn't bad enough for me to put the book down.

I really did enjoy this book and I do hope there is another Callie Taylor mystery on the way! Hint, hint ;) Maybe one where we can follow Callie as she finds her own killer?? But any Callie Taylor ghost detective mystery would be great! I am a fan :)

**** 4 stars I really liked this book!

Once again, you can order your copy from

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