Monday, February 9, 2015

Sex: Woman First - How to teach him You come First - An Illustrated Guide to Female Orgasm

From the Publisher: From the one who made hundreds of Hollywood goddesses squirt, prepare to become a Sexual Goddess Forever. Don’t try to understand my advice, but follow it. I promise you will reach your sexual nirvana. You will discover your most secret erogenous zones. You will learn to let go and have the best orgasm ever. This book will teach you to have your first vaginal orgasm. If you are a man, this book will teach you how to never miss her G-spot, make her squirt and soak the bed every time you have sex. It will teach you the perfect oral sex technique. She will always wonder how you learn about “analingus” her biggest secret pleasure. She will know that you are the one even before you enter in the bedroom. It will teach you how to penetrate her and drive her crazy. She will wonder how you discover the ultimate sexual power of her A spot or U spot. You will learn about the two vibrators that you absolutely need to drive her insane and how to use them. If you are a woman, it will give you the secret to welcome sex anytime. It will teach you how to talk about sex and your desire before to enter in the bedroom. This is the only sex book you will ever need. To men and women those secrets will change your entire sex life forever. From the same author: Confessions of a Hollywood Tantra Masseur: The Untold Secret of the G-Spot Power.

My Review: Since the above description pretty much says it all, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants their sex life taken to the next level! Get your man, or woman, and curl up and read...but be prepared to try what Jean-Claude recommends pretty soon because I guarantee that you'll want to try what he recommends ;)

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